Why don't plans come true? It's not about the plan, it's about making your dreams come true

Many people wonder about unfulfilled plans and dreams. Why do plans for life not come true and everything goes wrong? Planned plans are destined to come true only if you implement them correctly. A plan is nothing, planning is everything.

Every new year and a certain period of time we start to make plans. But the new life crumbles along with the plan when it fails the test of harsh reality. What's the matter? Why is it easy to fail even when done right? Why are plans ideal only in theory, but not in practice?

Why don't plans come true?

In life, we concentrate only on the initial installations. We believe that having a perfect plan is the panacea for all victories and success. You can start life perfectly: study well, get an excellent education, get a promising job and start a long-term relationship with a good half. Does everything have to be perfect? We are well aware that this does not happen. This is just a theory and an initial plan.

In life, everything does not go so smoothly and not according to the original plan. It is impossible to foresee all the obstacles, difficulties and changes in the situation. It's like driving a car, on the road, to the desired goal. It is important not to decide to reach the goal. It is important to keep an eye on the road and do not lower the steering wheel from your hands. Traffic, weather, track conditions, road signs, pedestrians and other participants. On the road, it is not the plan to get there that is important, but the road itself to the goal and its subsequent continuous adjustment.

What can be done to make the plans come true and become a reality?

Why don't plans come true? The point is that we overestimate initial planning and systematically underestimate the value of adjustments later on. Any ideal plan falls apart and any good relationship falls apart if you rely only on the initial plan.

When we have difficulties and problems, we decide that the original plan was unsuccessful. The plan did not come true and failed, although this is not the case. American general and future US President Dwight Eisenhower said:“Plan is nothing, planning is everything. Any plan becomes obsolete the moment you complete its development. But in the planning process, you and your subordinates acquire one view of the situation and decision criteria, therefore, in a moment of surprise, they will choose the right decision.

General Dwight Eisenhower knew that when he met with enemy troops, his initial plan would become obsolete and would need to be adjusted according to the situation. So it is in life. Remember how many amendments were issued to laws and the constitution. Each plan is only a rough outline of what to do. More important is continuous planning.

Good grades in school and university are only good in theory. But in real life, it is more important to be able to correct your actions than to climb ahead and beat your forehead against the wall. So yesterday's excellent students cannot find a place in life, and more flexible three students become successful.

How to keep a diary so that plans come true? Write down in it not only a plan, but also changes in actions and a new strategy. The plan is a sketch.

Whom to pray for the planned plans to come true? Invocations to God are good, but what is more important is what you do before and after. What is needed is not an initial plan, but an adjusted plan and work on it.

Why don't plans for life come true? A plan is nothing, planning is everything. Or rather, your plan is normal, but not only that is important. Only by constant corrections and very fine adjustments can the goal be achieved.

And may all your plans and dreams come true…