Where to take a girl on a date?

Sooner or later, virtual communication will certainly turn into live communication. Do you want to invite the girl of your dreams on a date, but you are afraid that something will go wrong and the meeting will turn out to be a failure? In that case, let me tell you about the most popular places where a romantic atmosphere is easily created and a closer relationship begins in a couple. But first, a few tips on how to please your chosen one.

How to understand what she likes?

First of all, find out about the interests of the girl. In this matter, every little thing is important, as the ladies really appreciate the attention of a man to their "cockroaches". As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Visit her personal pages on social networks. Most girls describe their hobbies in detail on them, indicate their hobbies and post photos from the places they prefer to visit. What can you learn from it:

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  • Her date of birth. What if you met just a few days before the upcoming celebration? In this case, the date of the first date is best to coincide with her holiday and show that you are well aware of such an important event. Remember, girls love and remember attention from a man to trifles.
  • Her passions and hobbies. To understand where to take a girl on a date, you need to find out what your companion might like. After all, not everyone will be delighted with a banal restaurant, albeit with cosmic price tags for dishes. It is possible that your friend is crazy about cats and will be incredibly happy to visit the exhibition of these fluffy pets. But I still recommend that you first check if she has forty arrogant faces at home, otherwise you don’t have to call her for a date.
  • Her position and place of work. This information is also very important. If a girl works in a managerial position in a large company, sets tasks for a large team, or monthly works on reconciling a multimillion-dollar balance sheet, such a lady will have to match herself. Most likely, she is a very well-read and versatile person (I do not take into account the girls who were put "at the helm" by pull or because of the efforts of wealthy parents). I would not recommend taking such a friend to cheap smoky pubs or to a concert with stupid stand-up jokes that do not rise above waist level.
  • Her social circle. Friends sometimes talk a lot directly about the person himself and his character. Joint photos will surely tell you where the girl likes to spend her free time. Her profile is full of bowling pictures of her, surrounded by her comrades, scoring a strike? That's where you invite your companion on a date. By the way, if you yourself do not know how to play, it is quite possible to ask her for a couple of lessons. Why not a reason for closer and more relaxed communication?

When choosing a place for a date, do not forget about your own interests. If you experience boredom, hostility or discomfort, be sure that the girl will definitely feel it and will certainly take it personally. To prove to a friend that it’s not about her at all will be almost impossible.

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Date with appetite

Through the stomach lies the way not only to the male heart. The female body is no less sensitive to delicious food. In addition, it relaxes the girl well and sets up a pleasant conversation. If after much thought about where to take a girl on a date, you have chosen the classic option in the form of a cafe or restaurant, consider a few important points:

  • Do not try to get your companion drunk. First, it's just plain ugly. Believe me, there are many other more elegant ways to close the distance between you and move into a horizontal dialogue. Secondly, even if this is the purpose of the date, sleeping with a lady drunk in the trash is a very dubious pleasure. Thirdly, are you sure you can outdrink it?
  • Calculate your financial possibilities. An inexpensive institution is not a sign of bad taste. Not all girls consider only luxury restaurants as a place for a first date, but I would not include McDonald's in the list of current options either. By the way, if a girl is interested in continuing to communicate with you, she will offer to choose dishes from the menu herself, so as not to order more than the amount in the man’s pocket. This is a good sign of affection. If your communication is not yet very warm, you can generally agree in advance on a separate account. I can’t say that I support this trend, but today’s youth is quite accepting.
  • Do not choose a restaurant with exotic cuisine. You can go on a date to such an institution only if both of you are connoisseurs of salted monkey ears, fried larvae and other similar "yummy". Otherwise, instead of a romantic evening, both of you will get heartburn at best. At worst, you will have to hold her hair over a white faience "friend". This, of course, brings together, but far from romance.
  • Before going to a restaurant, you should not give your companion a large-scale bouquet. Usually the waiter brings a vase and puts the flowers on the table. And how then to continue communication if there is a whole bush between you? It is worth limiting yourself to a more stylish small flower arrangement that will not interfere with the meal in any way.
  • Don't get drunk yourself. This is practically the golden rule that every gentleman needs to learn. Even if you are wildly worried that you will blurt out something wrong on a date, in no case add courage with degrees. The result of such a meeting will clearly not be in favor of continuing the relationship.
  • Do not forget that now many girls revere vegetarianism. Be sure to keep this feature in mind when choosing a place for dinner. And it would be nice to immediately find out how she generally relates to meat-eaters. Otherwise, when eating a steak, you risk getting a handbag on your head.

