Why ab exercises found on the internet don't work

Almost everyone dreams of a flat stomach with abs, but only a few pump up. Why do ab exercises found on the Internet not work? Where are the mistakes and how to really pump up the press with cubes?

A flat stomach with six pack abs is the dream of almost everyone on our planet. And everyone is firmly convinced that pumping up the press is very simple: you just need to want to and endlessly repeat the back flexion and extension exercises learned in school physical education lessons. Indeed, many of the complexes that are described on forums and social networks promise incredible results in just a few weeks. But in reality, no matter how many lifts and repetitions you do, you may not see the result.

Why does the press not inflate in any way?

Mistakes that can be made during independent training are not so many.

All of them are easily solved after a couple of workouts with a personal trainer, but if you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym for advice, let's try to figure it out ourselves.

You only do one ab exercise

These are the words most often heard by trainers when they start to figure out why a person could not build abs on his own. Even 30-40 repetitions of one exercise will not help you make yourself a flat stomach, because the press is not one muscle, but as many as six and at least four of them need constant training.

You are not doing the exercises correctly

If the program you are doing has been described in text and pictures without video recording, it is likely that you are simply doing the exercises incorrectly. This is largely due to the fact that most trainers talk only about the position of the body, forgetting about such nuances as sensations during classes.

If your muscles do not start to ache during the exercises on the press, then you are doing something wrong.

For example, did you know that when lifting the upper body, you do not need to fold in half, as shown in school? The maximum contraction of the abdominal muscles occurs when the back is rounded, and not when folding facing the feet. Moreover, in no case should you put a load on the neck with such an exercise - in this case it turns out that it is she, and also her hands, who do half the work for the press.

And when cycling, never take your legs too high - at a 45-degree angle, the press will work better than vertically up.

Are you doing too few or, conversely, too many sets and reps

The more sets and reps, the faster a flat stomach will appear? Experts say that this is not so.15 (maximum 20) reps per set is all you need for a good press. The rest of the lifts and twists will either go to waste, or will contribute to an increase in muscle mass, and not at all the strength of the press. It also makes no sense to do more than 3-4 approaches, and even dangerous - the press, like any other muscle, needs rest.

On the other hand, if you do less than eight reps per set, the muscles simply do not have time to really start working, so no matter how hard it is for you, eight is a mandatory minimum. One approach will also not bring much benefit, since you need to train the muscles in a row, with a break of 2-3 minutes. And then at this time it is better not to rest, but simply switch to another exercise.

You pay too much attention to the pain

As trainers like to say: “abs don't hurt, they pretend”. Many of our muscles begin to ache only after a workout, or even the next morning. The press, perhaps, is the only one that everyone, even experienced athletes, reacts to exercises literally immediately and starts to hurt even during the first approach. All you can do is, over time, by training your core muscles regularly, delay this pain and learn to tolerate it.

But the press recovers pretty quickly, so you can train it again the very next day. But it is better, of course, especially at first, to do no more than 5 times a week.

You only train your abs, forgetting about the other core muscles

You will never get good abs if you train only the abdominal muscles. Because in order to keep a flat stomach, they, at a minimum, need the help of their backs, and also, preferably, strong gluteal muscles and muscles of the back of the thigh.

It is they (only 8 different muscles) that are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, hips and spine, that is, they can remove a protruding stomach and excessive back deflection.

Without doing them, you will either not see any effect at all, or you will begin to hunch over, as strong abdominal muscles will put pressure on organs that, on the other hand, there is no one to “support”.

Why don't you get cubes?

If you are already doing three sets of 20 reps of all basic abdominal exercises calmly and without much pain, and you still haven’t noticed the cubes, then the problem is not so much in muscle relief, but in thick fat layer on the abdomen. In order for the cubes to reveal themselves in all their glory, you will have to lose weight.

You will be surprised, but regular abdominal exercises do not burn fat in this zone, since in principle this is impossible in our body - it loses weight evenly, and not in places. The only way to reduce the fat layer in a specific place is liposuction.

Moreover, if the cubes appear, but they are not as perfectly aligned as in the pictures on the Internet, this does not mean at all that you have not trained well. It’s just that the anatomical structure of the abdominal muscles is different for all people: cubes can mow, have different thicknesses, and be completely asymmetric.

Why doesn't abs workout help you lose weight?

Because this is strength training, and it is not, in principle, aimed at losing weight and burning fat. Its goal is to gain muscle mass and increase the strength of your muscles, but not weight loss. In order to lose weight, adjust your diet and increase your aerobic activity, for example, start walking more on a treadmill or pedaling an exercise bike. If this does not help, contact an endocrinologist - perhaps you have problems or, for one reason or another, fluid does not leave the body.

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