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Words of support in difficult times: 170 phrases for support

Life doesn't always turn out the way we planned. How to support a loved one in a difficult moment in order to restore faith in yourself and cheer you up? What words to find to support loved ones?

Sometimes in life we ​​need to support all those who are near and dear to us. Men support their women, and girls come to the rescue of guys. We support loved ones, close relatives, friends and just good people. This is not only good, but also the only correct course of action. But just how to do it correctly and effectively?

Phrases and words of support in difficult times and difficult times

When talking to a person who is in trouble, it is important to let them open up. Help the person speak up, vent their emotions, and share their feelings. Ask him to tell his feelings, thoughts, feelings, desires. When a person speaks out, it will become easier for him. At this moment, you need to try to convey to him the idea that everything will be fine and even super. The future will not be dark just because times are tough.

Finding the right words of support is not at all difficult, because we intuitively understand what a person wants to hear at such moments. But sometimes ready-made words are difficult to quickly come up with at a difficult moment, so you can use these blanks. It is worth carefully re-reading the phrases in order to choose the best ones for a particular situation and a particular person. It is important that words of support and sincere condolences come from the heart.

Do not use phrases for support:

  • “It's okay”
  • “It will pass”
  • “I had worse”
  • “Nonsense”
  • “Forget it”

What should I say in response to words of support in difficult times? Thank you!

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Words of support in difficult times to loved ones

What to say to a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mother, father, relative, man, women and just a good person in a difficult hour? Words can always console, bring positive and brighten up sorrows. Here is a list of phrases that you can say to support a person in a difficult period of life.

1. There are no hopeless situations. We will be able to solve everything and someday will remember these times with a smile.

2. Now it worries and excites you, but in a year you will laugh at it. Why waste time when you can laugh now?

3. Hard times don't last forever, but cool people are permanent.

4. No one can change the past and rewrite the beginning of life. But everyone can change the current life and change the ending of history. Everything will be great for you.

5. If the problem is solved by money, then this is not a problem, but expenses.

6. You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can fill your sails with it and go to your dreams.

7. It's hard for you, then you are very strong. Buy yourself a big bat so your problems have problems with you. Life goes on.

8. You had difficult moments, but they are left behind. After some time, all these troubles will be left behind in the past as a blur.

9. If you miss one train, another will always appear. So it is in life. There will always be new opportunities, even when everything seemed to be missed.

10. It's difficult for you now, but yours will definitely change in the future. Your soul and body will gradually recover.

11. Anxiety does not relieve future troubles. It only debilitates you.

12. I believe that everything will be fine. You'll be fine, and the troubles will be left behind.

13. The goal of every person is to become happy. You will definitely succeed in time, when the sorrows will be forgotten a little.

14. A precious stone cannot become so without friction, and a person without trials. Hold on.

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15. There are many examples who have experienced this. In the end, they all found themselves and got out of this difficult situation.

16. I no longer worry about situations that are beyond my control. Just let go of the situation and move on.

17. I am proud of you, how you are holding up after what you have endured. You are a strong person who can overcome all sorrows and troubles.

18. Even if you stumbled on the way to your dream, you moved forward.


19. A person does not need much to be happy. All you need is bright sun, fresh air and a little rest. Just take a break and get some rest. You'll be all right.

20. I sympathize with your loss. I do not know how to ease the pain, but I wish you spiritual strength. Life goes on.

21. The best way to get rid of pain is to feel and accept it. Go beyond her.

22. If problems cannot be solved, then there is no need to worry about them. Relax and go with the flow.

23. Everything that is not done is for the best. And what didn't happen is good.

24. We do not have a protective shell against problems, but we must be able to forgive and let go of all layers of sadness. You can humble yourself and let go of all the past.

25. Don't despair. Only the best awaits you ahead. Do you believe me?

26. Don't you dare give up and despair. Every day there are new opportunities and technologies move forward. What still seems impossible today will become a reality tomorrow.

27. What words of support can I tell you in difficult times? We will make every effort to deal with this problem. Everything will be great.

28. Each defeat carries the seeds of a future victory. I believe in you.

29. If you stumble and fall, it's not a problem. It's a shame if you give up and don't move on.

30. This happened to many others, but everything worked out in the end. You'll be all right.

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31. While we are pedaling towards the goal, sometimes the chain slips and the wheels break through. But you should not forget about the beauty that opens up every day around a new turn in the road.

32. Don't worry like that. When one opportunity goes away, another always appears.

33. Life deals a painful blow to us, but we need to learn to bear the blow.

34. I will be on your side, which means we will overcome all difficulties.

35. You know how to lose, and therefore you deserve another chance, which will surely present fate.

36. Remember that any minus can be turned into a plus.

37. Words of support in difficult times will not console you, but know that I will always be with you.

38. Stop wasting your life on sorrows and sorrows. Time to smile and move on with life.

39. You deserve a better share, which means that everything that happened is for the better.

40. Life is sometimes like suffering, but it is priceless. Let's be happy and enjoy it.

41. Time will pass and you won't even remember it. All sorrows will be carried away by the sand of time.

42. Try to look at the situation from the other side. You have what is not given to everyone. You have health, appearance, mind, character, sense of humor. With such qualities, you are knee-deep in the sea.

