Why do you have to be bad

We all fall into our own personal hell if we try to be good. But as soon as we give up on trying to be better, more correct and more ideal, then everything turns out fine. Why is it better to be bad? Why do you have to be bad right now?

The bad guys aren't taken advantage of

Being a good guy is fun until others start taking advantage of it. Do that, help there, lend money and similar strains. You will be asked to do something. It will be at the beginning. And then they start demanding what you used to do. This is how you become a slave to other people. Try to take advantage of the bad guy. He will send all the insolent nafig. Do not let me ride you, you have your own affairs, dreams and plans.

Bad people are respected

You can't tease a lion, but you can easily kick a kitten. If you are good, then you can be treated as you please. You can be rude, push, run into. But they try not to touch the bad guy - it’s more expensive for themselves. As soon as you turn from a kind mattress into a bad guy, the respect of others increases. The bad ones are ignored and respected, while the good ones are offended and despised.

A bad guy doesn't give anything away for nothing.

A bad guy doesn't give or give anything away for nothing. The girl is acting disgusting and you need to cajole her with gifts? This does not work. Good behavior should be rewarded, not bad behavior. Do not give gifts, but reward certain positive actions. This applies not only to your passion, but also to other people.

Girls love bad boys

A girl does not respect a man who is weaker than her. A strong man has his own priorities. He does not allow the girl to lead him astray or engage in nonsense. Girls love bad guys because of their inner core. Which do not allow the girl to become the head of the relationship. All girls secretly want to obey a stronger male.

The bad guy is free to act

The bad guy can be himself. He doesn't try to impress others or play someone else's role. He does not rush about in front of the girls, but looks at them as a source of entertainment, pleasure and fun. The bad one is free in words and actions. He does not need to maintain the image of a noble knight or live up to the expectations of others. This is real freedom.

I have become bad for a long time. Are you still trying to be good?