Why do you need a wife?

Have you thought about why a real man needs a wife? So that he wouldn’t go crazy with happiness without her? Or maybe wives make men stronger and better? Complex issue.

How many times have you questioned the institution of marriage and the very existence of a wife? Times are changing and gender relations are changing. More recently, marriage was obligatory for relationships, and the bed before the registry office was considered prohibited.

But times, like manners, have changed. To cling to something outdated only later, why did they do it before? But after all, they used to light the room with a torch, walked in bast shoes, rode a horse and belonged to the master. But life changes all the time.

Why does a real man need a wife in the 21st century? That's just women and moralists do not need to be offended right away. Let's consider having a wife versus single life. What are the pros and cons?

1. Wife and sex life

Why do we need a wife? For regular sex! What does a wife give in bed that the ordinary life of a single man and his girlfriend cannot give? Is sex hard to get? Women sometimes say that men sleep with those who give them, and women sleep with those they want. But don't be deceived. Men also sleep with whoever they want. No man will go to bed with a woman who is unpleasant to him. And sex gives every second woman, and even every first.

Sex has become available, of high quality and variety, when girlfriends never have a headache. The wife, on the contrary, often does not give, is busy, tired, or another 1000 reasons for excuses.

It is not necessary to say that marital debt is becoming more of a duty, because this is already clear. Sex in marriage becomes more monotonous, worse and more boring than just sex in a single life. In a single life, girls are different, and novelty and diversity work wonders. Remember what sex you had at the beginning of your acquaintance. That's it!

2. Wife and care

Why does a man need a wife? By marrying, a man will receive care, affection, attention and warmth? Will the wife take care of her husband, create comfort for him and surround him with feminine warmth? In theory and in Hollywood movies, yes, but in real life it will be a little different. I hate to disappoint you, but married life looks very different.

  • Why are you lying on the couch?
  • Why didn't you do it?
  • Go to the store!
  • Why do you earn little?
  • Let's go there now!

Are you saying that it will be completely different for you? All this is naivety when myths about marriage are shattered by harsh reality. Worries, like peace, you can not see. You will not do what you want and dream.

3. Wife and household

Why does a man need a wife? Run a household? This is not about the economy, about which it was in the first paragraph. A woman runs the house, does the laundry, cleans, cooks, vacuums? Everything rests on it, otherwise the man will turn back into a Neanderthal? Doubtful.

Let's look at the order in the house from the side of a single man. There are no problems to cook with modern electrical equipment and products in the store. Turn on the washing machine, clean up and use the vacuum cleaner (robot vacuum cleaner)? These are all simple activities that take more words than deeds.

4. Wife and money

Many men give their entire salary to their wife, as if paying tribute to the Tatar-Mongol yoke. But this is not your mistress and not the queen. Do you think that a woman will understand better how to spend your money, otherwise you are stupid? Everyone chooses for himself.

Think about how much money you spend on yourself and how much money your wife spends on herself. A wife always wants to buy herself a new pair of shoes, a blouse and a thousand other little things. A man spends on himself a minimum and much less than he earns. But if the husband tries to hint at a new phone or something else, he will hear a bunch of words that he is a spender and a bunch of other unpleasant expressions.

Your wife will take money from you, and whoever has the money-box is the leader in the relationship. Although in modern relationships, quite often men manage money on their own. This is definitely progress.


5. Wife and success

A man works, works hard, minds his own business and achieves his goals. Then he becomes successful, and from behind a woman's voice is suddenly heard that this is her merit. Class! Women are very fond of rewriting men's merits and achievements for themselves.

Very often wives talk about how they make men successful. It seemed like a strong woman was standing behind him. But I would like to hear how exactly they help to become successful. The woman will say that she cooked, washed and cleaned. However, usually the woman was more whiny about something and complained that she was not being paid attention. The wife wanted a new fur coat, took out her brains, took away her strength and prevented the man from achieving his goal.

Women like to turn everything upside down. Often the wives of successful men talk about their necks. Wherever the head turns, the man will look there. But it is worth remembering biology. It is the brain that decides where to turn the head. It is the brain that points to the neck, and not vice versa. If a man succeeds, then rather despite the interference of his wife.

6. Wife and happiness

They say that a wife makes a man happy. But is it? The wife will rather try to become happy herself, and not make you happy. You owe this, owe this, and further down the list of women's desires. Entertain, surprise, pay, court, give, please, support, protect, help, caress, seduce, don't upset, comfort, be romantic, sacrifice yourself and act like a man. And the woman? And she? Ask her. You'll hear that she doesn't owe anyone anything!

7. Wife and freedom

Your wife will not let you meet with friends, devote time to hobbies, do something pleasant. You will be limited in everything and given instructions on what to do. You don't belong to yourself. And this is exactly freedom and a happy life? Doubtful.

All his life a man must be real and at the same time he is obliged to a woman. If you counted on equality and the fact that a woman would make you happy, then you will be deeply disappointed. You should make your wife happy, not she you. Where we went wrong in the relationship between men and women, I don’t even know.

Do you know why a real man needs a wife? I think that the best and most accurate answer to this question is the expression: “So that he doesn’t go crazy with happiness without her.”

But, what are the advantages of marriage? They say that love, children and family make life full. It is possible that this is so. Here you can paint pretty much, but a lot has already been written about this before, and therefore we will leave it for independent study. Everyone chooses for himself, but the question remains still open. Why do you need a wife? The question is difficult...