Why I am unlucky in life: how to become lucky

The crocodile is not caught, the coconut does not grow? Prayers to God do not help, even though you do not regret tears? Whatever you do, things don't work out? Did your mom give birth to you on a Monday? How many times have you thrown your hands up to the sky in despair and asked: “Well, why am I so unlucky?!”. Perhaps never. Well, then I congratulate you, you are a lucky man. But the majority, and there are indeed many such people, very often face the problem of bad luck, which in fact most often turns out to be just laziness. Let's talk today about the problem of bad luck, consider the reasons why you might not be lucky and what to do about it. Let's try to find ways to cheat fate or tip the scales in our favor and become more successful.

A person who is used to thinking that he is not lucky, most likely, and will be so, and you should well understand this. Is it worth wasting your life on this negativity? Unlikely. Hard? And who is now easy. But it’s better to change your life for the better with a creak than to sit and wait for the weather by the sea.

How to become lucky?

Very often people think that luck is an accident. But in fact, it is influenced by many different factors. We all face a huge number of opportunities every day. And of course, it is not known what will happen if you choose one of the thousands of options. It is very important not to focus on the negative. If you see good things around you, then you will be more likely to become lucky.

Perhaps you have heard sometime how many authors of popular science books and articles advise changing your thinking and developing a new model of a positive outlook on life. If you can’t do it on your own, you can turn to a psychologist or to positive friends. If there are a lot of those around you who see the world more sunny and open, then you will be more comfortable, and maybe even start to get lucky:

1. Pull to yourself many luck options

How to do it? You need to look around more often and be prepared for the fact that life will throw you new opportunities. He will not throw a stone at you, but it will give you a chance to make everything better than it was. Very often people consider themselves unlucky simply because they do not see the opportunities that are open to them. For example, you feel ugly, and at that moment you do not notice that a pretty girl in a bar is trying to flirt with you. Who is to blame? Don't you think that if you were focused on the positive, then you would rather notice that the girl is paying attention to you, right?

By the way, each of us meets a lot of people during our life, and happy meetings happen only to those who try to get positive out of such acquaintances. You can try to change your outlook on life, even if you have a boring business trip ahead of you, for example, you need to introduce your company and get to know employees of another company. You can consider this trip a torment, or you can, on the contrary, be active, get to know each other, and in the end, leave the most positive impression about yourself and not only about yourself, but also about your company, because you are its face at this moment.

2. Try to look at every situation as an opportunity to become happier

Suppose if you have just moved to another country or city, then during your first walk you do not need to shy away from the corners and be afraid of everyone oncoming, as well as with disdain to consider dysfunctional neighborhoods. Try to note the most beautiful thing that you met on the way and smile at passers-by, while trying not to look like a lunatic. The same applies if you entered a new university or took a new job. Connections between people are very important, and it is more profitable for you to make good friends who will help you through life and help you out if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

3. Convince yourself that you are now lucky

After all, our thoughts affect our lives. Therefore, try to act like a person who is constantly lucky. Remember the Jim Carrey movie Always Say Yes? Try to act like the protagonist of this movie. Perhaps you are afraid of too much, and therefore life flies past you. In general, every opportunity should be used to the maximum and when it arises in front of you, try not to worry and be afraid when a new opportunity arises, not to ask yourself: “why am I not lucky”, but to do something that will change your usual scenario.

If you were invited to an interview, and you are used to worrying and shaking, then this time try to behave differently. It's possible that you don't really need this job. Maybe this will relax you, and you will be able to perform more successfully at the interview.

Most likely, some inner voice lives in you, as in all other people, and it warns you in advance and does not allow you to move forward. But more often than not, it's just your cowardice and cheating.


Of course, not all the opportunities you take will be successful, but in general, if you try more, there will be a much greater chance that some of these will play into your hands.

There are many great people who did what they wanted and were not shy about doing it, and this led them to something new and different. If you are open to new things, then perhaps in the future it will greatly affect your life and your question: “why am I not lucky?” will no longer be relevant.

4. Let more new people into your life

Yes, many people are afraid to meet and trust new people, but the fact is that if you have many good acquaintances, then you have more chances not only to move up the career ladder, but also, in principle, to survive in this cruel world. It is known for certain that introverts have much lower rates of luck and luck. If you have few connections, then you have much less chances to become lucky.

Even if you are an introvert and afraid to contact people, then, firstly, you can turn to a psychologist who will help you figure out why this is happening. Secondly, you can meet someone via the Internet, or sign up for some courses or a gym. This will make it easier to find friends for yourself, because you will have one goal. In any case, it is better to try to communicate with those who share your interests.

