Why are you unlucky with girls, in love and sex? How to improve your personal life?

Life is such that many people are single and others are unhappy in relationships. Why is it so hard with girls, finding mutual love and good relationships? Why are you unlucky with girls, in love and sex, and how to fix it?

The main problem of relationships is that we do not think with our heads, but succumb to love, lust, desires and passions. And then we sit with a broken heart and worry. How to establish a personal life?

Why are you unlucky with girls, in love and sex?

1. Unsuitable relationships and a girl

There are girls that you should not have met at all on your life path, but fate decreed otherwise. The girl met with someone else at the same time, she was not ready for a relationship, the wind was walking in her head, she was mired in depression or was looking for a prince in a white limousine. You're wasting too much energy, time, money, and effort on unrewarding relationships. Forget such a girl, like a bad dream. This prevents you from finding a new good girlfriend and happiness in love.

2. Change the type pattern of a girl

What type of ideal girl do you have? Long-legged glamorous blonde with a third breast size? Now remember all the relationships that you had with such girls. How did they all end? Open your eyes wider and pay attention to different girls who are not like your ideal. There are a lot of wonderful and great girls around, you just have to stop looking through broken templates. Throw away the girl type template and try something new.

3. Stopping to sleep with all the girls in a row

Many girls have become too accessible that they easily give their body for sexual pleasures. If you only listen to a member and are mired in debauchery, then it's hard to stop. Many men passed this stage, jumping from bunk to bunk. But gradually you cease to see in girls something more than sexual satisfaction. You start to react only to available heifers, not normal girls. Heifers will only give you sex, but there will be problems with relationships, tenderness and love.

4. Change the place to meet girls

Dating apps, bar, nightclub or restaurant? Stop sticking to one place to meet. This narrows down the choice of girls to a certain type, which is often not on the way. Meet girls on the street, in transport, in the theater and at various cultural events. This will expand the circle of friends, bring together very interesting and promising girls.

5. Don't Plan Relationships Ahead

The cause of our failures and broken hearts is the excessive expectation of relationships. Let the relationship grow spontaneously. Do not immediately plan a family, children and love until old age. Let everything unfold on its own. This will remove uncertainty, give you the opportunity to enjoy the relationship and make them more promising.

Why do you always have bad luck with girls, in love and sex? How to establish a personal life? Start thinking with your head and analyzing more. Then he will start to get lucky with girls, love and sex.