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Why You Should Never Get Married

Why ruin a great relationship with your girlfriend with such a thing as marriage? Not all couples follow the standard chain of relationships: acquaintance, love, relationship, marriage. Smarter and more modern couples choose a different path. Marriage has long been exhausted.

“And then we went to the registry office and informed the state that we were sleeping together”

All this nonsense with Mendelssohn’s march, wedding dress, rings, a party and paintings in The registry office is meaningless. It's time to admit that marriages have no meaning for a long time and only harm relationships. We have selected the most viscous reasons for the opponents of marriage.

Why one should never get married and get married

1. Marriage and prejudice

Who needs these social norms and institutions? Why do you have to do it like everyone else? Why is it necessary to live by someone else's rules? Long-term relationships do not have to end in marriage. Why this formality, elevated to the rank of the ultimate goal of man?

2. Wedding and changes

The stamp in the passport itself will not bring anything new. He will not bring lovers closer and will not become a factor holding a hopeless relationship. Your love will not become stronger and deeper, and your relationship will become more tender. Conflicts will not go away, and the contradictions will be in the same place. It's time to admit that marriage is just a piece of paper that does not change anything inside the relationship. This is especially well understood by people from families where the parents divorced. Marriage is not a guarantee of a happy family.

3. Wedding and money

Celebration of a wedding costs about the total annual income of lovers. You will spend a lot of money if you decide to do everything according to tradition, with a crowd of guests, a wedding dress, rings, a photographer and a toastmaster. A wedding is a waste of time and money in order to be like everyone else. Who can be surprised by a wedding now? Some manage to borrow from banks to start a “happy” life of a new family in debt bondage.

4. Wedding and this is selfishness towards relatives

Did you go to the wedding? When you are invited to a wedding, a headache begins and you think about how to refuse. Need to buy a suit or dress if not. Give at least a small amount to take a walk one evening in a restaurant. If you are a relative, you should give even more. Some ask for help with the wedding of parents who don’t have much money anyway. Why be a burden and a source of problems for your closest people? Who really needs your wedding?

5. Marriage and self-interest

Very often marriages are concluded for certain reasons, completely far from love. Sometimes the second half solves their financial problems through marriage. Now all income will be joint, because a prenuptial agreement is extremely rare. In the event of a divorce, one takes half of the acquired property using laws and marriage for their own purposes.

6. Marriage and love

After getting married, people begin to treat each other worse. Rudeness, swearing, squabbles and other "charms" of family life begin. One begins to drink, and the second to grow an ass. Once in the "cage" betrayals appear. Couples who are simply in a long-term relationship are stronger and happier. They understand the value of relationships and will not swear to smithereens. Long-term relationships allow you to save love for many years.

Marriage and marriage make relationships worse. Why do you need that? It's time to recognize that the goal of people is not marriage for life, but a companion with whom they want to live their whole lives.

Role-playing games with a dress and lace underwear can be played without a wedding.