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Women's Sexiest Fantasies

We visited a women's forum about sexual fantasies and almost burned out of shame. Girls are far from innocent angels, as most men think. What does the fair sex dream about and what vicious thoughts roam in the female head? Sexual fantasies of girls about which they are silent.

"Sex is like money: there is never too much of it." Writer and poet John Updike

Why are girls so interested in films like 50 Shades of Grey? Girls often think about indecent things and depraved sex, although it is difficult to suspect them of this. Girls want sex just as much as men, and sometimes even more.

We spied discussions of women about sex and their intimate fantasies on one of the forums. The sexual fantasies of the girls surprised us a little. Girls want from men what we are afraid to even offer. And it should be that the sex life was rich and full.

Girls love sex, depravity and vulgarity, although they deny it at first. What evil things do women think and fantasize about? What erotic dreams and daydreams seethe in their dark minds? The girls are still those perverts and dreamers.

The sexiest and vicious fantasies of girls

I dream that a passionate partner takes what he wants. To be bound or pinned in bed. Or maybe pressed against the wall in a dark corner. When a man holds his hands, does not resist and gets sex from me.

I often think about role-playing when we try on the roles of teacher and student, boss and subordinate, nurse and patient, slave and master. This will help to forget about everything and play a role where there are no prohibitions and complexes.

I meet an incredibly handsome man in a bar who quickly persuades me to go to his house. We begin to undress in the elevator and have rough sex.

I am attacked by a rapist, we fight and gradually lose our clothes. Soon the struggle turns into rape, which I enjoy myself.

Sometimes I want to put on a collar, strap and ponytail, and then get on all fours. Let the guy punish me, whip me with a leash, pull the collar and take me like a dog.

I have sex for a reason, but to get something. I want to have sex with a teacher to get better grades or a test. Having sex with a boss I dream of begging for a raise. I agree to sex for money, because I am an elite prostitute.

Sometimes I fantasize about sex with two guys who fry me at the same time. A good substitute for this would be sex with a guy and one vibrator.

Sometimes I fantasize about switching roles with a man and taking on the lead role in sex. Act like a man in sex, and a man will act like a woman. I am in a suit and he is in a dress or skirt. We have sex in the Amazon position or use a strapon.

Sex with another girl. Aesthetically, the bodies of women are different, as are the sensations. Sex with a girl will be more tender, longer and more beautiful. Girls are well aware of erogenous points, which means sex will be great.

I dream of being blindfolded and bedridden. I don't see anything, but I feel everything. Who is this and what does he want to do with me? I have to focus solely on sensations and sounds.

I like the idea of ​​having sex with a bad guy who does whatever he wants with me. He openly offers obscenities, rudely takes me anywhere, whispers vulgarities, scolds dirtyly and does not regret my modesty at all. He gets up and twirls me as he pleases. It turns on.

My sexual fantasy is a sex toy. Handcuffs, masks, whips, clamps, vibrators, gags, plugs, balls, and other sex toys. Such sex certainly turns on and excites. This is a new unexplored sexual world that attracts with its dark and vicious side.

I think that I want to have sex in places that are less always suitable for this. This is sex in the car, love on the beach, intimacy in nature, solitude on the roof of the house, sex in a tent, sex on the desktop. Sex in a public place, when excitement is mixed with fear of being caught.

Girls' sexual fantasies are much more vulgar and vicious than men think. It's time to turn women's sexual fantasies into reality so that they make our intimate dreams come true. And what is the vicious dream of your girlfriend or wife? What are you dreaming about?