You don't have to make excuses

Everyone around knows better than you what you want. Society often imposes its standards, rules, laws and norms of life on us. But why should you play by someone else's rules, pursue someone else's goals, chase someone else's passions, and follow someone else's dreams? Why shouldn't you make excuses? Around each person there are many advisers who know better than you what you want. They went to hell! They are trying to live your life for you. But you have your own plans.

You don't have to make excuses

• Food. You can eat fast food, like meat, or be a vegetarian. You can eat what you want and laugh at the moralizing of others. • Loneliness. Just because you're happy being alone, enjoying peace, doing important things, or enjoying fleeting relationships doesn't mean everyone should poke their noses into your personal life. • Social networks. Post photos and quotes about success? This is a vanity fair and stupidity. Happy people don't post photos of their significant other, travels, and other parts of their lives. They enjoy life and happiness, and do not show their image of imaginary success. Whom do they want to deceive? • Lifestyle. Do you want to spend the whole weekend in a club or lie at home on the couch? Your lifestyle doesn't say how cool or interesting you are. • Number of friends. You don't have to have a bunch of imaginary friends, sometimes just one good one is enough. True friends are rare.

• Sexual experience. No one should care how many girlfriends you got into bed. Were you a foodie or an omnivore. You don't have to be known as a womanizer to be considered cool. • Alcohol. How much do you drink, what and when. Maybe you don't drink alcohol at all. That's your business. You don't have to follow the crowd. • Musical tastes. Any musical preference should not be judged. There is no dispute about musical tastes. This is the height of bad manners. • Body. What does your body look like and does it meet model standards? The only person who can talk about your weight is a doctor, but it won't come to that. • Marriage. Run to the registry office or just live together. You decide how you will be together, and the opinion of others about this is not interesting. • Education. The number of documents on graduation from universities and other places does not say anything. Many rich people had almost no education, but this did not stop them. Or maybe even vice versa. • Methods of acquaintance. Do you want to get acquainted through the Internet, social networks, dating applications? Surrounding make a face? And what is their business? • Children. It is not necessary to rush to have children, even if everyone around you talks about it. Whether you want children or not is your decision, not others. • Work. Many do not consider your work good, but it brings money, as much as you need at the moment. • Belief in God. Everyone has their own beliefs. Listen to how they impose their opinion and religion on you? Dismiss me.

There are many advisers around in a rhyme. It's your business how to live and what to do. Others have no right to poke their nose into your affairs, and even more so to indicate how to live correctly.

You don't have to make excuses for your life or live up to other people's expectations. [twenty].