Why do girls like clitoral orgasms more

Discussion of sexual pleasure is not taboo now. Let's talk about clitoral orgasm. Not all girls need penis insertion in order to get an orgasm.

Why do girls prefer clitoral orgasms? In our time, the discussion of obtaining sexual pleasure is not a taboo, but if a girl does not need vaginal stimulation, it seems strange to many. However, not everyone needs a penis insertion in order to have an orgasm.

Recent studies have shown that women who bring themselves to orgasm through clitoral stimulation have better control over their sexual desires.

The study included a large number of women of various ages, and they were asked questions regarding sexual life and ways to achieve orgasm. Films with erotic scenes were also shown, and surveys were conducted about how they felt while watching such films. They were also asked to write down in detail the emotions they experienced.

Many women have admitted to experiencing orgasm when stimulating the clitoris at the same time as inserting the penis into the vagina. Simultaneous stimulation of all points of pleasure, allowed the majority of respondents to give a description of the brightest and longest orgasm.

Women who prefer clitoral orgasm have been found to be better able to control their sexual appetite. It is not difficult for them to achieve orgasm without a partner, and they are better at controlling emotions.