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Where to find a girl for one night and how to chat for sex?

In modern realities, no one is surprised by the fact that two people can meet only once, have spontaneous sex and say goodbye forever. At the same time, there are no statistics that would say for sure that men or women are more susceptible to this “phenomenon” - everyone sins equally. The advantage of such an experiment is an exciting feeling, a bit of adrenaline, a feeling of passion for a stranger whom you will never see again. That is why almost every person in the world has had such an experience, because it is a way to shake things up and get some inspiration.

The question is different: where to find a girl for one night and how to chat for sex? Not every beauty agrees to an adventure. Outwardly liberated and ready for anything, the ladies turn out to be "hard nuts", while obvious quiet ones only dream of you pressing them against the wall and climbing into panties. Where can I find an affordable partner and what are the pros and cons of certain locations? How to organize communication and a date, and then properly say goodbye? You will learn about all this in our article, and soon you will be able to turn your dull evening into an erotic adventure.

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Installing a fuse

There are important points to consider if you are going to give yourself a one-time sex. If you safely forget about them, then there is a risk that you will not only not have intimacy, but also a couple of extra complexes will appear.

1. Don't go overboard with your appearance

Don't bring out the dress suit you last wore to high school prom. God forbid getting strict jackets out of the closet - no need to catch up with officialdom. You're going to "hunt" girls ready for laid-back sex, not the presidential inauguration. Don't use a lot of perfume and hair gel or you'll look like a cheap gigolo.

2. Don't use prepared texts

The whole point of dating for the night is spontaneity. A chance meeting, an easy conversation, getting to know each other and flirting - all this works better than any aphrodisiac. And you don’t need to shine with a poetic gift, if in fact you don’t have it. In any case, it will look feigned and inappropriate.

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3. Don't be a lustful animal

that you need to pounce on a new acquaintance. It is not recommended to grab the girl by the arm or waist too intensely. Only light and, as it were, casual touches that will help you and the lady tune in to a romantic mood.

4. Do not be pushy

If you see that the companion you have chosen is not at all eager to get to know you better, then it’s better to just politely apologize for the trouble and step aside. There are many other women around you, and therefore you will surely be able to find one that will be one hundred percent glad of your company.

Of course, there is no exclusive recipe for an ideal “hunt”. Everything may well depend both on the chosen location and on the time of your sorties. After all, in the evening the ladies are much more liberated, while during the day they are still under pressure due to work. Try to correctly guess the mood of your partner, because even the saddest and most depressed girl can be made cheerful and open to any experiments, if you turn on a drop of charm.

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Clubs and bars

The ideal option to find yourself a casual mistress is to go to the city in the evening. When the metropolis cools down after a day's work, all former clerks go to relax in a club or wet their throats in a bar. And girls are no exception. Regardless of age and social status, many representatives of the weaker sex prefer the cheerful atmosphere of a nightclub to quiet home leisure. After all, only here you can feel the pulse of the city, meet new people and, perhaps, flirt a little.

That's why going to the club is your sure-fire way to get a girlfriend for the next night. Not only the relaxed state of all the ladies around will play into your hands. But also a sea of ​​​​alcohol, which, as you know, makes everyone kinder. However, despite the seeming simplicity, even in such an atmosphere of permissiveness, many guys manage to make a whole bunch of mistakes. If you don't want to be in their shoes and masturbate alone at home, you should be aware of a few club rules:

  • Dress code. No formal attire unless you plan to buy the club of your choice. Yes, many men immediately after the office run to nightclubs to relax. However, even they find a way out: they take off their jacket, get rid of their tie. If you have the opportunity to gather at home, then in this case it is better not to neglect this opportunity. Choose clothes for the chosen institution and remember - some clubs require a certain style from guests.
  • Easy recharging. Yes, before going on a "hunt" you can drink. Quite a bit, just to shake things up a little and prepare for the upcoming adventure. What you should definitely not do is to get drunk "in firewood", because then you will not only not take off your beauty, but you will not go into the club itself. Therefore, clearly dose the amount of alcohol in order to be only a little in a "high spirits", and not in a state of "not standing".
  • Rules of hygiene. It is imperative that you make sure that your mouth smells of freshness, and that a pleasant fragrance emanates from your body. Be sure to take a shower (if possible), shave your stubble, apply deodorant and perfume. The main rule here is not to pour liters of perfume on yourself, because a pungent smell may not attract females, but scare them away completely and irrevocably.
  • Cash. Yes, if you really want to impress a friend, then you need to have money with you. Treat a cocktail, order a taxi to your home, buy goodies - all this requires certain expenses. However, you must clearly understand that taking a huge amount of cash with you is not only useless, but also dangerous. Therefore, allocate a strictly defined amount.
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The first thing you should do is order yourself a drink. If you just sit at the bar and look around the hall predatory, then this will not create the best reputation for you. And so you will immediately make it clear that you are with money and have come not so much to pick up someone as to relax from the usual routine.

