Why I don't like men?

Disadvantages of men. Men make stupid mistakes. We consider mistakes in the field of communication with girls. Women's view of men's mistakes.

Boiled, sore! No more strength! Men make strange, stupid or unforgivable mistakes that cause resentment. Over and over again they step on the same rake, despite the fact that everyone has almost the same rake... And then one day my friend and I decided that men are sometimes just hard to bear. And even that is impossible. But is it possible not to love them?

We did not begin to divide men by types, starting from the most shy, ending with the arrogant, because even a narcissistic egoist can make a mistake inherent in a modest man, and a quiet one, respectively, play tricks like the last upstart. We consider mistakes in the field of communication with girls, because let the director monitor the mistakes at work. However, we will touch on this area a bit...

Does not fit the dress code.

It is not clear why many men do not look after themselves. According to the degree of neglect, there are different instances: some, out of ignorance, put on white, wrinkled socks with black boots, the latter, due to the lack of cleanliness, do not polish their shoes, and still others can walk without thinking about an umbrella at all in the rain, as a result of which they look quite pathetic.

Doesn't pass face control.

However, the unwillingness to take care of your clothes is not the worst thing. Some manage to walk for a week with a dirty head or overgrow to such an extent that their mother does not recognize. And they don’t care at all that the delicate female skin after a kiss with such a bearded Bigfoot begins to peel off. Individual specimens do not follow the whiteness of their teeth, walk around with crooked teeth or without them at all. And then they cry for a long time or are indignant why the beautiful princesses do not want to have relations with them and accuse them of commercialism, they say, give them cars and apartments. And they don’t want to think that at least a prince is suitable for a princess, and they also don’t want to reach the image of a prince.

Problems with apologies.

There are two types of men who suffer from this problem. So, one of them tirelessly asks for forgiveness for all the sins made and not done. Over time, the value of such frequent apologies is equated to zero. Because one gets the impression that he completely ceases to realize what he is asking for forgiveness for, and begins to believe that his “sorry” can correct any situation. The second type of men, on the contrary, does not know how to admit their mistakes.

Problems with communication and behavior.

"Dirty" speech, rude language, dull topics, inability to keep up the conversation - and this is just a small list of disadvantages associated with communication. Some of them tend not to follow their conversation. Others begin to laugh too loudly and draw the attention of everyone around them, thereby making them blush for themselves. Too active gesticulation also does not have the best effect on communication with girls.

Problems with the distribution of time.

Why can he stay at work for 2 hours, and visiting his mother-in-law for no more than 15 minutes? Why is he ready to wait for friends returning from a party, as long as he wants, and he can remember the delay of his woman more than once? He also doesn't know how to manage his own time.

Feeding problems.

And this is another confirmation of the expression that men are children. Few of them are unpretentious in food. There are those who refuse to eat slightly overcooked or undercooked meals. Yes, it may not taste like a restaurant, because the average woman cooked, not the chef. And her efforts are completely ignored. By the way, few people say “thank you” for a prepared breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, few are able to appreciate your nightly march to the refrigerator at the first request, because at one in the morning he suddenly became hungry.

Intimacy problems.

Let him not know how to read your thoughts, let him have little sexual experience, but he must know the basics. After all, there are friends, girlfriends, the Internet, in the end, books - manuals for seducing women. He does not follow the woman's readiness for sex, forgets about oral sex, does not pay due attention to conversations and compliments, is in too much of a hurry or drags out the process. Get together, dear men, study thoroughly your beloved woman...

We women can only hope that a slob can be changed, an unshaven one shaved, and dirty shoes made to be polished to a shine. Unsociable - to talk, insolvent in bed - to teach all the charms, and, perhaps, continue to love them, because, despite the fact that they are scoundrels, they are able to make us happy.