5. Change your schedule

This is about the daily routine and not only. Have you thought that you are unlucky just because you simply do not have any opportunity to meet someone or do something out of schedule. Try every day or at least once every few days to do something different from what you used to before. This will open the door to various new possibilities, and there will be a chance that you will meet someone or learn something new.

The more free time you have outside of the home, the more chance encounters can happen. Make your life more diverse, and then most likely you will stop asking yourself "why am I not lucky."

At least try cycling to work, and then you'll more or less get used to the variety. Gradual change in your life to increase the chances of good luck.

6. Stop screwing yourself up

More often than not, you yourself are the cause of your bad luck. If you think that everything will be terrible, or everything will be as usual, bad, then most likely it will be. Learn to reflect, and understand what exactly you think and why you think so. If you think that you are not lucky in life, then when something good happens, you may feel uncomfortable. For example, this can often be seen in relationships. Let's say you've had bad relationships all your life, and you just stopped trusting people. By the way, this greatly affects the future of the relationship, and you can even reject good and kind people who treat you with respect and look for those who do not put you in anything.

7. Try to understand well what you are doing and what you are thinking

Let's say, when you met someone, you should not build illusions about his attitude towards you. Let go of your expectations about the new person and let the situation unfold as it goes. If you cheat, then most likely you will not succeed. The thing is, wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Let go of the burden of the past and look at new acquaintances and new people differently.

8. Explain to yourself that you are not a psychic and cannot predict the future

If something in your life surprises you, then try to stop yourself and tell yourself that this is something new and don't beat yourself up about how it will develop. We all love to make our lives easier by creating patterns for ourselves, and we are also constantly looking for some signs in everything that happens. But predicting something negative, you doom yourself to this very negative. After all, you cannot guarantee what kind of work you will have, what this particular acquaintance will result in, and so on. Suddenly it will be something amazing and interesting?

9. Try to be more loyal to yourself

Those people who are called lucky people usually do not jump out of their pants in order to achieve something. If you constantly work in the sweat of your brow, then it is not a fact that you will be lucky. Try to pay more attention to your intuition and do things that spark a clear interest in you. This is much better than sitting and thinking that you are an unlucky person.

There is a song about a cat. Black. Which crosses the road and serves as a harbinger of bad luck. So, if you spend your whole life paying attention to black cats, grandmothers with empty buckets and all other signs that speak of bad luck, then you don’t have to ask why I’m not lucky. After all, negativity is your constant companion.

Why not take good luck by the arm and lead it to the altar of your hopes? Most likely, at first, little will change, but a week or two in this mode, and you will understand that it is really better to live like this. After all, judge for yourself: well, you didn’t get your dream job, they took someone else. The old you, who is unlucky and used to whining about it, would suffer. And the new you must think differently. How? Try to look from the side, as if the refusal of work means that you have a lot of other options in front of you.

What is a "black bar" and does it really happen?

Many people often say that they used to be fine, and then something happened that severely crippled them. They call it a bad luck streak. In general, there is really no bad luck or bad luck. Things just happen and that's it. And how to interpret them is up to us and only us to decide.

Your luck actually lives in you, it's just that you convince yourself that this is not so. Do you know how you can really simplify your life and get rid of this stupid, ruining everything, belief in bad luck?

1. Stop believing in fate

There are no superpowers, divine providence, fate, malefactors and other reasons. Do not be a fatalist who believes that he is not capable of anything at all in order to change something in his life. Most often, such people are religious, all the time trying to atone for sins, wearing amulets for good luck or behaving like obedient rams who complain, but at the same time obey the will of chance.

If we talk about those who consider themselves lucky, then they are absolutely sure that they decide everything in their lives. And if something bad happens, and objectively, they just look at it as an additional experience.

Such people differ from fatalists in that they are ready to do something new every time, change life and do something to improve it. For them, there is simply nothing terrible that sometimes they are unlucky in something. They are looking for ways to have a positive outlook on life.

In fact, they are no more lucky than the rest. It's just a matter of chance. They may or may not be lucky. But they react differently.

If a complete nightmare happens, they do not whine, do not go to friends to suffer and do not complain to everyone. Such people understand that this is a new experience and a good opportunity not to step on the same rake. They are motivated and try to stay afloat despite occasional bad luck.

It may often seem to you that your friend, for example, is a favorite of fate, and you seem to live on the sidelines of life, but this is not so and try to believe in this and understand that everything can change at any moment. For example, now. As they say, you are not a tree and can change, and also the opinion about yourself as a lucky or unlucky person is not programmed at the genetic level. Therefore, change yourself and your attitude to life even now.

