Where to find a wife: instructions for those wishing to build a family hearth

Romantic dates under the moonlight and walks by the hand are, of course, not bad. But sooner or later, every man has a period in his life when he begins to think about stability and reliability.

Often, one-time meetings get bored with their monotony (walked, drank, slept - the next one), and strong family ties beckon with support and comfort. If you also began to think about finding such happiness, I will tell you where to find a wife and not run into overly mercenary young ladies.

So, I'll start with specific places of acquaintance. Suppose you already have a desire to tie the knot. But where do you start looking? I suggest that you familiarize yourself with several options, in order to then choose the most suitable one for yourself. By the way, nothing prevents you from trying several in turn.

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Neighborhood Acquaintance

Do you know why it's so convenient to start an affair with a girl who lives nearby? There are several very good and practical reasons for this:

  • You do not have to travel half the city to see your beloved, and this is very important in large cities (long-distance relationships do not always end in a happy marriage).
  • So it is much easier to find out in advance about all the preferences of the person you like. After all, a relationship with a subsequent marriage is a very responsible matter. Just one wrong step can alienate a potential bride. So talk to your surroundings in advance in order to understand who exactly you have sunk into (here, the chatter girls from the next apartment, as well as the grandmothers on the bench at the entrance, finally came in handy).
  • Forget jealousy. If you are constantly nervous about the fidelity of your passion, then the proximity of living will finally save you from excessive fantasy. Just don’t start to openly follow the girl so that she doesn’t think that some crazy maniac lives behind the wall.
  • Peace of mind relatives. Sometimes this question becomes extremely acute. And then your mother will definitely be sure that her son is dating a good girl who will become a caring daughter-in-law. Come on, don't shirk, I know how much mothers sometimes influence the decision of even an adult man to make a marriage proposal.
  • Free matchmakers. Everything is pretty simple here. You and your future wife can be brought together by common acquaintances in the yard, whom you don’t feed with bread, but just let someone’s personal life be adjusted. And do not dismiss the offer to meet a pretty neighbor coming from your parents. In this case, you don’t even have to strain, as your mother will set the table, and the invitation will “write out” for the sake of a good daughter-in-law. But is it really fate? You never know.

So, the option with a neighbor is clearly not worth brushing aside. And sometimes you need to look even at childhood friends. Very often, the first tender feelings that arise even at school age last until the serious years. Perhaps that blue-eyed curvy brunette with whom you blew up firecrackers and climbed trees as a child has been drying up for a long time. Turn on your intuition.

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Virtual romance with continuation

In our busy world, the question of where to find a wife sometimes confuses potential spouses. But really, how do people get to know each other now at such a pace of life, when sometimes there is no time left for sleep? The great and mighty internet is here to help you.

Now it is difficult to find a person who, at a socially active age, does not have a personal page in at least one virtual network. Most of them actually live there. If you pay attention, many girls are constantly photographed only in order to post the most successful pictures on Instagram or VKontakte.

So it's time to win the heart of the future wife in the vastness of Internet chats. And this is not surprising, given how many advantages this type of quite serious acquaintance with the opposite sex has:

  • it is possible to immediately assess the appearance of a lady;
  • the virtual page is a real treasure trove of personal information about hobbies and favorite places in the city;
  • writing a message on a social network is much easier than a real conversation, so even the most hardened introvert will be able to find a wife here;
  • you can roughly understand from photos and a conversation with a girl whether your life goals coincide (it makes no sense to meet a lady who is not interested in a family at this stage);
  • be sure to go through the list of groups and pictures that show the owner of the page (there can be a lot of interesting things that will alienate even the most loyal groom).
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There are some general rules that will help you quickly establish a dialogue and not be rejected from the first lines. If you manage to interest the candidate you like for the hearth and life in the virtual space, then the chance to marry this beauty in reality will immediately increase. So, how to get to know your future spouse on a social network correctly:

1. Be sure to monitor your page before writing. Believe me, any girl will easily give a light to the most notorious detective when it comes to pecking relationships. Remove all reminders of former romances, get rid of participation in groups of dubious topics like "The Hottest Asses in Your City." Compromise is of no use to you.

