Why are you unlucky in love??

All our lives we are looking for our soul mate, who will understand us at first sight, thoughts and desires. Often we find true love, but life separates us in different directions. Why are you unlucky in love?

You will recognize her from a thousand By her words, by her eyes, by her voice Her image on the heart is carved by Flavors of gladiolus. Roots “You will recognize her”

Sometimes we meet our soul mate among thousands of different people, when it is as if fate pushes our foreheads together. You definitely feel like you were born for each other. You completely coincide in thoughts, desires and dreams. You spend some time together, and then life takes you to different places.

Even lovers who are made for each other, in 99% of cases, diverge. Why is it so? You would be the perfect couple. Your bodies, souls and thoughts are 100% in harmony. But parting is inevitable if you are perfect for each other.

After you will find each other half for yourself, but there will be no more everything that you felt before. We will be more calculating, cooler, less emotional and more practical. You will choose the person with whom everything will be just fine. There will be feelings, but there will not be that unity of kindred souls and a crazy spark between you. It's like choosing wholesome and healthy foods. It's like drinking chamomile tea, which only makes you sick because of its usefulness.

All adults will attest to this. True love is always around the corner of life. And you will go on like a downed pilot.

It's like the famous movie Fall in Love with Me If You Dare. In the film, a couple of lovers harmonized very well and were perfect, but they parted out of stupidity. Only after many years they united again. But in real life, ideally suited people never stay together for a long time and even less often converge later.

Why are you unlucky in love? Why do people who were made for each other diverge? The fact is that each of us is born with a specific purpose and life mission. We must complete our assigned task in this life alone.

That's why we get our hearts broken. At such a moment, we build our destiny anew and do what we would never have done if true love had been preserved. We change professions, leave for distant lands, climb high mountains, storm career heights and do something important. Breaking up always makes a person stronger and gives him many opportunities that he previously ignored.

Life always breeds true love. Once you will be together, but then, when you return to eternity. When you complete your task on the path of life. When you pass each of your personal tests. You will be together in eternity, but in this world you have completely different tasks.

Why are you unlucky in love? You came to this world for a completely different purpose and mission. And what it is, you have yet to find out...