Why doesn't it work out? What to do in order to succeed?

Why doesn't everything that we want so badly come true? Why did the new life started on Monday not bring the expected results? Why is it not possible to carry out the plan?

“You can say that you have bad genetics, bad metabolism, or you can just get your ass off the couch and start working on yourself, set a goal and believe in yourself. In this case, you will definitely succeed.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Why doesn't it work?

There is a proverb: “The strongest chain is not stronger than its weakest link.” There are many reasons for the defeat, but each has its own set of obstacles that prevented them. Every person has weaknesses that do not give him the opportunity to realize himself. Identify your personal weaknesses that should be dealt with first.

  • Weak motivation
  • Lack of knowledge and skills
  • Randomness of actions
  • Lack of discipline
  • Failure to learn lessons
  • Environment interferes
  • Weakness, laziness and lack of perseverance
  • Resistance of other people and factors
  • Unwillingness to work at a long distance
  • Pulling back environment, friends or family
  • Unwillingness to work long distances
  • Lack of real faith in oneself
  • Fear of risk and love of comfort

What to do to did the job work out?

In most cases, we have a certain plan of action, tasks and plans. But knowing what needs to be done, we begin sabotage and make small indulgences to ourselves. We decide to fulfill today's plan not by 100%, but only by 80-90%.

So we get distracted by 1000 other things. Such distraction from the goal begins to corrupt us day by day. We gradually lose our productivity up to 70%, 50%, 30%, 20%, 10%. The speed of progress becomes very slow, so that the results are not visible. We gradually give up, give up and lose faith in ourselves. Soon we discover that the plan did not work out. Again defeat.

The most important rule for achieving goals is to do everything 100%. You cannot do 99% and hope for a positive result. Only 100%.

  • Decided to run a 5 km jog? So you need to run 5 km.
  • Thinking of learning a foreign language 3 times a week? So 3 times is a must.
  • Do you dream of being a YouTube blogger? Release a video every week.
  • I planned to do sports 2 times a week, so do it 2 times.
  • I decided that you only drink beer once a week, which means only 1 time and no more than 1 bottle.
  • I decided not to eat flour at all, so don’t eat at all. Not even one piece.
  • Do you want to read every day for 30 minutes? So you read every day for at least 30 minutes.
  • Do you self-educate 1 hour a day? You have to practice for at least an hour.

Doesn't work out as planned? Always follow the 100% rule. Always do your minimum, but you can do 150% or even 200% of your plan. Do your best to make your dreams come true.

But do not think that you will have to give up everything interesting. Always leave yourself time for rest and entertainment. Reward yourself for perseverance and success.

Good goals require considerable effort. Dreams can only be fulfilled by getting rid of your weaknesses and fulfilling 100% of what was planned. No other way. Either you are moving at 100% speed towards your dream, or you are sitting in the ass.