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Why do girls moan during sex: female moans during sex

During sex, girls always moan in movies, TV series and other films, but in reality they are not sometimes silent, which puts men in a difficult position. Do all women moan loudly during intercourse? Is it necessary for a girl to moan in bed? Can there be a real orgasm without the girl's loud moans? Why do women moan as if they are in Valhalla, or are they silent?

All girls and women behave differently in bed. Some are silent like partisans, others moan easily, others moan loudly, and still others even scream. What causes the girl's behavior in bed? Most women moan during sex, but why do they do it and what do female moans in bed say?

Why do girls moan during sex?

When you fry her, does the girl make noises, moans or even screams? The reasons for moaning girls during sex can be different, and often there are several of them at once. Women use moans subconsciously, intuitively or on purpose.

1. Women moan with pleasure

Sometimes women get such pleasure in bed that moans come naturally and naturally. Emotions and sensations take over a woman, that she gives herself entirely to the will of sensations. The girl is close to euphoria and orgasm, and therefore cannot control herself and her emotions.

2. A girl helps herself with moans

Why does a girl moan loudly when you have her? The girl uses moans to get herself more excited, increase the power of orgasm and bring herself to the finish line. A woman moans during sex, playing along with herself, as if stimulating the clitoris. So it is more familiar and better for her, and the chances of a female orgasm are much higher.

3. Women moan to imitate the passion of their nature

In movies, TV series and films for adults, we see women who moan very loudly or even scream. Accordingly, many men are waiting for this, and women do not want to disappoint. They begin to moan so that they are not considered frigid and cold, and also to please a man more. Why do girls moan during sex? All men love passionate women, and therefore they try to show themselves to be just such a nymphomaniac and a passionate female who loves sex.

4. Girls moan to control sex

Why do women moan during sex? These are more experienced mistresses who know the rules of the game in bed well. Men can not always understand what women like best in bed. Therefore, women begin to give clues with sounds and moans to indicate the right direction of orgasm. It's like a game of "hot-cold", where a woman regulates the fidelity of male efforts with groans. If you do it right, choose the right actions and set the right rhythm, then she will moan louder. The more you do it right, the louder and more passionate it is. This unspoken rule is quite convenient and has a good effect on the quality of sex between you.

5. The girl moans for the sake of a stronger arousal of the man

Men are not always in shape or the erection is too weak. In this case, the woman begins to moan in the man's ear in order to turn him on and excite him more. It's like doping, because men love moaning women. With groans, a woman helps a man finish faster so that he reaches the peak of arousal and passion, and then ejaculates strongly. So many girls finish the protracted process faster, or lend a helping hand to the male orgasm.

6. The girl feels pain on the verge of pleasure

Sometimes women feel pain from sexual intercourse, but not always stop a man. Sometimes the pain in sex is at the same time not very pleasant, but, on the other hand, very sweet. As a result, a woman moans in bed at the same time from a mixture of pain and pleasure. A woman does not stop a man, but simply moans and gets high from a little brutal sex.

7. The girl emotionally supports the man

Women like to moan not only for the sake of themselves, but also for the sake of the man. With moans, a woman achieves different goals, but often uses them to encourage a man and increase his self-esteem. Crazy moans and even screams are acting to make a man feel like a real male and lover in bed. When a girl imitated moans well, a man perceives this as his merit and is more satisfied in a relationship. If a man tries and makes a woman pleasant, then why shouldn't she reciprocate and moan?

8. A girl moans out of habit

Should a woman moan during sex? Often girls decide that moaning during sex is more correct. As a result, they moan out of habit throughout their conscious intimate life, considering it more true. What kind of sex can be called good if there is no musical and sweet accompaniment? Therefore, the woman moans languidly, surrendering to the man.

9. A girl wants to pay for moans

Sometimes women moan and scream very actively so that men are more satisfied and supportive after sex. When a man has proved that he is a male, he is more kind and generous. A girl can ask herself to buy a new phone, clothes or money for something. The girl moans trying to pay for the fact that she will spend some of your money. Fair enough, but not particularly pleasant to realize it.

10. A girl screams loudly in bed because of her physiology

Many girls cannot control themselves in sex, and therefore they scream very loudly. Sometimes a girl's pressure jumps during sex, that you lay her ears. As a result, girls do not hear their real volume during sex. But this is normal if her loud moans do not bother her.

Why doesn't a girl moan during sex?

