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You still seek girls?

You are damn attractive and she is damn attractive, so sex is a natural outcome. Wooing girls in today's world is pointless if you haven't figured it out yet. I noticed that in my male friends the idea that women need to “achieve” causes either boredom or indignation.

Those who are older, in their 30s or 40s, say they have tried this style of behavior - nothing good ever comes of it. Like, you need this: either immediately “once and on the mattress”, or just leave the girl alone and come to terms with the idea that the matter is disastrous. She didn’t show sexual interest after a couple of dates - and she won’t show it further, only you will lose time.

The young, those in their early 20s, were even more categorical. Like, why on earth should I seek it at all? What is so special about her? I'm damn attractive, she's damn attractive - so sex between us is an equal exchange, a balanced decision of two adults. Why should I invest more in the process than she does? What am I, some kind of freak? Many people want me too, I also choose.

Many people say this: I would rather choose an interested girl with a simpler appearance, or even an adult woman who will take the initiative herself, than I will run after an impregnable queen. With an adult, some bonuses may still break off for me, if not material, then emotional for sure. Better do something for me than me. A woman is not an idol, not a god, to the altar of which I must carry offerings. She doesn’t want to - it’s worse for her, let her sit like a fool, without sex.

Only the older generation spoke with understanding about the old-fashioned tradition of “wooing a woman” with courtship - people who are now well over forty, or even over fifty. These, at least some of them, are willing to overcome obstacles for the sake of a relationship with a “queen” or a woman who is “certainly not a whore.” It’s just that women on their own, without additional infusions, don’t really look at them, that’s the catch. Perhaps the point is not romantic upbringing, but the fact that there is simply nothing more to take?

From my point of view, “pursuing” sex with either a man or a woman is humiliating. It's like admitting that you're second rate in advance. Like, my body compared to his or hers is just a piece of shit, my kisses are worth nothing, no one wants me... But most people are well aware that they are sexually attractive to so many...

In addition, long gone are the days when sex was something exclusive. Most women now have far from one partner in their entire lives, and only a few marry virgins. Women have fought so hard to have their need for sex recognized by society as normal along with the need for men. So why do they now want bonuses?

Tell me, does anyone else get girls these days?

Author: Morena