If a restaurant or cafe seems too banal for a date, I can offer some more very original options. But each of them will be relevant only if both of you find it interesting.

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Meeting with our smaller brothers

Many girls are delighted with cute furry animals. Animal lovers are ready to endlessly discuss funny faces and take pictures with charming pets. If you don't know where to take a girl on a date, invite her to an exhibition of cats or dogs, to the zoo, local exotarium, oceanarium or dolphinarium.

True, there is also a catch here. If a girl is one of the ardent defenders of the rights of our smaller brothers, she can make a scandal right in the zoo and start demanding that animals be released into the wild. So that you do not have to drag your friend away from the enclosures or run away from the guards, make inquiries about the views of your friend in advance. Again, the Internet will help you with this.

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Going to the movies

Sounds corny, but very romantic. In order not to spoil the date, keep in mind that this place will not always be a good option for a romantic meeting with the girl you like. Here are a few nuances:

  • Most likely, you will just silently stare at the screen, absorbed in the plot. This will not give you the opportunity to get to know the object of sighing closer and at least learn something about it in the process of communication. The dark hall will not leave a chance to see your companion live.
  • But a private cinema is a completely different matter. There you can rent a cozy sofa and hug your companion if she gets scared of a maniac on the screen. No one will slurp in the ear, pound on the back of the chair, or make inappropriate comments. I think it's a great option for a date. Be sure to find out if there is a similar institution in your city.
  • Carefully consider the repertoire of films that will be appropriate for the meeting. I would not advise taking a girl to horror and action films, unless, of course, she is a fan of blood stains on the walls. Melodrama may seem too boring and boring already for you. A good choice is a comedy, a detective story or a psychological thriller.
  • Don't forget to treat the lady with popcorn or something else. Although this is more budgetary than a restaurant, it will completely allow you to pave the way to her heart if the girl loves to eat (yes, we don’t mind stuffing our stomachs either, especially when we feel comfortable and relaxed).

In the end I will give one more good advice. Before going to such a cinema, be sure to put on clean socks that have not yet had time to suffer from moths and time. Not haha, but seriously. If you watch a movie while lounging on the couch, you will probably have to take off your shoes. You don’t want your companion to have watery eyes all evening, do you?

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Cultural rest

arrange a romantic cult trip for her. It could be an art gallery, a museum, or a temporary exhibition visiting your city for a few days. If you cannot call yourself a connoisseur of painting, and art in general, first get acquainted with the program and the masters whose works will be presented at this event.

As a rule, in such places there is a buffet or a dining room where you can have a bite to eat and take a break, while discussing your impressions with the girl. But I warn you right away, the prices there are often very high. If your budget is completely spent on paying for tickets, you should not pretend to be the son of an oligarch.

The theater will fit perfectly into the same theme. But some performances can be a real hype, so tickets run out as much as a whole month before the premiere. It will be better if you take care of your leisure time in advance, and not a day before the planned date.

The theater is not a place for sporty chic. Stick to the classic style in clothes. Jeans are best left for walking in the park. I also recommend notifying the girl about the plans in advance. She will definitely want to dress up to look appropriate. If the theater turns out to be a surprise, there is a risk that she will dress inappropriately, about which she will be very worried and upset.

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Horse riding

These beautiful and proud animals cause a storm of positive emotions in almost all ladies. Therefore, if you don’t know where to take a girl on a date, a horse ride together will be far from the worst option. Just find out in advance if your friend is afraid of show jumping. Otherwise, instead of having a good time and casual chatting, you will get a girl squealing with fear and turning gray in front of her eyes.

Arrange in advance with the owners of the stable about the intended event. Let the companion choose the horse herself. If you yourself are not a professional rider, you should not refuse the services of a coach or assistant. Feed the horses after the walk. Girls usually love it.

There is no need to present the trip as a surprise, since clothes and shoes must be practical and very comfortable. A girl will obviously not thank you if she unknowingly puts on a dress with a cutout and stilettos. Have you ever seen angry ladies in evening dress riding a horse? That's not worth trying.

