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Why a woman does not want sex

My husband does not turn me on, what's the problem? Why do I not want sex with my husband at all? In today's world, women often do not want their husbands. What are the reasons why women do not want to have sex?

Most wives believe that their husband's decreased libido or desire is his problem, and very rare. There are different problems and misunderstandings in families, and problems in sex are the first among the key reasons for disagreements between spouses.

Psychologists believe that in the modern world, women often do not want their husbands. Women often discuss these issues on women's forums, websites and communities. Usually the questions sound like this: “My husband does not turn me on, what's the problem?” or “Why do I not want to have sex with my husband at all?”

There are a number of reasons for sexual coldness in the marital bedroom:

• constant stress and work overload prevent a woman from relaxing before sex;

• Consequences of diets, food restrictions, fasting significantly reduce the level of libido.

• reduction of physical activity;

• lack of communication and time spent together;

• callousness, rigidity and rudeness of a man, his untidy appearance;

• husband's passivity, lack of response to his wife's requests;

• addiction to alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs;

• regular use of birth control pills and other serious medications.

How to revive desire?

There are many ways to solve problems in bed. Let's go through the main ones:

1) A fairly simple solution can be a joint vacation and pastime of a husband and wife. If you have absolutely no idea what to do together, then you can choose something pleasant - give each other a massage, read a book, watch a movie or go for a walk.

2) Healthy and fresh food, as well as morning exercises every day, are useful not only for beauty and sexuality. Beauty, sexuality, grace are important elements of sexual life.

3) Do not declare aloud your lack of desire to be together, such statements will definitely not add to your sexual desire. Talk and try to find a way out of the situation together. Maybe you should spend a weekend together somewhere away from home and without the kids.

4) If the decrease in libido is associated with the appearance of a child, then the situation will soon improve on its own. A woman needs to get used to a new role and prioritize her relationship with her husband.

5) Psychologists offer a far from simple way to solve intimate problems - fall in love with your partner again. It's not easy, but very effective. Try to remember why you were interested in a partner in the early stages of a relationship. Take a closer look at him, you may be able to remember the very feelings that you had for him at the beginning of your relationship.