Why life gets worse?

What to do in life when nothing works and everything goes badly? How to overcome difficult times and improve life for the better? Why is everything bad and who is to blame?

Everyone around is doing well, except for you. People get married, buy cars, move into new apartments, are happy in relationships, achieve goals, travel a lot, and do whatever they want. But not you. Everything is different with you. Everything is bad with you and it is getting worse and worse. Why does life get worse and also get away from it?

We often don't feel good when things don't go the way you planned. As a result, it seems that life has failed, unlike others. You are a loser and there are no prospects in life. But it's not like that. That's not the point at all.

Reasons for the deterioration of life

Our life consists of many different clusters or puzzles. This is work, personal life, car, apartment, things, hobbies, desires, goals, dreams. We have to get the full picture, otherwise we won't be happy. If we lack one piece or several, then we feel unhappy. Problems in our personal lives or at work can make us depressed.

Soberly assess what you want or what you don't have. Often we worry in vain because of a trifle when the problem is far-fetched. You don't have a cool car, but how much do you need it? Maybe a cheaper analogue is not so bad? Do you want to date a Miss World who has the perfect looks and personality? But how perfect are you? Do you want to have a cool job and do nothing? That doesn't happen. Everything has to be paid for with time and effort.

The absence of several clusters or puzzles is the reason for our longing, but sometimes our life gradually collapses. Instead of improving the situation, things start to get worse and worse. Problems of a personal nature, work, household. When whole groups of clusters fall out of the folded picture, we begin to worry and panic.

You had a relationship, but you broke up. You had a job, but you got fired. You had plans, but they suffered a crushing collapse. There can be many losses. The result is a sense of disaster and hopelessness. Life seems to get worse and worse. We have difficulties that did not exist before. It's the end of the world, which we have no control over. Life collapsed, crushing fragments of our desires.

Why is life getting worse and what to do?

Why does everything in life get worse? You are not doing something that can improve it, or you are doing something completely wrong. You lost your grip and relaxed ahead of time. As a result, the picture of your world is destroyed when the number of clusters of happiness becomes smaller, and there are more holes and shortcomings.

Stop, calm down and stop falling

The most important thing is not to wind yourself up in vain. You are in a position that does not suit you. You are not exactly where you want to be. But this is not a reason to go into depression, or to believe that life is over. Let off steam and slow down. Stop. You're doing something wrong, or you're doing nothing at all.

Your life plan, or lack thereof, is not working as it should. If you fall into a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Think about the situation in which you find yourself

What happened or did not happen to you? What is causing your bad mood? What is the problem or problems? Divide all your frustrations into clusters and think separately. Why are you in this situation and how can you fix it? Why do you feel like life is getting worse? Where did you miss and what did you miscalculate? Carefully and soberly assess the situation in which you find yourself.

Come up with a plan that will work

Nothing in life can be achieved without a worthwhile plan. You will go with the flow, or randomly rush from side to side. All this will not contribute to the resolution of the situation. It's time to use your brains and use their full potential. The plan can be about career, personal life, health, whatever. Make a plan for every part of your life so you don't let things drift.

1. What goals should be set and what benchmarks should be looked at?

2. Where should we move to reverse the course of events to a positive vector?

3. How to achieve what you want in a week, month or year?

4. What exactly can help you in this situation?

5. What needs to be done differently, for positive changes?

6. What do you need to work on every day, devoting your time and energy?

7. What knowledge or experience do you lack?

8. Where to go on a global scale?

9. Do you have the right priorities?

10. Who or what is stopping you, making your dreams unfulfilled?

11. What plan is sure to work and how realistic is it?


12. Do you avoid problems or solve them?

13. Who can help or give advice?

14. What should be learned or experienced?

15. How can you start making a difference today?

Come up with a plan that works. Then you can say that you are working to improve your situation. You yourself create the desired puzzle or cluster. You solve your problems that arose earlier.

Why is life getting worse? You are relaxed or you are not doing what is required. You can sit down on a glass, go into depression or feel sorry for yourself. And you can analyze the situation, and then proceed to correct it.

Why isn't life perfect? She will not be like that, but she can be made quite prosperous and happy. You don't need a lot to be happy, but for that little you need to make some effort. And how much time and effort are you willing to pay for your happiness? For 5 kopecks, for good luck or for free, you will not slip into a happy life.