Women advise in sex to men the following

The amount of sex in a man's life depends on the quality and professionalism he can show in bed. What can a woman advise a man in sex? Helpful sex tips worth learning.

No time to explain why you need to be a sex pro. You yourself know perfectly well how valuable this skill is for a real man. Tips about sex, from the fair sex, which should be memorized.

Women advise men in sex as follows

1. Subdued light in the room promotes intimate atmosphere, the body looks more presentable, and girls feel more relaxed. 2. Foreplay less than 10 minutes is not counted and can have a bad effect on a woman's orgasm. 3. During foreplay, not only kiss, but also caress with your hands. More effective action. This will quickly ignite the fire of passion in a woman.

4. Alternate the pace of sex from slow to intense. 5. A shower or bath helps to improve blood circulation, and this will have a good effect on erection and the degree of arousal. 6. Have sex more often in new places and new positions. This will get rid of the routine and bring novelty. 7. Compliment more and admire the girl. 8. Most women are turned on by rude and vulgar words. Try.

9. Slap the girl on the butt and be a little rude if she doesn't mind the game.

10. Lightly bite the girl on the neck, back or other part of the body, but gently. 11. It is better not to try more than 2-3 poses at a time. This will allow you to get decent sex. 12. Do not lie on the girl with all your weight, but distribute it using your knees, elbows and head. 13. Watch romantic melodramas together, it will turn her on. Watching porn will allow you to remove excessive modesty and give you the opportunity to offer something that you are shy. 14. Let the girl take the lead in sex and don't get in her way. 15. Pillows are good to put under the back or pelvis of a sex partner. Sometimes up to the stomach if you're behind the girl. 16. The inner surface of the thighs of the girl is very sensitive, look and caress her carefully.

17. During sex vigorously squeeze the girl's buttocks, legs, waist, breasts.

18. Don't ask a girl to change position or try something new, but do it. But if she refuses, then don't insist. 19. Play with the girl's hair, smooth, sort out the hair, pull lightly, wind it around your fist. 20. After sex, hug the girl, this will make her happier and more in love with you.

How good are you at sex?