Work smarter: how to work smarter

You need to plow not 24 hours a day, but with your head, which means smarter. Keeping up with everything at work, in business or business is a whole skill that few people possess in the vastness of our country. But working smarter doesn't mean working harder, working harder, or failing without power. How to work smarter to be more productive, get everything done, and get more rest?

In our country, labor productivity is very low, which indicates a lack of motivation, insufficient education or inability to work. But we have long since emerged from communism, and capitalism has flourished in full. Those who do not know how to work earn badly or are content with hateful work.

One must work or do business wisely, and not work without lunch, rest and days off all one's life. To be efficient means to work smarter, using resources, energy, and time as economically as possible. What to change in your lifestyle, work and mentality in order to work not more, but smarter?

1. Take care of yourself and sports

First of all, it is important to take care of yourself. It's hard to hope for productive work if you don't get enough sleep, eat poorly, eat junk food, and ignore sports. You can unlock your potential only when you take your health seriously. Sleep at least 7 hours, switch to a balanced diet, exercise and exercise 3 times a week. Take care of yourself, then in a month your work productivity will increase by 50%.

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2. Always plan ahead

It's a small thing, but it saves a lot of time and effort. Plans help to avoid stress, blockage, or laziness. Preparing for the work day will help you create a to-do list, as well as get to work right away. Remember how long it takes to start working when you are always looking out the window, drinking coffee or doing nonsense. The plan already indicates the time when you should start the task, which means there will be less chance that you will be distracted by something unnecessary.

3. Allocate specific time

For each task, allocate exactly as much time as needed to complete. Otherwise, everything will slide into perfectionism, idleness or empty work. If you spend a lot of time on one task, then you will not have time to do all the other things, or you will do it somehow. You can say phone applications or browser extensions that will help you control the time. It is important to work smarter by controlling all your time.

4. Learn to prioritize

We like to do various unimportant things, postponing the most important work for later. But this leads to the fact that there is not enough time and energy for priority goals. How to work smart? Highlight what is most important for you today, using the Pareto principle, when the most important 20% of things bring 80% of the result. Arrange the main priorities and the order of tasks, competently organizing your working day. This will increase your work efficiency.

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movement. When the situation requires it, it is important to change priorities, affairs and tasks to those that are more relevant at the moment. Learn to be flexible, and not beat on a closed door when there is an open window nearby. Be smarter.

6. Take breaks from work and activities

Why is the Pomodoro method so popular? It allows you to work smarter and more productive, not harder or without rest. Work in time intervals of 25-45 minutes, and then arrange a short rest. The result will be working segments in which it will be impossible to be distracted by entertainment, recreation, social networks and the Internet. But it can be done during a break. All this will help increase productivity.

7. Define your limits

A competent distribution of forces and testing of your limits allows you to reveal your potential. It is not always necessary to work for wear and tear, because this only reduces efficiency. But you don’t need to work half-heartedly, which is typical of many lazy people, and especially losers. If you want to achieve something, then you need to do more than others by at least 10-20%. Set your limits so you don't overwork yourself and don't work too hard.

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actions or failures. After that, you can make changes to increase productivity and do more. How to be even wiser and work smarter? Use other people's experience and expert advice to work smarter. Learning is always important, and at any stage of development there is room to move.

9. Create a workspace

A workspace can either increase or decrease our productivity. Create a well-lit and clean work area. When you have a complete order in the workplace, it is much easier to start tasks and be less distracted.

10. Change and evolve

Many people work the old way, using the old methods and approaches, ignoring the impending changes. But you should not become an archaic type who shuns using a computer, new methods, useful programs, modern technologies. Change and evolve to work smarter, more efficiently and more productively. It is important to work smart, constantly looking for the best and shortest options to achieve your goals.

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11. Learn to focus on one task

Train your brain, willpower and discipline to get the job done when you are doing it. Don't let social media, messaging, the internet, laziness, or other things distract you. Focus more on a specific task and concentrate only on it. When you do one thing in one period of time, then multitasking is superfluous here. Learn to focus on one task in order to get the most done.

There is nothing wrong with looking for smarter ways of working and doing things, but it is foolish to work clumsily. Use methods to work smarter to maximize the impact of all available resources. If you want to achieve more, you need to switch to smarter options for solving current problems.