Many girls do not moan at all during intercourse, or do it very quietly and modestly. Men immediately begin to look for the reasons for her silence in themselves, because most of their ex moaned so that even the neighbors went out to smoke.

Doubts about their own professionalism are met even by the best lovers. The man begins to think. Do all girls moan during intercourse or is it a game? Do all women scream during good sex and remain silent during bad sex? Maybe a girl does not like sex, since she is silent and does not show signs of passion?

1. The girl does not moan in bed because of temperament

Not all girls have a Spanish or passionate character that are ready to make a lot of noise. The girl is not hot enough for such an expression of her emotions and feelings, and therefore silently has sex. Does this mean that the girl does not get high from sex? No, she just has a slightly different temperament and knows how to get pleasure even in silence.

2. The girl does not moan, because there is no real pleasure from sex

A woman may not like sex, and therefore she does not moan during sex and lies silently. You rushed with foreplay, you don't know her erogenous points too well, you don't try hard enough, or you're in dubious fitness. The girl does not moan, because there is no reason, pleasure and hints of an orgasm. What if the girls don't moan and get bored during sex? It is better to try, because this is a bad sign. Otherwise, there may be someone who will bring her to groans and orgasm.

3. The girl does not moan, but concentrates on sensations

Sometimes girls want to concentrate on what they feel and how they feel. The girl does not want to be distracted by moans, because it knocks her down and distracts from sex. A woman concentrates on the climax and waits for an orgasm, and therefore she does not need moans.

4. The girl does not moan because of modesty

Many girls have a modest character. They are embarrassed by the reaction of the man to their side, and therefore they are silent. Often girls are embarrassed by the environment where they have sex. Suddenly, neighbors, parents, children or people who may be nearby will hear moans? Therefore, girls are modest, preferring to remain silent or moan very quietly.

5. The girl does not want to pretend and fake moaning

Sometimes girls are afraid that men will think that they are faking an orgasm. For this reason, they are more often silent than moaning. Such a girl will not hold back her moans if she really wants to. She just listens to the sensations and if she does not experience strong emotions, then she will not imitate with groans.

6. The girl does not feel intimacy

You have recently met, you have a weak emotional connection or you have not worked together in bed until full contact. Over time, girls open up more in bed, allow themselves to lead more viciously, decide on experiments and moan more loudly. You need time to bond and get used to it. Then you'll see a real bad girl.

7. The girl does not moan, because she has no time for sex

Sometimes a girl may have everyday problems that distract her from intimacy. The girl might have moaned if she could surrender to the will of sensations, but she cannot. She is worried about some difficulties, problems or affairs. First you need to deal with them, and only then expect good sex and moans.

8. A woman is offended or angry at you

Does your wife moan during sex? The reason can be quite banal when she is just offended or annoyed. You managed to get under her dressing gown, but you did not manage to solve emotional problems. Therefore, sex will be like a fight between enemies, where there is no love, tenderness and moans.

9. The girl has problems with physiology

Is it necessary for a girl to moan during sex? Sometimes she is hindered by some gynecological problems, discomfort, dryness or unpleasant painful sensations during sex. In this case, you need to visit a gynecologist or sexologist, or buy more lubricant in an intimate store.

10. The girl does not moan because of fatigue

The girl is simply tired for good sex. She gave you her appetizing body, and then spin as you want. Get yourself an orgasm by the force of friction, but she does not participate in this. In such a situation, part of the household duties should be removed from the girl, or a rest should be arranged. It is said that girls are most passionate when traveling to Paris or when relaxing at sea. Although there still plays the role of some gratitude for the rest, when the girl pays for the trip with amazing sex with sounds and other special effects.

11. A woman doesn't moan because she's a log

Not all girls are passionate and love sex. Some girls are asexual and more like a doll or a log in the forest than a woman. Here, no matter what kind of "knot" you have, you will not be able to bring the log to an orgasm or groans. Here, rather, you can just enjoy yourself, and score on a log. If a log girl moans, then it is useless, and sometimes even funny. It is better to find yourself a girlfriend who will have more passion, because this will make your intimate life richer and brighter.

Why do girls moan during sex? Women's moans, during sex, can talk about different reasons for her behavior. But it's usually better when a girl moans sincerely. After all, it removes the most unpleasant variants of her or your problems.

However, it is better to look at whether a girl imitates an orgasm and how satisfied a woman is with an intimate life. If a woman is happy with sex, does it really matter if she moans loudly or finishes silently? All good sex!