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Why Relationships Fail: 50 Unspoken Rules in Relationships

Sometimes it turns out that all relationships fall apart and it is impossible to build them. What is the reason for constant breakups and failures in relationships? In any relationship, there are unspoken rules that should be carefully followed. If you are often abandoned, then you break the rules, and if the other half breaks, then the relationship will also end in parting.

One should know the unspoken rules of a good relationship, otherwise one will never be happy in love. But what exactly are you doing wrong? There are some standards and unwritten rules to be aware of.

Why relationships don't work out

Sometimes we're unlucky in love that we start to attribute everything to bad luck or a vow celibacy. But the reasons for eternal loneliness and unsuccessful relationships can be on the surface. You continue to stubbornly ignore the unspoken rules of a good relationship, continuing to beat against an invisible wall of misunderstanding.

Relationships can be potentially good, but futile if one of you does not know how to be in them. If they leave you more often, then you are not following the rules of the relationship. If you quit, it means you don't know how to pay attention to red flags in relationships.

What is a red flag in a relationship? These are erroneous actions and warning signs that indicate that a person is not able to build normal, good and strong relationships. Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes someone else.

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The unspoken rules of a relationship

Why don't relationships work despite your efforts? Here is a list of unspoken rules in a relationship. If you break them, you will soon be abandoned. If the other half violates, then you should not stay in this relationship, because they are doomed.

1. Lack of sense of humor, or incompatible. I want to laugh together over something, otherwise what's the point?

2. Inability to argue in a civilized manner. If small disagreements at the beginning of a relationship turn into arguments, screams, insults and tantrums, then they are doomed.

3. Persistent bad mood by default, not good. Eternal complaints and whining, as well as a disgruntled face.

4. Too much talk about the former, as well as comparisons with other partners.

5. Treat others badly: sellers, taxi drivers, waiters and random people. Obviously the man is shit.

6. Lack of respect for personal boundaries.

7. Constant breakdowns over trifles and for no reason speak of emotional imbalance.

8. A discrepancy between your partner's expectations of you or your expectations of your partner.

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9. Lack of responsibility for one's actions. This is quite common.

10. Unwillingness to learn new things and develop.

11. Eternal problems with finances speak of the inability to control life and the habit of sitting on someone else's neck.

12. Inability to take seriously what interests and excites the second person.

13. Attempts to find someone to blame in a dispute and disagreement. In a relationship, the two of you are against the problem, not against each other.

14. Inability to find compromises at the initial stage of acquaintance.

15. Failure to apologize. Admitting a mistake is right and cool, but looking for excuses is a pity.

16. The second person is not the property of another. We are two persons, and not one - a servant, in the second - a master.

17. Flirting, secret search for another half and betrayal.

18. Inability to cope with their own problems when the other person in the relationship needs to sort them out.

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19. Interested in every little detail, turning communication into an interrogation.

20. Self-centeredness, when you don't care about your opinion.

21. Condemnation of friends and relatives who are dear to you.

22. Says bad things about other people behind his back. Who knows what they say for yours when you're not around?

23. To see faults in others, but not to see faults in oneself.

24. The expectation that a person can read minds when simply speaking is sufficient.


25. They do not give the opportunity to be alone when they are strangling in a relationship.

26. Lack of sufficient hygiene and neatness.

27. Excessive jealousy that interferes with normal dating.

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28. You always spend time the way your significant other wants, not you.

29. Lack of spiritual connection.

30. A person becomes inadequate after taking alcohol.

31. Verification by tests and false breaks.

32. Numerous past relationships.

33. Spends a lot of time on the phone or playing games, ignoring his soul mate.

34. Unwillingness to see points of view other than one's own.

35. The second half does not want to introduce you to their friends and relatives.

36. Lack of kindness, sensitivity and tenderness.

37. The eternal expectation of likes under the photo or stupid comments.

38. When the other half cannot be a true friend.

39. Excessive judgment of other people will eventually lead to the fact that you will be rinsed as well.

40. Manipulation in relationships leads to their destruction.

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41. Lack of honesty and habit of lying.

42. Bad habits and alcohol abuse.

43. Hypocritical or puritanical behavior.

44. Unwillingness to discuss the future, as if you are not in it.

45. Desire for open relationships.

46. Arrogant and arrogant behavior.

47. Children from previous relationships, because all this ends badly.

48. A person has a good relationship with an ex, and they are best friends.

49. Eternal criticism when you do everything wrong.

50. Lack of true love.

Why are relationships not working? Either you make mistakes, or you don't know how to pay attention to red flags, which leads to problems. It's time to stop stepping on the usual rake in order to improve your personal life and be happy.