Consider your jumping skills when choosing a route. Excessive bravado here would be clearly out of place. You should not turn a date into a race to the bottom.

Surely after such an event the girl will get tired. Invite her to drink something warming, or better, carefully take coffee or delicious tea with you in a thermos. Before you offer to walk her home, ask about a taxi. Believe me, horseback riding gives the same effect as squats on fitness.

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Dexterity and passion

I remember once a young man invited me on a date to play billiards. I didn’t know how to play, but he was quite good at this entertainment. Of course, the gentleman offered to teach him to hold a cue in his hands and break the figures. To be honest, it turned out very romantic and even somewhat sexy, because the process is accompanied by very close bodily contact.

It is quite possible that your companion will not deny herself the pleasure of receiving a couple of such lessons. In addition, it will be a great opportunity for her to demonstrate her grace. What could be more spectacular than a lady with a deep cleavage, taking a comfortable position at the billiard table for a strike. Make sure that in the process of learning your undisguised interest in the companion does not rest on her leg.

Try to choose such a place and time that at the time of the meeting the hall would be as free as possible from drunken cheerful companies. Otherwise, one can only dream of romance. It is better to choose a more expensive club so that the cloth does not turn out to be full of holes, and the atmosphere does not consist of cigarette smoke and cheap alcohol.

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Winter date

The ice rink is a pretty good place to meet in person. The girl will probably have to constantly support her waist or elbow so that she does not fall. But if a companion has been skating since childhood, it is likely that she will have to lift you from the ice. Soberly evaluate your ability to maintain balance.

Don't forget warm drinks. A pre-stocked thermos with hot tea or coffee will add a bit of romance to the entertainment. Homemade mulled wine or punch will turn sports into a real fun adventure. But don't go overboard with the degrees so the girl doesn't have to be scraped off the ice.

It would be very romantic of you to offer your friend your scarf or mittens. And for this, it does not always have to be very cold. Flirting and coquetry has not yet been canceled. By the way, do not miss the moment when the lady subtly hints to you that it is getting cool. How about warming her up with a gentle hug?

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Parks and attractions

A walk in the open air is always pleasant and romantic. Choose a day according to the weather forecast. A gusty wind or an icy downpour will not help you win over a girl. Let her know in advance that you are inviting her for a walk so that her companion wears sneakers, not high heels.

In order not to walk for several hours in a row, cutting circles near the flower beds, invite the girl to have fun in the shooting range or on the rides. Joint classes in nonsense, as you know, bring together. And such a pastime charges with positive and sets even the busiest lady in a carefree way. Treat your companion with ice cream or cotton candy. Feel the taste of childhood and just chat about nothing.

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Complete relaxation

For the most self-confident men, there is the option of going to a massage parlor or spa together. But for modest girls, this kind of first date can be embarrassing and even somewhat scary. Therefore, it is better to offer such leisure already in warmer relations, when there is no awkward tension or distrust.

The advantage of such a date is a romantic relaxing atmosphere, the opportunity to really take a break from everyday problems and worries, as well as a sense of luxury. If a girl has nothing against a massage session, feel free to book a program in a good salon. And don't forget to bring a bottle of champagne with fruit. As a rule, such leisure provides for rest after the procedures.

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Out-of-town picnic

Busy atmosphere will tire anyone. If you're sorting through options for where to take a girl on a date, consider the version with a country picnic. Lunch on the banks of a river or lake is unlikely to leave your companion indifferent.

Take only those products that will definitely not spoil on the road. Be sure to bring fruit and some sweets. Try to focus on dishes that are convenient to eat without a table and a lot of specific devices, for example, light snacks: cupcakes, canapes, sandwiches. If there is alcohol on the picnic menu, do not forget to bring clean drinking water. This is especially true in hot summers.

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Even if the weather is sunny, a blanket is a must on such a date. Otherwise, you will have to sit on bare ground, which threatens with health problems, not to mention soiled pants. If you plan to stay out of town until the evening, think about warm outerwear so that the date does not end earlier than originally planned.

As you can see, there are actually a lot of options. It is enough to show a little imagination and ingenuity. The main thing is to take into account the interests of both, so that the date is pleasant for everyone. By the way, the financial issue here is far from the first place. It is much more important to be yourself and allow your girlfriend to do the same.