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Why nothing works in life and how to change it?

I read many articles about successful life, tried different ways, went to trainings and got motivated, but nothing changed? Why does nothing work in life? How to realize yourself and achieve your dreams?

"Until you hate your old self, you will not become different." Dmitry Yemets

I read, watched and studied a lot about the right life, but nothing has changed? Usually the reasons for such a situation lie in the fact that we are not doing everything right to the end. We are wrong about the "little things" that have far-reaching consequences. It's not about circumstances, other people, and bad luck.

Why do I nothing works?

1. You do not know how to communicate with people

In the modern world, it is important to be able to establish communication with people. Without the art of communication, it is almost impossible to succeed in life. How many friends and acquaintances do you have? How do you manage to connect with strangers? Are you able to carry on a conversation and like the interlocutor? If you have communication problems, what can you expect? Read books on psychology, learn to listen to people and communicate with them.

2. You haven't started doing anything

Having received new information, we are morally charged, but we don't always do something. The acquired knowledge, information or ideas are not translated into reality. We digest the information, we agree with it, but we live the same life. If you do not change anything in your lifestyle, habits, thoughts and actions, then you will be at the same point. Are you ready to make an effort and do something, and not wait for a miracle? Why does nothing change in life? Have you done enough for this?

3. You don't value time

Social media feed, YouTube, TV, idleness. Too many distractions that prevent you from focusing on business. You're wasting time. Try to count how many hours you spend time on this nonsense. And now you're saying you don't have time? Silly. Stop wasting your time watching cats on the Internet and other nonsense.

4. You are afraid to do something

Get out of your comfort zone, change your lifestyle, do something new and make an effort. All this requires courage when we are used to sitting in a cozy warm place. We are afraid of judgment, gossip and the opinions of others. We are afraid of failure and defeat. As a result, we do nothing or make little effort. Any victory requires some discomfort and risk. As long as you are afraid of this, life will not change for the better.

5. You're wasting your attention

Sometimes we do everything, but we can't get down to what's really important. Stop being distracted by unimportant things. First of all, do something that will really change your life for the better. Don't waste your energy, time and attention. A big goal requires maximum focus on it.

6. You show too little perseverance

Nothing works out? How many times have you tried? The reasons for the victories of the most successful people lie not in luck, but in perseverance. Most people give up after a few attempts. They lose and start feeling sorry for themselves. But winners don't know the word "lost." They get up and then try again and again. Change methods, strategy, plans or goals. More perseverance. Never give up. Only the stubborn and persistent win.

7. You do not believe in yourself

How many times did you start a new life, but gave up everything after a while? You weren't so much lazy as you didn't believe in yourself. You never truly believed that something would work. You did not value yourself and did not consider yourself worthy. Believe in yourself and become more confident. Only then is change possible.

Why does nothing work in life? Are you sure you're putting in enough effort?