43. Channel your sadness and warmth into something positive.

44. If there is one joy for all, there is one trouble for all. I will always lend my shoulder, my friend.

45. Problems always precede big changes. So you are waiting for a lot of beautiful and incredible.

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46. It's not what's behind you that matters, but what's inside. You can overcome this.

47. Now you have problems, but tomorrow joy and happiness will surely knock on the door.

48. The road will be mastered by the walking one. I will help you walk the road so that it turns out to be as pleasant and fun as possible. Two is always easier.

49. Don't blame yourself for what happened. Guilt makes it difficult to correct problems, which means you should not get depressed.

50. This trouble for all of us became a shock. But I hope that we will steadfastly endure the sorrows that have befallen our fate.

51. Keep your nose up. Do not sink into despondency, because luck always comes to the rescue of optimists.

52. Black stripes always replace white ones, and in the future you will remember all this as a bad dream. You will succeed.

53. When it's really bad, you just need to raise your head. You will see the light.

54. The situation is really difficult. If I were you, I would do the following.

55. People like you need not be sad. Red eyes and a wet nose won't help, but I have a plan.

56. Life failures? You may already be close to success, so don't give up.

57. Now it is difficult to accept these thoughts, but you will get rid of all problems in the very near future.

58. Now the acute phase of trouble is over, which means we need to move on.

59. You can't find a place where you feel good. You need to create well yourself in any place.

60. Willpower, positive thoughts and optimism can do a lot. You'll be all right.

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61. Think about your past problems. Then it seemed to you that life was over, but now it is perceived as a minor nuisance. So it will be with today's troubles.

62. Words of support in difficult times are hard to find. But it is worth remembering that life goes on even when everyone is against you. You can move on no matter what.

63. I can't leave you like this. I'm worried and wish you all the best.

64. Use the stones that ill-wishers throw at you for the foundation of your bright future.

65. Don't you dare despair and give up. Everything is solved.

66. If you can't change the situation, then just step over it and move on.

67. The strongest people are those who do not give up even in the most difficult battles. You are one of them.

68. With your experience, intelligence and abilities you will find your place under the sun. I won't be surprised if in a year you will be happy that everything happened this way.

69. The biggest mistake in life is the fear of making mistakes. You were brave enough to even try.

70. Tomorrow the sun will rise again, no matter what.

71. What happened, happened. Nothing can be done here. Deal with it and move on.

72. All problems are incommensurably small in comparison with our inner strength.

73. Everything that we have left in the past is completely unnecessary for us in the future.

74. If you worry, then the problems will only worsen and health too. Direct your energy and thoughts to something more pleasant. You have many talents and opportunities not to be bored.

75. Above the nose. Your sad face does not contribute to a brighter future. Everything will work out for you, and I will help you with this.

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76. Let's come up with a reason to smile together.

77. Don't worry about things that have already happened. We need to live in the present and move on.

78. Get rid of unhappy thoughts and regrets. It will be an act of kindness and self-care.

79. There will be times when everything will be fine. The main thing is to be patient.

80. No one is too old or bad to start all over again.

81. If you are sad, you may miss the miracle that will knock on your door.

82. If you want to speak out, then call at any time. I am ready to listen and support you in everything.

83. Be strong. He who has not met adversity does not know his strength.

84. I'm always there. You have me. You can always count on my help. We'll manage.

85. In a difficult moment it is difficult to soberly perceive the magnitude of sorrows. Let's think carefully about how you can solve your difficulties and vicissitudes.

86. The problems have already happened, which means we will not be able to influence them. It's like ashes that can no longer be set on fire. Let's let it all go

87. Your sorrows and problems cannot go away quickly. But we can accept them and put up with them. Let's change our attitude to trouble.

88. Problems are given to us from above so that we learn to overcome them.

89. Do not withdraw into yourself and do not boil in your juice. You have hard times, but in this difficult moment I am ready to give you my shoulder of help.

90. Pray not for an easy life, but for the strength to endure a difficult one.

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91. Any problem can be something that will help you move on to a new life stage.

92. Don't get depressed. You are much stronger than you think. All difficulties will only temper you, like you are a flint or a diamond.

93. It is very sad that all this happened, but that is in the past. Let's think about how to change the situation in the present.

94. Let's believe the best. All the clouds will quickly disperse and the sun will come out.

95. Every finish, even if unsuccessful, will be a start for something new.

96. I have always admired you and how you got out of difficult situations. I believe in your strength and inner resources.

97. Hard times create opportunities for us. I believe in you.

98. People are unhappy and as happy as they choose to be. Let's be on the side of happiness?

99. Remember that even on the worst days there are only 24 hours.

100. No one knows how it happened. If there's anything I can do to help, please tell me.

101. The fate of a person who sits in one place does not move either.

102. I am with you, which means I will help bring bright times closer. In a year we will smile, remembering this evening.

103. How to support a friend if he is in a sad mood? Let me buy a beer or something stronger, and then have a heart to heart talk?

