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Who were the Russians really??

It is believed that it was the Rus who gave the name to Rus. There are three theories of the origin of this mysterious people. Who were the Russians really?

The Rus are the Swedes

The first theory considers the Rus to be Varangians and is based on The Tale of Bygone Years (written from 1110 to 1118), it says: “The Varangians were expelled across the sea, and they did not give them tribute, and began to rule themselves, and there was no truth among them, and generation to generation stood up, and they had strife, and began to fight with each other. And they said to themselves: "Let's look for a prince who would rule over us and judge by right." And they went across the sea to the Varangians, to Russia. Those Varangians were called Rus, as others are called Swedes, and others are Normans and Angles, and still others are Gotlanders, and so are these.

The Rus are a tribe

The second version of the origin of the Rus says that the Rus are a separate tribe that came to Eastern Europe earlier or later than the Slavs.

The Rus are a caste

The third theory says that the Rus are the highest caste of the East Slavic tribe of the Polyans, or the tribe itself, which lived on the Dnieper and on the Ros. “The meadows are even more called Rus,” was written in the Lavrentiev Chronicle, which followed the “Tale of Bygone Years” and was written in 1377.

Here the word "Rus" was used as a toponym and the name of the Rus was also used as the name of a separate tribe: "Rus, Chud and Slovene", - this is how the chronicler listed the peoples who inhabited the country.

Despite the research of geneticists, disputes around the Rus continue. According to the Norwegian researcher Thor Heyerdahl, the Varangians themselves are descendants of the Slavs.