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Women's sexual prejudice

Both men and women suffer from complexes in sex. What prevents the fair sex from enjoying sex? The main female sexual prejudices that can be encountered along the way.

Both men and women suffer from sexual complexes. Many women also behave strangely during sex because they have their own prejudices. For example, some people enjoy sex and some don't. Women's complexes arise for many reasons. But, one way or another, you need to get rid of them with the help of specialists. After all, clamps worsen intimate relationships.

Ideal Love Scenario

Alice in Wonderland is apt romantic girls who like to fantasize and live in their ideal world. There are no men with qualities that dreamers do not like. Therefore, in life they want to find a man from their dreams and do not find it. Such a desire can lead to frigidity, split personality and other mental problems.

Cinderella complex from a fairy tale

Many women, as a well-known heroine, dream of finding a handsome, rich and unique Prince. Such a person, in their opinion, will certainly open for her a new happy and cloudless world, consisting of holidays and comfort. They do not look at gentlemen who cannot provide them with the above qualities.

If ladies in adulthood suffer from the Cinderella complex, then it is worth sounding the alarm. In youth, this complex is considered the norm during puberty, but not in adulthood.

Intimacy with a contrived character

Titania complex affects women who like to watch movies and read books. During sex, they imagine that in front of them is a hero from sexual fantasies.

A man must not destroy her dreams, otherwise she will give him a lapel turn or come up with a severe punishment. Sooner or later, women realize that fictional characters do not exist in real life, and then they feel devastated.

Insatiable sexual appetite

Some women suffer from the Messalina complex. In bed, they behave defiantly, relaxed and free. In Rome, an emperor named Claudius had a wife, Messalina. It is said that she had an irrepressible sexual appetite and from the mere glance of a man in her direction, she gave herself into his hands in the hope of getting satisfaction in sex. But not every partner could satisfy Messalina. Because she demanded too much from him.

Violation of gender identification

The essence of the Pallas Athena complex is that a woman strives to perform in bed the roles characteristic of males, that is, dominant. Such preferences are likely to be appreciated by an infantile partner. But women with an AP complex are able to communicate, make friends and have sexual relations with any man.

Romance without sex

The Lady Di complex affects girls who are in relatively long romances and at the same time do not have sexual intimacy with a partner. Many women agree to sex after much persuasion and do not experience positive emotions from this.

They are taken for chaste, cold and passive persons in bed. But women consider sex to be a dirty and shameful process. Such inferior relationships lead to divorce and loneliness.

I am an Amazon

Women with an Amazon complex treat men as a means for giving birth to a child. Women do not look at other qualities of a partner. In addition, they do not experience pleasure from sex. Amazons orgasm from intimacy with a woman. But not all Amazons manage to find same-sex love in this world.

There are many common and less common female complexes. If they cause anxiety and cause problems, then you should seek help from specialists and try to get rid of them.