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Women need sex just as much

It is generally accepted that sex is a male need, and tender girls just follow the lead of "these animals", towards the bed. 7 proofs that women need sex just as much as men.

It is generally accepted that sex is a male need, and tender girls are just being led by "these animals." Based on this premise, psychologists are building whole theories for women - how to avoid “sex-only” and lure a man into a “relationship”. But what if the original premise was wrong? How to be, for example, with such arguments:

The first proof. Historical. The presence of the strongest sexual prohibitions specifically for women in different centuries and cultures. Consider the various punishments for adultery, from being stoned to being thrown off a cliff. If the female sexual sphere is so weak, and the libido insignificant, then why should such cruel measures be applied to women who do not limit themselves? Why impose a severe ban on something that you really don’t want?

The second proof. Psychiatric. Psychiatrists know that in some diseases there is a "flattening" of higher emotions with a loss of a sense of duty, an understanding of morality. Which, in turn, often leads to the disinhibition of the sexual sphere, especially in women. In general, women with psychiatric problems are more sexually aggressive than men or at the same level, but not less.

The third proof, or the proof of the Empress. Have you noticed that historical literature brings us information about dozens and hundreds of lovers of female monarchs who have seized power? In their debauchery, ladies are in no way inferior to men. Messalina, Cleopatra, Elizabeth, Catherine II - each of them had her own small harem. Some settled with their lovers for the joy of money and titles. Did they really need sex?

Fourth proof. Resort. I think everyone has heard about how sexually liberated women become at the resort, where no one knows them. Men with resentment talk about women who take their hard-earned money to some Mahmud, while at home they turn up their noses from sex. Why are there Egypt and Turkey... Even in Sochi, girls are in a hurry to break away to the fullest, to the displeasure of local ladies.

Fifth proof. Alcoholic. Everyone knows that a drunken woman is not her own mistress. There is even an opinion that alcohol in itself is a powerful aphrodisiac. However, its real effect is that alcohol simply disinhibits a woman. He does not bring excitement from the outside, he only reduces control over himself.

Sixth proof. Physiological. The female body has many erogenous zones, unlike the male, what can I say. A woman has dozens of erogenous zones, an experienced massage therapist will not deprive her of attention of the heels, hips, ears, neck, and wrists. If desired and diligently, he can bring the client to orgasm without touching the genitals at all. And for a man… Erogenous zones are rather primitive and are collected in one place. And their cat cried. Why so many physical places of expression of what is not?

Seventh proof. Case on the women's forum. I already wrote about a funny incident that happened at one of the women's forums. A man came to the topic and offered... friendship. He offered girls and women to meet him without sex. They were promised walks under the moonlight, cafes, sometimes even gifts, but... There will be no sex.

Do you think the women were happy? No, they called him gay, impotent, pervert, and sent him away. Because, firstly, they wanted sex. And secondly, they were ready to accept all these gifts only as proof of the value of their own vagina, and not as alms from a peasant friend.

If a woman needs sex less than a man, then what about all this?

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