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Wise advice for men

What advice should a man hear and remember? Good advice to a man is difficult to give, but we have a whole list that will change your life for the better. Tips for men that will come in handy right now.

We asked the men for their thoughts and they gave us great life advice. What do you need to know to realize yourself in life and become happy? Learn from other people's stories and mistakes, because they tend to repeat themselves. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Wise advice to men

1. School is not equated with wisdom, but knowledge with experience. That is why losers often beat excellent students.

2. Ask yourself questions: “Why am I at this point now?”, “Who am I?”, “What do I want?”. Sometimes it's great for clearing the mind.

3. When criticizing or pointing out mistakes, there is no need to get angry. This is an opportunity to get better.

4. Know your worth and don't let women take advantage of your kindness.

5. Sport is the best long-term investment in your appearance and health.

6. Do not base your decisions on someone else's approval or opinion.

7. Do not look for your own path, but create your own path.

8. Life is full of surprises, so thinking a few steps ahead is a good habit.

9. Don't let yourself be made guilty for not doing what others want you to do.

10. Do what is right and necessary for you, and not what is pleasant or desirable.

11. Be honest with yourself. This is usually difficult.

12. Try to become a person that you yourself would be proud of.

13. Think with your head, not with other parts of your body.

14. Your words are a bullet. When they come out, you can't stop them. Always think and then speak. And silence has always been golden.

15. More positive, optimistic and smiling. Smile at the world so that it smiles back at you.

16. Have your own standards and don't settle for less. This applies to work, career and relationships.

17. Don't be too good a guy. This deprives you of many competitive advantages in your career and personal life.

18. Confidence and self-sufficiency make life easier.

19. Many things you do or don't do make a big difference over a long distance.

20. Always show respect to people until they give you a reason not to.

21. Even when you make mistakes, you become wiser and stronger. Do not give up.

22. Don't let your emotions control you. This does not lead to good.

23. Do not mess with crazy, negative, selfish and negative women. It will ruin your life.

24. Learn to cook and run the household. This will make you immune to loneliness.

25. Always look attractive and dress well. This gives many advantages in business, friendship and love.

26. If you don't like the place where you will be in 10 years, then it's time to change the vector of movement.

27. Sometimes it's good to take a step back to think. It's better than acting recklessly.

28. Always improve in everything. The ideal is never achieved.

29. Never take dating advice from women. Usually nothing good.

30. Take care of hygiene, teeth, nails and hair all over your body. Take a shower daily. This is more important than you think.

31. Be nice and friendly to people. The world is round.

32. Be curious and always be ready to learn. Knowledge and experience is never enough. Learn. Learn. Learn again.

33. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs are not cool.

34. It's better not to be taken for who you really are. Than to be accepted for what you are not.

35. Visit your parents, relatives and those who are dear to you more often. Say how much you love and appreciate them. One day you won't be able to do it.

36. Always have a backup plan or several in case the main one crashes.

37. Break up with a girl, don't cheat on her behind her back. It's not worth it.

38. If you don't know what you're talking about, then shut up.

39. Some goals are not always worth achieving. Sometimes it's better to give up an impossible dream and do something more adequate, which will succeed.

40. Treat the girl like an angel, and intimacy like with the last courtesan.

41. Find good friends with whom you share common interests and goals.

42. Avoid fights, but be prepared to fight.

43. If you are surrounded by people with low standards, it does not mean that you should be one of them. Always strive for the best, and do not go with the flow.

44. Don't lose sight of the little things. They can affect life more than you can imagine.

45. It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

46. You don't have to be somebody. Be the best version of yourself every day.

47. There is no age limit for success. Keep working on your business. It will take you somewhere.

48. When in doubt, trust your intuition.

49. Have character and be true to your word.

50. The search for meaning in life is overrated. Just try to be happy as often as possible.

It's always better to take advice, because it can change your life. And it's worth a lot. Wise advice to men only helps if you apply it in life, and not just agree and move on. What will you change in your life today? What did you take away from the article?