Why do you want sex?

What are sexual desires or why do you want sex? Sexual desire and sexual fantasies of men and women. Sexual desire and sexual fantasies.

First, we must define what sexual desire is and how it differs from sexual fantasy.

Sexual desire is a potential sexual relationship that most often does not happen due to the lack of our desire. For example, unimaginable sex with an incredible beauty, the daughter of some foreign millionaire is not possible at all because of its impossibility. It is enough to become a billionaire, and there are many examples of this, and then sleep with all the daughters whose parents are even millionaires, even billionaires, even presidents... Do you understand what I mean?

As far as sexual fantasies are concerned, they are mostly unfulfillable because they are unrealistic or physically impossible. Agree, where the girl will take a centaur, so that the genitals are horse, and everything else belongs to some handsome man, besides not gay? It is clear that quite feasible fantasies come across, but this is closer to sexual desires. So fantasies are a superstructure, and desires are a basis. In childhood, at first, it is the tops that go, because no one is familiar with the roots yet, but in old age both men and women have what happens in sex, but they draw in their imagination, it’s not clear what.

If the topic of desires and fantasies in terms of sex is drawn in the form of some kind of graph, they will turn out on it in the form of lines with many descents and ascents, sharp and smooth hyperbolas, parabolas and those many terms from algebra that I already quite forgotten for all these years after school. The X axis in this case will show our life, and the Y axis will show the ups and downs of our libido, respectively. For some, these lines of desires and fantasies are above average, which means their concern and sexual development, for someone it is lower and it all comes down to banal sex without all sorts of frills, but basically a person has a golden mean, although it can shift with age anywhere. The higher the sexual constitution, the higher the bursts of sexual desires, the higher the education, the higher the bursts of sexual fantasies, but this is my personal opinion. In real life, we are all driven by completely different forces, so desires breed where there are opportunities, and fantasies where these opportunities are not, and the brain independently forms sexual realizations, often bringing the body to complete satisfaction (pollutation). Now let's talk about these very desires in more detail, especially since everyone wants to know how advanced or advanced they are in this topic.

About sexual desires.

Whatever one may say, every person throughout his life one way or another appears or manifests sexual desires and they are limited only by his complexes. Indeed, the vast majority of men and women only do what they do with the surrounding reality to their sexual inclinations and nothing else. When people tell me that I am exaggerating, subordinating the passage of time to my base desires, I always propose to name at least one of the high ones. The interlocutor or interlocutor immediately wrinkle their forehead and pubis and name easily accessible concepts such as love, family, faith in God, and in descending order. Sometimes it gives me pleasure to discuss this issue, driving the opponent not just beyond Mozhaisk, but to hell. See how easy it is to do. You take, for example, the constituent parts of love, of which there is an incredible amount, for whoever has not sung about them in this life. Among them, sex seems to be lost in its lowness and can not be taken seriously. I always keep quiet in such conversations until there is a lull in the verbiage of the interlocutor, and only then I offer my arguments. Now you will understand why I am sure that sex always comes first, although it is not fundamental.

There is such a form of acquaintance as correspondence, well, such as all sorts of marriage offices, sites on the Internet, agencies and other crap, up to prostitutes on the phone in the sense of sex, not talking about sex. Before people move on to a serious relationship, they can correspond for a long time, “chat” on the network, spend money on negotiations and even meet, but the bed will definitely be the decisive weight on the scales and, of course, not for sleeping. I like poems on this topic - short, but in their capacity, easily absorbing everything that will be discussed. When should you recite them, at the beginning or at the end? Come on at the end. What won't be interesting? As you wish: "Why love, why suffer, since all paths lead to bed... Isn't it better to start from bed right away...". Good words, you read, and the nature is immediately filled with blood, because precisely those desires appear that have to be restrained in connection with the beginning of the working day. This morning I was talking with a friend, - I answered her question about the small pride of the Slavs. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the Slavs do not respect themselves, and therefore those around them treat them condescendingly at best. The reason, and I think she caught up with it, is the lack of activity of our women in satisfying male sexual desires.

Now you are laughing without even thinking about the roots of this conclusion, and in fact the majority does the same, nevertheless, there is still a sense in this. Imagine morning. Frost and sun - the day is beautiful... You sleep, clinging to her body, but, chu... - an alarm clock, a bastard, a reptile... A familiar beginning of the day, isn't it? For most, the day starts like this, and only “distracted sex” can brighten it up. How, you don't know what "distracted sex" is? It doesn't matter, I'll explain briefly. So, with distracted sex, both partners from the very beginning know that nothing shines for them, so the goal of sex is not to get satisfaction and relaxation, but, on the contrary, to set yourself up for the upcoming sexual evening. Morning freshness, complemented by some sexual jitters, like nothing else stimulates the nervous system in the right direction. Weekend mornings look completely different just because you don't have to go to work, but what does that have to do with sex? That's right, it turns out that sex sets the pace of our lives and makes a person who he is, and everything else is attached.

I remember that in the last century it was fashionable to scold the bourgeois for the freedom of their sexual thought, the lack of hypocrisy, the loss of morality... - are we not now trying to catch up? It is possible to think productively only when these very thoughts are free from the desires of the body.

It turns out that unfulfilled sexual desires can hinder the development of an individual, complexes give rise to his self-doubt, and this is self-digging, self-abasement - who will respect such a person and reckon with him? There really was no sex in the Fatherland, and there is no now, because at first reality did not coincide with desires, and now it’s the other way around. We dig longer than others, not daring to emerge to the surface.

At what time do sexual desires appear.

