Why Unlucky Love or Poorly Learned Relationship Lessons

If you can’t find a girl for yourself, you haven’t learned to understand them and you don’t know how to properly deal with chicks, then nothing good will come of it. Why doesn't he always get lucky with the fair sex? You never learned the lessons you learned from dealing with girls.

You can attribute bad luck in love to fate, but that's not the point at all. Why catastrophically unlucky with women? Everything is much easier.

Let's take the conditional Vasya, who has no luck with girls. He constantly comes across mercantile persons of easy virtue. Girls pretty quickly agree to have sex, and then nonsense begins. Girls continue to walk, drink, ask him for gifts and money. He wonders why this is so. Why do girls not want to stir up a serious relationship with him? Maybe he is not well off or good for girls who are accustomed to a luxurious life? The fact is that Vasya is looking for a permanent girlfriend for a serious relationship, in clubs and places where only affordable heifers live, turned on entertainment and bubbles. But Vasya continues to dance hard on his favorite rake.

Conditional Dmitry is a real knight. He wins all his girls with gentlemanly and chivalrous zeal. He puts the girl on a pedestal and worships her. Gradually, the girls hang their legs from his shoulders. Dmitry is very easy to use. Girls see him as a good friend in the friend zone, not the man of their dreams. Dmitry is too weak and has no balls, according to the girls. They all go from good Dima to more brutal and harsh men. Dima wonders why he, so good, is not lucky. What do girls see in more arrogant and daring men? The question is rhetorical, but Dima does not understand why he is unlucky with girls, although everyone else immediately understands.

Let's remember the conditional Boris, whom I have never seen with a girl. He is a good and calm guy, missing the stars from the sky. He is taciturn and very modest when it comes to girls. Boris hurries home from work right at the computer, and on weekends he rarely goes out for a walk. Boris likes to complain that he can't find a girlfriend. But he almost never made the effort to do so. It is impossible to meet a girl between a sofa and a refrigerator. Boris' rake is that the girl needs to be actively searched for. If the girl herself goes into the hands, then this is far from the best copy. He stubbornly waits for the girl, and is not actively looking for. Needless to say, he is still single?

Conditional Artem is a true connoisseur of girls. He doesn't want regular girls. Artem likes long-legged models that are worthy of the catwalk and magazine covers. Artem, at the sight of an average girl, twists his nose. The girl does not have a perfect face, not a sexy enough body, small breasts, short legs, the figure does not match the model. Give Artem girls of the level of 8-10 points (on a 10 point system), but what can he offer in return? Artem in all respects does not pull more than 4-5 points. Artyom could find a girl, but he raised the bar of his unreasonable expectations too high. As a result, he spends his whole life licking on those girls with whom nothing shines. Artem complains that he is unlucky in love, and all the women want loot.

Conditional Misha loves hot girls, but he has no luck with them. Misha confuses the concepts of a hot girl and an ordinary bitch. All his girlfriends are still bitches and bitches. They constantly twisted ropes from the good-natured Misha and drank blood. All relationships were unsuccessful, but Misha never learned to understand girls. He steps on the rake and smashes his forehead time after time. He has not developed a reflex to crappy women, which ruins his whole life.

From the outside it seems that the problems of the guys are clear. But the thing is, it looks better from the outside. Many men point blank do not see their mistakes with girls and continue to dance on a rake. If you can’t find a girlfriend for yourself, you haven’t learned to understand them and you don’t know how to behave correctly, then nothing good will come of it.

Why are you unlucky in love? You have not learned the lessons of relationships and make the same mistakes over and over again.