2. Evaluate whether the main photo posted in the account really matches the impression you want to make on the girl. It is unlikely that the words about the desire to start a strong family (four sons and a sweet daughter, as it was sung in one cartoon) will seem real to a lady if in each picture you are posing surrounded by tipsy friends against the background of an alcoholic list. By the way, save the "hypersexual" photos in the same shorts for already close communication.

3. Try to write as competently as possible. Going too far and composing vintage opuses is also not worth it, but three mistakes in one word will most likely push the girl away. Trust my experience, few adequate women would want to have offspring from a man with a low IQ.

4. Do not forget about humor. It will help you defuse the situation and establish a comfortable dialogue both in real life and in virtual. If good jokes are not a problem, then the question of where to find a wife and how to charm her will no longer be so acute.

5. Don't get personal and don't write homegrown macho messages. Not a single girl has yet run down the aisle, dropping her slippers, after “baby, you are so sweet that I would lick you all over.” And in general, if you plan to find a wife, and not a one-time entertainment, completely forget about rudeness. Such obscenities are permissible only in strong relationships, when close contact has already been established between you, and communication reaches the level of not just people who love each other, but also real “friends”. By the way, these are the very ideal family ties, and not endless fawning.

6. Try not to touch on sensitive topics in order to avoid serious conflicts and skirmishes. Even on the Internet, you can quarrel in the trash in just a few minutes if you start zealously defending, say, political, religious or musical views. Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So learn to respect him, otherwise there can be no talk of marriage yet.

And my advice to you: do not forget about fake pages from which there is sheer spam or scam. Behind a pretty photo there may be a sweaty hairy man encroaching on your account or wallet. So be careful and don't rush to reveal your income and credit card code. I beg you, what kind of "bride" will ask about this?

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Where to find a wife: search among the inhabitants of dating sites

And here is my favorite way to start a family. To be honest, I have long been voting with both hands for serious dating on special Internet resources, since not every decent girl dares to flirt with the driver of a passing car or just on the street with the first person she meets. And I know a lot of examples when couples who started talking in such an interesting place actually get married later and have kids.

Keep in mind that this method has both pluses and minuses. Here are some positive aspects of registering on dating sites:

  • You can filter out only profiles of girls whose goals match yours. So you save a lot of time in the process of communication.
  • All major sites carefully monitor (well, at least they try very hard) to ensure that there are no fakes and “bred”. Of course, there are still a dime a dozen of them, but nevertheless, less than in social networks.
  • There are fewer super processed photos on dating sites that have undergone a huge number of filters. Many ladies like to post pictures at home there. This makes choosing a girl much easier. On Instagram, you still need to look for such a luxury.
  • On such resources, potential brides often write themselves and do not see anything shameful in this. If on a social network it is far from always clear whether the girl is in the mood to meet or not, then here it is already clear that the lady did not come to play.
  • Again, plus the simplicity and ease of virtual communication. If you have problems with starting a dialogue in real life, feel free to switch to the mode of such acquaintances.

The precautions here are the same as in the case of social networks:

  • never pay for anything or transfer money to unfamiliar cards, even if the excuse seems completely innocent;
  • do not click on outside links;
  • there is no need to buy photos from ladies of questionable behavior (this is a 100% scam);
  • be prepared for an abundance of whores.

In general, if you are really interested in the question of where to find a wife, then all these points will add up in your head by themselves. By the way, do not forget to make your profile as informative as possible. Honestly fill in all the fields to immediately narrow the circle of interested ladies. Those who are really in the mood for a serious relationship also want to be sure that they are communicating with a real person, and not a mother's pick-up artist.

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Fit bride

Do you dream of a wife with a sports figure? Then go look for a soul mate in the gym. It is there that the ladies pump up their nuts and make the waist aspen. I can’t say that it’s very easy to meet a girl here, since most of them still come here to do it, and not to twist tricks. However, there is always a chance.

I want to give you some useful advice so that the very first acquaintance does not become fatal:

1. Remember that the purpose of communication is not written on your forehead. Most girls are now very suspicious and see in every gentleman a potential divorce for sex. Moreover, in the gym it is very easy to peck at a juicy figure in a tight outfit. Get to know each other very delicately.

2. Many ladies in the process of playing sports remove all jewelry so that they do not interfere. So the absence of a ring is not an indicator of freedom.

