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Who are the womanizers and can they be corrected?

Who are womanizers and can they be corrected? Women treat such men with caution, and sometimes with disrespect - but again and again they fall for their tricks. What kind of diagnosis is this - "womanizer"? Is it possible to change Lovelace? Who are womanizers and can they be corrected? What is the secret of my success with women? I treat a maid like a lady, and a lady like a maid. George Brummel.

The heartthrobs devour the maidens like ripe apples, and their hearts are spit out like bones.

Magdalena the Pretender

Womanizer, ladies' man, Casanova, Don Juan. No matter how they are called, women, insidious seducers and conquerors of hearts. Women treat such men with caution, and sometimes with disrespect - but again and again they fall for their tricks. What kind of diagnosis is this - "womanizer"?

One of the studies conducted by psychologists showed that a man has about 7 sexual partners throughout his life. In addition to the wife, there are 2-3 casual relationships and 2-3 long-term romances. Persons who go beyond these limits are assigned a characterization - a womanizer. Experts identify several features inherent in such characters.

Portrait of Giacomo Casanova (Francesco Casanova, ~1750)

1. Gets used to the role of a girlfriend

Lovelace has few male friends, but there are more than enough girlfriends. He is great at gossip and frankness, he can find a common language with women. The womanizer does not like dry men's conversations. He knows female psychology well, so it is not difficult for him to bring any beauty to a confidential, frank or intimate conversation. This type of men understands such women's little things as lipstick, mascara, stockings. And so it turns out that he intuitively gets a job in those places where there are more women than men in the team.

2. Lack of boasting

It is not necessary that the womanizer look like a macho. Much more important is his manner of communication, behavior, attitudes and gestures. He never boasts about the number of ladies he has slain, but collects collections of broken hearts. There is in it something from the March cat. When talking, he looks just below the chin, and sometimes frankly examines a woman. He is witty, funny and knows how to make a woman laugh. He does not need self-promotion, because he hears enthusiastic oohs and aahs everywhere and without it.

3. Offended by a woman

Often, psychological problems and complexes that a man has in adulthood originated in his childhood. So, having only one parent - a mother or a complete family in which the father does not have the right to vote, a sissy grows up. He is intimidated by his mother, unable to solve even simple everyday problems, because from childhood he was reprimanded for every mistake. A man is afraid that, having met a woman, she will also strive to control him. At the same time, he is used to this and does not know how to build other relationships.

Intimophobia is the avoidance of close and long-term emotional relationships with a sexual partner. Often it is this fear, and not sexual appetite, that makes men change women like gloves. Psychologists consider intimophobia as a pathology of character, which is caused by the upbringing of a single, unbalanced mother. It formed in the child disbelief in the predictability of the behavior of another person. So the child cannot learn to trust.

Some men are often intimophobic. They are afraid of close emotional relationships. Even having met an incredibly beautiful and intelligent woman, such a man is afraid to completely trust her, lose freedom and simply become dependent. Unsure of himself, he constantly seeks to assert himself, likes to use various techniques and methods of seduction. This womanizer is a victim of circumstances: he is offended by his mother or one of his mistresses. Now he is a closed person and immersed in his thoughts, only he keeps this in himself and will never show anyone. To win as many sexy, beautiful and smart as possible is the goal.

4. Attitude towards sex

The most amazing thing is that sometimes a womanizer does not even need sex, because emotions are interesting during the period of seduction. The process of conquest is fascinating. A womanizer, and a collector, and a hunter at the same time. He rarely falls in love. It will be enough for him to conquer certain women, and to be in bed with someone. Such a womanizer is a romantic. He enjoys the romantic feeling, passionate, jealous, passionate about the process. An extrovert, knows how to guess desires and therefore breaks hearts. Who can stop such a deceiver? Only an independent woman has a chance. Perhaps if he saw in her an unsolved mystery even after intimacy, she could still be with him. How long?

However, there are ladies' men who have a radically opposite attitude towards sex. They are driven by hormones. He does not even try to hide his interest in bed, because he finds only those women who do not need compliments and unnecessary conversations. He does not feel warm feelings for any of his mistresses, but friendship, respect and trust can connect with his wife.

5. He is married

In search of true love and the ideal woman, the womanizer meets new and new ladies. He expects not only physical, but also spiritual satisfaction. However, each new meeting ends either in disappointment or indifference. The ideal, unfortunately, is unattainable.

A womanizer may well be a good family man. He has a confident woman, patient and optimistic. When cheating, a man feels guilty and sometimes seeks to make amends with gifts, but he does not stop having affairs on the side. It is difficult to argue that, having married, the womanizer will settle down.

According to a survey among women on the topic “Is it possible to change the womanizer?”. "Womanizers are incorrigible" - this is what the majority (75.5%) think, 18.1% still hope that women's love, charm, attention and all kinds of methods can change a man. But 6.1% admit that they don’t know if they can manage it or not.

Author: Margarita Wagner