Why you are unlucky in love and how to deal with it?

Love is a bitch and only hurts. It’s hard to argue with this, but the person himself is to blame for most love ups and downs. You yourself chose your soul mate and behaved in a certain way in a relationship. Who to blame? Why is catastrophically unlucky in love and how to deal with it?

Why do attempts to create good relationships lead to nothing, and only unsuccessful romances, unhappy love and a broken heart remain behind? Could it be you? Why is unlucky in love and how to deal with it?

1. Low self-esteem

When a person has an erroneous self-esteem, many difficulties arise. Low self-esteem leads to the fact that a person chooses far from the best options. As a result, the second half is worse than it could be. It ruins relationships when a second-rate or outright marriage comes across. You can't make candy out of shit.

2. Inflated self-esteem

Inadequate self-esteem does not give chances for promising and good relationships. Inflated self-esteem leads to loneliness or unsuccessful attempts to please those with whom there is no chance. Unreasonably high self-esteem gives hope and a person chases those who are much better and with whom nothing good shines. It will be a friend zone, one-sided love or an unhappy relationship.

3. Fear of loneliness

Often people break off one unsuccessful relationship and immediately rush into new ones, as if headlong into a pool. But they also turn out to be unsuccessful, and so everything is on a well-trodden path. In this case, it is worth stopping for a while and stop being afraid of loneliness. Loneliness can be enjoyed, not suffered because of it. Some break will allow you to more rationally approach the search for the second half.

4. Wrong choice of the second half

Often we choose the same type of personality. But if every time you get some kind of garbage, then you should think about it. You should not expect eternal love from a bitch and a bitch. Don't expect true love from an asshole. You can never change a person in a relationship. Immediately look for those who really fit in every sense. Stop stepping on the same rake. The impulsive choice of the second half, based only on established preferences and the desire to have sex, will lead to another separation.

5. Misbehavior in relationships

Unhealthy relationships occur when both do not know how to behave according to their gender. Men act like weaklings or women, and women act like men or bitches. Until peace reigns in the relationship, without any manipulation and pulling the blanket, nothing good will come of it.

Why is unlucky in love and how to deal with it? Watch carefully who you start dating and how you do it…