I don't know about you, but most children experience unconscious sexual desires almost from birth. Why doesn't anyone know about this? And how, in your opinion, a child, not being able to speak and not understanding what it is, could describe such thoughts and feelings? Here you are, stretching in the morning, regardless of mood and sexual status, what do you experience? Right. What is the difference between a child and an adult in this situation? Accumulating from day to day, these very desires easily form a child's worldview, which is why adolescents easily succumb to sexual addiction, and in a wider range than adults. Society does not allow educating teenagers in this area, considering such information to be superfluous in the early stages of development, but not everyone thinks so, I'm talking about pedophiles. Knowing the desire of young people to join the adult bed life at any cost, perverts provide them with such an opportunity, regardless of the age limit and general censure. Naturally, this is monstrous, but the blame for creating such situations lies with the whole society, not only with sexual perverts who cannot resist their conscious or unconscious sexual desires. Along the way, every chela has to experience a lot of unfulfilled sexual desires during their conscious life, and I want to note that the process of accumulation is critical and every time it turns into something that does not meet the general requirements.

Look around, how many insecure people do you see? That's right, the crowd, but it all starts in childhood. There comes a desire to get to know the opposite sex better - it was not there. There was a need to release sexual energy through masturbation - God forbid anyone finds out about this - they will laugh, secretly hoping that no one will catch them doing this activity. And if any BDSM-zoo-pedo-geronto-thoughts flash in your head, turn off the light in general. A lot of things are condemned by society not on the case, but we must pay tribute: the attitude towards sex has moved for the better, albeit at a speed that is lame on all four legs of a turtle. But all you need to do is separate unrealistic desires from conditionally possible ones. I agree that sex in kindergarten is outrageous, even if children are engaged in imitation of sexual acts quite meaningfully. And oral sex in elementary school is also out of the ordinary for me, although it is a common thing these days. It is clear that there are no statistics on this matter, who wants to wash dirty linen in public, even if it does not concern you personally, but the advancement of young people in their sexual desires is obvious. You can stop the process, but in the old days they chopped off the hands of onanists, burned the wives who gave horns, shot homosexuals... - but what's the point, desires not only did not disappear, but also bred despite all the persecutions. The crowd seeks to realize their desires without going into details, and this is fraught. Look around and you will understand everything without further explanation.

At my age, having sex at thirteen was considered as outrageous as a record for early sexual development can be. In the new century, this is a common practice, and for both sexes, which is even more surprising. Yes, acceleration and daughters overtake mothers, sons of folders and you can’t get away from it, but the concepts by which society develops are still unshakable. A passport, then, at fourteen, marriage after eighteen, and thoughts about all this only after marriage. I know that the age limit has been shifted, but unfulfilled sexual desires have not become less because of this, but the number of children-refuseniks and nervously ill adolescents has clearly increased, judging by the reports that mention sexual maniacs. Why? And who teaches us competent sex? Who teaches to distinguish fulfilled sexual desires from unfulfilled ones? There is no such item, and if it does, it will turn out to be incomprehensible. Complexes in sex exist for everyone and teachers are no exception. Independent fulfillment of sexual desires is a good thing, but not always safe. So, the desires came according to the schedule, their implementation has been postponed indefinitely, and no one knows what to do in this case.

It is good or bad to desire your neighbor.

From the moment they identify themselves by gender, adolescents desire partner sex, regardless of all warnings. The desire for it is clear even to hedgehogs: everyone wants exactly it, and many are not driven at all by the global goal of reproducing offspring, considering the buzz received is more important. I would like to challenge such a thesis, but how can you blame the truth? People are selfish and most often think about themselves, especially when it comes to sex. I believe that the main consumer of pleasure should be considered a reasonable person, that is, an ordinary homo sapiens, although unreasonable individuals also want, and do not hide their desires, unlike most reasonable ones. Such desire is nevertheless limited, and both from below and from above it is determined by age, and from the sides - by complexes and prejudices. At the end of my life, I can agree that the physical resources of the body are not endless, and sooner or later it will die, like that old horse at the finish line, but such a death of physiology does not at all put an end to our sexual desires. Even on their deathbed, in a fit of repentance, some think vulgarly, which is attributed to senile insanity.

Some believe that sex apart from family relationships is not entirely moral, others are not inclined to consider it apart from love relationships, still others date it to a certain age from which it should begin, fourth - to certain forms of implementation, excluding deviations. I do not agree with either one or the other, neither with the third, nor with the fourth, and even with the fifth I will not agree when they appear. The fact is that observing all the established rules and restrictions with sexual desires, you will have to fight all your sexual life, and after it you will bitterly regret all the lost pleasures. And what, in his youth he did not give free will to desires - age did not allow, in mature years - his wife did not allow, and in old age - there is simply no one with whom. It sounds ridiculous if crippled human destinies were not behind this.

Our sexual desires.

As for the desire for sex with near and far, most people really like this thing. Whoever, for some reason, excluded himself from the crowd, is forced to devote his whole life to the struggle with his flesh, and this must be recognized as a very hard work. Desire is always determined by desire, that is, a person wanted something, and if a thought does not leave the working memory, it automatically becomes a desire. Yes, all these desires, desires, dreams, fantasies are the links of one chain, however, everything is realized or not realized in different ways. Wants and desires are base, dreams and fantasies about sex are also base, but, ultimately, after a long phase of sublimity. I can, of course, be mistaken, but the engine of all this is initially sex, even if no one advertises it. Our thoughts about sex live in a cage, from where we release them most often under cover of darkness, fearing that someone will notice, appreciate, condemn them... - we are walking complexes and all our intimate desires sometimes remain with us until the end of our lives. It is unlikely that anyone will believe, but all wars, revolutions and great discoveries are the result of unfulfilled sexual desires. Dig into history, put yourself in the place of those people and you will understand how right I am. Yes, the sublimation of desires can lead to the pinnacle of glory, but imagine where their openness and realization can lead you...