Who's who among women

In order to better understand your girlfriend or find her, you should decide on your desires. What is beautiful? What is dangerous? Where can you meet? Who is who among the fair sex.

I will say right away that any division, of course, is a convention. Pure types are as rare as natural blondes, but each of us is dominated by traits that allow us to be attributed to one or another archetype.

To better understand your partner and find the right approach to her (or run headlong before it's too late), this typing will help.


What is beautiful: if you agree to be a "bunny" and pay for it like renting an expensive car, then you can count on friends drooling and performing sexual whims. Although this point is very doubtful, as a rule, all her skill ends with languid sighs.

What is dangerous: as soon as she meets a more “cool jacket”, you immediately get into the “black list”.

Where to find: Bars, restaurants, nightclubs and trendy hangouts are the habitat of such pupae that will never hatch into a beautiful butterfly.


How beautiful: a business woman will not empty your wallet at the speed of a running cockroach. She perfectly knows the value of money and will always be for dialogue on an equal footing. And if you need a good coach for life, constantly repeating the command “faster, higher, stronger”, then it’s better not to find a partner.

What is dangerous: if you dream of ever seeing a wife in an apron with tousled hair and a kind smile, then you should pay attention to representatives of other types.

Where to Seen: Sharks are found in the deep waters of small, medium and sometimes even large businesses. It lives mainly in the field of its profession, sometimes it is observed at business lunches or dinners.

Mysterious young lady

How beautiful: she can turn her head like a light sparkling champagne.

What is dangerous: in a "drunk state" you can give her not only a promise, but also a financial application, and only in the morning you will wake up from temporary oblivion. But it will be too late. This lady knows how to fool around and hit the jackpot.

Where you can meet: in a restaurant, on the waterfront, at a fashion show or theatrical performance. She will pass by you, "breathing in spirits and mists", and will definitely turn around to track the effect.

Heavenly bird

How beautiful: she lives in the present and knows how to notice the good. Even if she has a problem in life, she will not completely and completely shift her burden onto your shoulders.

What is dangerous: as soon as a difficult period begins in your work, when you need to “tighten the belt”, the “bird” will fly out of the nest - difficulties are not for her.

Where can be found: everywhere. The birds of God are winged for that, in order to penetrate into all spheres.

Assol in anticipation of Gray

How beautiful: every man dreams of touching purity and purity, and if you are ready to take on the rights of the "captain", then your boat will sail through any, even the highest waves.

What is dangerous: speaking in a manly way, you can “get stuck”. Assol is focused only on long-term relationships. It is a pity to part with her, to meet from time to time is impossible, to take her to the registry office is too responsible.

Where you can meet: in your own office, on the evening embankment, in the subway or an inexpensive cafe. Usually recognizable by a dreamy, hopeful look. And woe if that look, like the stone-turning look of the Gorgon Medusa, turns on you.

Ruff fish

How beautiful: this is a pepper girl, and if you are a fan of spicy, you won’t find it better. She will not let you get bored - that's for sure!

What is dangerous: a dish that is too peppery can sometimes be difficult for digestion, and what attracted you at the beginning of a relationship can become sore later on.

Where you can meet: at any party or premiere, among the crowd, which she will despise and criticize, but which she cannot do without, because she needs people like air, this is her nutrient medium.

Athlete, Komsomol member and simply beautiful

Why is it wonderful: if you need a personal coach who will help you turn into a from a manager to a deputy director, then an athlete and a beauty in one person will be the best incentive for excellence. With her, you will never know that there is a quiet family life and a professional haven.


What is dangerous: it hammers like a woodpecker, saws like a hacksaw, itches like a bee. If you touched her heart with something, then be prepared for the fact that she will cling to you like an encephalitis tick.

Where you can meet: at work, in a fitness club, on the beach - in a sun lounger or at the volleyball net, in a health food store or a vegetarian restaurant. And rest assured, she is always ready to take off and run any sprint distance in pursuit of personal happiness.

Movie legend

How wonderful: if you are lucky enough to meet such a woman, you are guaranteed all the fullness of feelings and emotional experiences.

What is dangerous: this is a complex nature, so be prepared to comply, for which you need to be at least Clark Gable or Gregory Pack... If not, get used to looking at her suffering, and she really knows how to suffer.

Where you can meet: in an old Hollywood movie, on the street of your city, in a cafe in Montmartre - no matter where, the main thing - she will always stand out with a special look and calm awareness of the burden of her own beauty.

Author: Oleg Yurievich Roy "Man and Woman"