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Why I don't drink alcohol

A person who plays sports, but at the same time allows himself to drink alcohol, nullifies efforts in the gym. Isn't it time to give it up and radically change your life?

Imagine a person who spends half a day cleaning himself up in a beauty salon, and, when he comes out, voluntarily pours a glass of shit on his perfumed head. And - which is the strangest thing - he would have gone further, not realizing that he had just nullified all the efforts, time, money spent on restoring beauty.

A person who plays sports, but at the same time allows himself to drink alcohol, actually does the same. Alcohol - even in small doses! - nullifies all your efforts in the gym.

First, alcohol is a toxic substance.

If you use it, then your body spends energy not on repairing tissues after training, but on removing toxins.

Without restoration, there can be no progress in building the body. Recovery is just as important as exercise and nutrition.

You can train smartly and regularly, eat right, but if your body does not receive a full recovery, there will be no progress.

Drinking even one serving of alcohol, you direct the forces of the body to get rid of the poison that got into it, and not to restore, which your regularly exercising body needs all the time.

Secondly, alcohol dramatically reduces the amount of testosterone in the blood, the hormone that is responsible for muscle growth, which, in turn, leads to the degradation of muscle tissue.

Third, alcohol always results in dehydration. With a lack of water in the body, muscle growth stops and the process of muscle breakdown starts.

Fourth, alcohol promotes fat formation. Alcohol is high in calories, but it cannot be converted to glycogen. All calories derived from alcohol go to fat.

This is not a complete list of reasons why you should stop drinking alcohol, even in small doses.


1) Single consumption of alcohol in a small dose on the effect on the muscles is tantamount to skipping one workout.

If you train three times a week, drinking once a week a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or a glass of cognac, consider that you are training twice a week. Is the questionable taste of alcohol worth 60-90 minutes of effort in the hall?

2) Drinking alcohol to the point of intoxication is tantamount to missing a week of training. We trained all week, and on Friday we gave in well? Consider not exercising.

3) Regular consumption of alcohol even in small doses (a glass of wine, a bottle of beer every other day) leads to a decrease in muscle growth in 100% of cases.

The Chinese sage Lao Tzu said: "Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." An alcohol-free life begins with an alcohol-free day.

Support the #DayWithout campaign with me. Tell your friends about it. Let the beautiful and useful hashtag #daybez and spread around the world with your help too.

In the comments, tell us about your relationship with alcohol. How much is present in your life? For what purpose, exactly? Isn't it time to give it up?

Author: Lena Miro