3. Keep your distance. If you want to show serious intentions, you have to keep playful hands away. And in general, what normal girl will fall into your arms at the first dialogue? Are you sure you want to marry this one?

4. Soberly evaluate your figure. But this is a very important point. Many girls who take care of their own body are extremely demanding of someone else's. Of course, this is not an axiom. Really strong relationships are built on the kinship of souls, not bodies. However, try to look at least as good as a potential bride.

5. Remember about hygiene. The gym is a place where everyone collectively sweats. This applies to you too, so be sure to take a shower, use deodorant and shave your hair where it is really necessary for free sports (I'm talking about the armpits, if that).

6. Do not forget where and why you came. In addition to choosing a future wife, it would be nice to demonstrate the class on simulators yourself. Firstly, this way you will attract the attention of the surrounding ladies. Secondly, knowingly paid for the visit. Thirdly, usually girls look at the regular visitors of such an institution. Newcomers do not have such chances for a serious acquaintance as regulars.

7. Do not rush to purchase a subscription for a year at once. It's expensive and not always practical if you realize that this way of getting a wife isn't very suitable. Take, for example, for a month or a maximum of six months. Even if you don’t find a bride, you will certainly tighten your figure.

By the way, I want to warn you that the mistresses of wealthy daddies and kept women often live in gyms. So do not rush to open your wallet at the same time as your heart. We are here with you about love to the grave, and not ruin in the name of a beautiful body, right?

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We are looking for a wife among colleagues

The method is very doubtful, as for me, but sometimes fate really laughs at those who are actively looking for a soul mate, not paying attention to the opportunity to start a family with the one who works side by side every day. That's just the majority of leaders do not approve of such office romances. So carefully weigh the pros and cons before you start actively luring your colleague down the aisle.

What advantages can there be? The disadvantages here lie on the surface: constantly spend time together (and count, you will also be at home), there is always a risk of being fired, you can miss the chance to move up the career ladder, because in this case you certainly won’t go to promotion on the corpse of your beloved. However, not everything is so sad:

  • You are already probably like friends, as you are constantly in contact at work. And this is where the strongest marriages begin.
  • In the office, you always need to be able to get along with each other and extinguish conflicts in the most bloodless way. That's the start of a family for you.
  • If you work side by side long enough, then you have a detailed idea of ​​the interests and desires of everyone. If the goals of the novel completely coincide, then what to expect?
  • Mutual assistance and support has not yet been canceled. Do not know where to find a wife who could understand you perfectly? Believe me, a colleague knows exactly what kind of zaperdos was at work today. She will never say that you are sitting in your office pants. It's so expensive.
  • In the course of an office romance, “accidental” children will not come up, which are much easier to hide in the case of ordinary relationships. As a rule, at work everyone knows about each other.

The only thing I want to warn you about is the possible disagreement in terms of salary and position. If one of you is in a leadership position, then such a relationship is unlikely to lead to a healthy family, where peace and understanding reign. So think several times whether you and your potential bride can cope with this psychological problem.

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Foreign wife

Another very real option for a long-term and lasting marriage. Sometimes men are disappointed in local girls and find a wife not just in another city, but in the state. If you are now actively looking for a soul mate for the rest of your life and are really considering foreign candidates, consider the following points:

  • Language barrier. You would do well to learn a foreign dialect in order to explain your intentions to the bride.
  • Different mentality. In some countries, girls are brought up exclusively to give birth and stay at home, while in others you will be showered with rotten tomatoes for a ride to pay a bill in a cafe for two. Keep this in mind when choosing a wife.
  • Politics. Where would we be without her now? Not everywhere a man from Russia will be popular. And the point is not in appearance, but in the political differences of the states themselves.
  • Financial aspect. Alas, even with a good average salary in the Russian Federation, you will not be an enviable groom for most European brides. They are extremely self-sufficient and prefer to see a worthy candidate for husbands nearby, although they categorically do not apply for maintenance.
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So, dear friend, this little educational program has come to its logical end. Approximate places for finding a wife, I hope you have already understood. It remains to be reminded that all these are conventions. The main thing is to really get a girl and see her as a future spouse and mother of your children. In this case, the place of acquaintance simply does not really matter. Good luck!