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Women will never understand what it's like to be a man

We often see on the Internet and on television that women are portrayed as poor and miserable. Everyone takes pity on them and walks around them. Women's problems are brought to the front pages, but men are silent. Women will never understand what it's like to be a man. Who will stand up for the men if not a men's magazine?

Being a man isn't as much fun as you might think. Many things in a man's life specifically strain and infuriate. What do women know about us? Few. Or rather, nothing.

Women will never understand what it's like to be a man.

1. Women complain that men constantly meet and try to please them. And in the male world, you are rejected, denied and avoided. No girl will ask you out on a date. What's better?

2. A man is always required to yield and yield to women. She's a girl! Is this an argument? What the heck?

3. A real man should be strong, athletic, smart, promising, caring. Necessarily with an apartment, a wheelbarrow, a cool job and loot. Requirements through the roof. And from the girl only "pussy" is required. How did it happen?

4. Unfamiliar women avoid entering the elevator together with a man. Like you're a maniac and a rapist. What nonsense?

5. Why are expensive gifts expected from a man, and in return they give useless and cheap nonsense? Often these are socks, notebooks and other garbage.

6. Any sex with a stranger or even an acquaintance can end up in the police. In the morning you can be accused of rape if something comes into her head.

7. A man takes care of all expenses when you go out on dates. And among the girls there are a lot of dynamos who only like to take a walk for free.

8. When a man walks down the street and a woman is ahead, she is afraid of you as a serial maniac. You feel awkward even though you're just going about your business. You have to bypass the girl side or wait until he goes away.

9. Why did February 14 become only a holiday for a girl? With flowers, expensive gifts, surprises and a restaurant? Just try to screw up. And in return you will receive a cheap gift and promotional sex if you have fulfilled all her desires.

10. A man is always suspected of cheating and that he wants to fuck other girls. Even if you are monogamous and love your girlfriend. You will be checked even if you don't give a reason.

11. A woman can attack you, and you will be helpless against a vile brawler. You can't complain and call for justice. Fight a girl? God save! But she will willingly dissolve her hands.

12. A woman hints to a man that if he behaves well, he will get a pussy. But not a single man hints at a girl for a prize in the form of a penis.

13. Men have no one to complain and talk about problems. You will be considered weak.

14. Men rarely receive compliments from girls, or rather almost never. Most men will remember all the compliments by heart.

15. You are always afraid of losing your erection. This means that you will not be a complete man. Many girls, when misfires happen, only make things worse.

16. A man, even during rush hours, is looked upon as preoccupied if he accidentally touches a woman in transport.

17. If a man is close to someone else's child, they are unreasonably suspected of pedophilia. Even scary approaches children if they cry or be alone with them.

18. Even the most ideal girl will blow your mind, try to manipulate, make scandals and showdowns. This is an axiom. Most of the women are hysterical, bitches or bitches. Do you love me? Am I fat? I'm bored. I want a coat.

19. Why is February 23 not a holiday? Especially if you didn't serve. Not like a man. And all the girls are waiting for gifts on March 8. They didn't give birth though.

20. Why does a man always have to entertain a girl? She is bored? Are you a clown and this is a circus?

21. In sex, 90% of the work will always be yours. Most of the time girls will lie like a log and only moan.

22. A man should always take the first steps with a girl. This is sometimes tiring and stressful.

23. From a man they demand success and all the attributes. He is constantly under pressure, otherwise they will be considered a loser and a sucker.

24. A woman will never tell you directly. She will sulk, avoid and remain silent, but will not speak directly. Why these puzzles?

25. There are many women's organizations that protect men. But there are almost no those who will take the side of the man.

26. You are responsible for a woman's orgasm, and take care of your own. Sex itself often has to beg, and the woman has a headache.

27. The woman spent all her best years on you, as if you didn't spend your best time on her.

28. In a divorce, a child is rarely given to the father, even if the mother is an asocial person, a lover of alcohol and drugs. A recent story about a football player and his wife as an example.

29. Men live much less, but retire later than women. And where is this vaunted equality? Hello, feminists.

30. A man should be physically, financially, emotionally and mentally supportive. Must, must, must. A man always owes something to someone. "You must be a real man!" What kind of rotten manipulation, from which you have long been sick?

But men endure difficulties and do not like to complain. Why? See point #13. In reality, men's life has many more facets and complexities. Although the men are a little tired of all this...