104. A problem is a chance to do your very best.

105. There are many inexplicable things in the world. Sometimes it seems that everything is lost, and then a miracle happens. The main thing is not to lose heart.

106. We will try to survive this together, and share all sorrows in half. Let's try together to find a reason to smile?

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107. These are difficult times. But in order to reach the goal, you must first move forward.

108. Don't forget that you are not alone. I am with you and other close people who love you. We'll get through it all together.

109. Think that this is a test of your firmness. You will definitely cope with this and become stronger than you were.

110. Anxiety is a protective organism that helps us in difficult times. Don't get hung up and move on.

111. It is in difficult times that our potential and opportunities are revealed.

112. You are a wonderful person who deserves all the best.

113. I'm sorry. Remember that everything will pass.

114. Self-hypnosis is an important knowledge for the organism. If you believe in good things, then everything will be fine.

115. In the darkest times one can see the brightest moments of life and the brightest people.

116. It's okay that you worry about your future in such a difficult time. You are brave and stubborn, which means you can win.

117. In addition to failures in attempts, there are victories in attempts. Don't be shy and move forward.

118. By sorrow and anxiety we deprive ourselves of a happy future.

119. I am proud of you and wish you all the best even in such dark times.

120. This period of your life is not easy, but it is only a short segment of your life path. Soon you will have a white streak.

121. Try to save your strength now. Stress and worries take away a lot of strength from you, which means you need to hold on. I think you need time to rest and recover.

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122. I sympathize with you and wish to endure this blow of fate. If you want to speak up, I'm always there to help you.

123. Everything that happened to you is completely unfair. But you need to move on to find yourself elsewhere.

124. Believe that you have something to live for, and your faith will help make it a reality.

125. You've been in worse situations, which means you can get out.

126. We must look at the situation from the other side. For a caterpillar, this may be the end, but for a butterfly, this is the very beginning.

127. You're very unlucky, and I'm sorry. But in this difficult moment there are always words of support.

128. You never know how strong you are until you try.

129. Even difficulties and problems are necessary for us in order to understand the most important things in life.

130. It's very hard for you now. Is there anything I can help you with?

131. I'm sorry you're in such trouble. But don't be discouraged. Fight, friend. If you want something, then the Universe itself will come to your aid.

132. Forgiveness will not change your past, but it will change your future. Forgive yourself.


133. This difficult situation is only a chapter of your life, not the whole book.

134. All these difficulties are temporary, and you know this very well. Once upon a time, a dump truck with gingerbread will roll over on our street.

135. You have nothing to be sad and afraid of. Problems are not stops, but only recommendations.

136. The greater the difficulties, the greater the glory in overcoming burdens.

137. How many opportunities and beauty will you miss out on if you are driven about this?

138. Fate knew that you would need help, and therefore sent you to help me. You can count on me in any matters.

139. Your worries are completely meaningless. You have found yourself in a situation that you cannot change, which means it is better to let go.

140. You should not have time for sadness, reflection and worry when you need to act!

141. Do not allow yourself to give up and become depressed. You believe in the best, and it will definitely come.

142. What will be, will not be avoided. All this prevented you from reaching your potential, and now you are free.

143. It's a disaster, but you forgot to count the good things in your life. There are many more of them than you think.

144. It doesn't matter how slowly you move. The direction and constancy of movement is important.

145. My words will not lighten your burden, but I am always with you. Remember this.

146. Don't despair. Only the best awaits you ahead. Do you believe me?

147. It is difficult even to imagine what you experience and feel. If you need my support, just tell me.

148. Your failure is only a springboard to success.

149. Fall down 9 times and get up 10. Don't lose faith in yourself.

150. Never, never, never give up.

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151. I'm sorry you had to deal with this, but it's fate.

152. Sometimes you are not aware of your own strength and your power. Don't give up, because if it doesn't kill you, it definitely makes you stronger.

153. Will it matter in a year or five years? If not, then you don't have to worry about it.

154. Anyone can give up, but few can face difficulties.

155. Life sometimes throws us challenges that we have to accept. This is life, but we're getting stronger.

156. Difficulties should motivate, not discourage. You grow when the hardships of life try to break you.

157. Difficult and difficult times do not last forever, but after dark times come bright and happy ones.

158. Someday you will remember this time with a smile. So do not delay, but smile right now.

159. Stay strong, because one way or another everything is already in the past.

160. All the best comes through change and struggle.

161. Any winter will always be followed by a warm and sunny summer.

162. Life has been given to you, and you are strong enough to endure all its hardships. All this will pass and be in the past.

163. Dream as if you will live forever. And live and act like you're going to die tonight.

164. God gave, God took. All according to his will.

165. Time of suffering becomes, in the end, your forte.

166. There is nothing more beautiful than the smile that we make through tears.

167. A problem is an opportunity to do everything possible.

168. Your strength is within you, mourn and then move on.

169. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the butterfly calls the beginning of a new life.

170. Anxiety does not free from difficulties, it only takes strength.

When a person needs support in a difficult moment, it is important to come to the rescue. Listen carefully, don't interrupt, be sympathetic, use empathy, encourage and gently give some advice. Words of support in difficult times are needed by everyone.