2. Whatever you focus on grows luxuriantly inside you

everything will get worse. In the end, you may decide that all the forces of the world are against you and your life is doomed to failure. Needless to say, with these beliefs you are digging a hole for yourself?

Do you know why they talk about a losing streak? You just relax and let life out of your hands. You relax not because you want to get high, but because the forces leave you. Maybe you noticed that after the death of a loved one in all areas everything goes badly because you are not in the mood, depressed and relations with loved ones may worsen, problems at work because you simply do not have time, and even crossing the road, you can be inattentive and all this because you gave your life to chance. Therefore, it is very important, especially if something serious and bad has happened in your life, to quickly get together and concentrate.

You really have control over your attention and can do whatever you want. Not playing Bruce Almighty. Take responsibility for your attention, direct its focus where you need it.

Focus on your successes, never your failures. No need to moan: “Why am I unlucky?”. This is life. You are not an Arab sheik. Evaluate situations objectively, if necessary, take a break. But collect your thoughts as soon as possible and continue to solve problems, live. So you can really achieve what you wanted.

When you want to call yourself an unlucky person again, then think about those who are really unlucky now. About those who do not have a home, about the terminally ill and those who did not survive this year (although they don’t care anymore). Yes, perhaps you don’t need to put pressure on pity and all that, but don’t you think that you simply have nothing else to do, so you cherish your alleged bad luck? Do you think they would consider themselves unlucky if they were you?

Yes, they would go crazy with happiness!

And by the way, try the experiment. If you feel bad and it seems that the whole world is against you, everything is tired and you are not lucky in anything, then try to deprive yourself of any familiar amenities like a comfortable bed or do not buy food for a week or two and eat what is left. It is better, of course, so that there are no temptations, to go camping with a tent. This is useful - and you will calm your nerves and get out of your comfort zone. So do it and after a few days of such an adventure, return to your usual comfort. It is better, of course, that you go on this trip for at least a week. So the effect will be better.

When you get home, you will appreciate how pleasant the amenities are and that you are not such an unlucky person. And if your approach is also dangerous, then you will double appreciate how lucky you really are, since you returned alive and healthy.

By the way, those who are lazy most often like to go in cycles in their bad luck. A person who works from morning to evening simply does not have free time for this kind of reflection. He is busy. Really busy. What bad luck is there when you have a lot of tasks in front of you.

Raising hands to the sky and moaning "why I'm not lucky" once.

Try to start by keeping yourself busy with something that just won't give you time to whine. By the way, very often complaints of bad luck disappear when a person is busy caring for a child. This, of course, most often lies on the shoulders of women, but if you get involved in parenthood, you can also check for yourself what effect employment has.

Sports also help to fight imaginary bad luck. Firstly, you are distracted without having a child for this, which is not bad, and secondly, classes in the gym contribute to the production of endorphins and reduce cortisol levels. Therefore, there will be less stress and more happiness. You are more likely to consider yourself lucky, rather than the other way around. In addition, where there is sports, there is an increase in self-esteem, there are friends of interest - this is already a good help to distract from the negative.

Another way to overcome the tendency to whine about your bad luck is to help people who need help. Yes, I'm talking about volunteering, working in shelters, boarding schools, helping orphanages, hospitals. Visit these places at least once and your tongue will not turn to talk about bad luck. It will just be embarrassing. And if not, then it is very strange.

Try to start now, especially at this time, before the new year, the lack of loved ones, lack of attention, loneliness and everything that saddens so much is so acutely felt. Collect gifts or money and go to these places (it's even better if you take your friends with you). Let this “cheer you up” and you will no longer have the desire to suffer from imaginary bad luck.

By the way, falling in love helps to cure bad luck. If love blooms in your heart, then you will forget about failures. When a person is in love, they cannot be broken. He can not eat for several days, not sleep, and at the same time exist calmly, and even feel happy. Love really inspires. This is the opposite of bad luck. You can even suffer some kind of failure at work, at home, but if you are in love, then there will be no thoughts and assumptions about bad luck, you will forget about the problems as soon as they happen and switch as if by magic. Love really does wonders. If you don't believe, then try to check. The only pity is that you can not fall in love intentionally, this is a spontaneous thing.

Remember, there is no destiny. All life is the result of your choice from many options, seasoned with chance. If your life after accidents has not ended, then only you decide how to look at the situation - negatively or positively.

What to do next? It's your business. But it will be better if you plow on yourself, then luck will soon look at your door. After all, as they say: "Water does not flow under a lying stone."