Why does the member not get up or is it bad? Causes of problems in sex and how to fix it

It's all about having sex with a pretty girl, but your dick betrays at the most inopportune moment? Why does the penis not stand up or stand poorly, and the erection is weak? How to have an iron boner and an erection?

Approximately half of men face some kind of problems in the intimate sphere. Doctors call these cases erectile dysfunction. But this is not "impotence", which means the complete impossibility of sexual intercourse. Why does erectile dysfunction appear? There can be many reasons, but we will outline the main difficulties that lead to the fact that the penis does not get up or is not firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Why does the penis not stand up or stand poorly?

1. Fatigue and overwork do not allow the member to get up

The main cause of problems in bed is the physical condition of the man. A man does not stand because of severe fatigue, overwork, poor health, low testosterone levels and a sedentary lifestyle. The man is not a robot and his body is tired, causing the penis to malfunction. But it's all fixable.

How to make an erection strong? A man should start to lead a healthier and more athletic lifestyle. Give up bad habits, alcohol and cigarettes. Start eating healthier and more nutritious. Sleep and get more rest. That is why in the morning you have a boner. A good way to deal with a weak erection is sports. Start running, exercising and going to the gym. In a month, all these actions will improve well-being, increase testosterone levels and a member.

2. Stress and psychological problems drop the penis

that could be habituation. In this case, you need more sexual diversity and ugliness, and you also need the advice of a sex therapist.

Stress and depression are often debilitating. They interfere with a full sexual life, creating a new problem in bed. A man is pressed by problems and it is difficult for him to tune in to enjoyment.

In addition to stress, a man can be tormented by psychological problems. Anything can lie at their root: an unsuccessful sexual experience, natural tightness, resentment of the past, complexes received, emotional upheavals.

As a result of psychological problems, a man cannot have sex. A member does not get up, an erection disappears periodically, or at the most inopportune moment, everything ends before it starts.

What to do if a member does not get up for psychological reasons? A man should contact a specialist who will help with this problem. A sex therapist or urologist will help him cope with the difficulties and return sex.

3. Health problems deprive a normal erection

Sometimes a health problem is at the root of the problems. A man has a hormonal imbalance, vascular disease, pressure problems, low testosterone, heart disease and other health problems. A sick body does not allow normal sex. The member does not rise at all or a very weak erection. A man should immediately contact a urologist and undergo an examination. A timely visit to the doctor will allow you to identify problems at an early stage and cure them. This will return the opportunity to fully engage in sex.

If a member does not get up or stands poorly, then one should immediately look for the causes, and then eliminate them. This will return sex and a powerful erection.