If you see a bored lonely lady, and she seems pretty to you, do not hesitate to make an acquaintance. It will be a beautiful gesture to treat your “protégé”. You can do it right at the bar or send a bottle of champagne to her table. If the girl reacted positively, start more active actions.

Never start a conversation with how much you miss sex. The topic of sex itself is not at all taboo, but if from the first minutes you start talking about how you liked the breasts of your interlocutor, and how you would like to crush it with your hands, then your acquaintance is unlikely to stick together. Better focus on the fact that you also have no one to spend the evening with, and you would be happy if she kept you company.

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Joke more, tell funny stories and don't forget to ask her about yourself. Ask too personal questions: you're not going to lead her down the aisle. Better just ask her about work, hobbies, what she likes to do, if she has any animals. Such harmless questions will help you win over a lady, and then you won't have to think about where to find a girl for one night and how to chat for sex.

Inviting her to your home must be done carefully. Watch her reaction and notice the moments when she is most open to sensual conversations. As always, the invitation can be issued in the form of an offer to “watch a movie together / look at a collection of stamps / drink collection wine. Choose the occasion yourself, but keep in mind the fact that you shouldn’t lie too much, because a woman will wait for a certain “prelude”.

It is not recommended to leave your new acquaintance alone at home. Try to keep her always in your field of vision, because you cannot know exactly with what intentions she came to you. Of course, intimate contact must certainly be protected, and therefore you must have a condom on hand. Do not neglect the rule of hygiene and be sure to send the girl to the shower. You can also go along with her to create a romantic mood.

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Almighty Internet

In the era of total computerization, there are not many people who do not have a laptop or smartphone at home with Internet access. And if you are concerned about finding a girl for 1 night, then you probably heard about the existence of dating applications. Of course, many sites and resources position themselves as a means of finding a "soul mate", but in fact this is a huge service for finding a sexual partner. At the same time, there are many people in such applications who will willingly agree to have sex on the first date.

The strategy of action here is extremely simple. First, choose the application that you like the most. They have few significant differences, but choose those where it is possible to get acquainted without injecting real money. Thanks to the wide functionality, you can see not only the main characteristics of your interlocutors (name, age, city), but also their photos. Be extremely careful - most ladies prefer to experiment with Photoshop to look better in the pictures.

The best way to "bring to light" such artists is to ask them to send a regular home photo. You can offer to exchange "sigmas" - that is, write a certain phrase on any part of the body, take a picture and send it. It seems that there is no crime, but at the same time you will definitely know who you are talking to.

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You can start a conversation in different ways, because there are no special rules in the online space. It is recommended to demonstrate your upbringing and literacy. Hello, ask how you are. Don't forget about punctuation marks and don't overdo it with familiarity. No need to call her "baby", "baby" or "your girl". All this is permissible only after a certain time of communication.

Another test drive will allow you to make sure that your interlocutor is a real girl, and not an insidious fake. Invite her to talk on the phone. And so that the cost of calls does not hit both of you in the pocket, use some messenger. Any conversation in which you can hear the voice of your new acquaintance can create a certain romantic connection between you. So you can start with a light "virt", gradually moving on to more tempting offers.

When meeting a girl “from the Internet”, it is not recommended to immediately take her to your home. Choose any other location: hotel, rented apartment, cottage or even your own car. As a rule, women who agree to spontaneous sex are not at all averse to experimenting with the meeting place. As soon as you see a girl, greet her, hug her. It is permissible to give a small symbolic gift in the form of a bouquet or a box of chocolates. Before sex, you can take a lady to a cafe and warm up your and her interest with a frank conversation, a glass of wine and a few snacks.

As always, don't forget about safety. No need to "be led" to the persuasion of a friend that she is taking birth control. Remember - she can say anything, but you will feel the most uncomfortable if she "suddenly" becomes pregnant. Don't be too aggressive and don't do "candid shots". Everything that is temporary can only remain in memory. Any video or photo will easily turn into an unpleasant compromising evidence in capable hands.

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English grooming is optional

No matter how fantastic your evening may be, sooner or there comes a time when you need to say goodbye to a girl. This is the main problem of many guys: they begin to unconsciously send signals to their partner, hinting at a second meeting. If you are not interested in a serious relationship, then just refrain from such behavior, and you can leave your companion with a light heart and pleasant memories.

1. Do not caress a girl after sex. If you start to "bask" with her, hug, stroke, kiss, then she may decide that you feel something more than sexual attraction for her. This does not mean that you need to be rude and push her away, but you should not be overly romantic either.

2. Do not run away immediately and silently. Having enjoyed it, you should not immediately jump up and pull on your clothes, simultaneously moving towards the exit. It will be most impolite, and generally unpleasant. A woman will feel used, therefore she will be able to launch a few caustic words after you. And even if you have thick skin, this is unacceptable for a real man.

3. Do not exchange all personal contacts and do not promise to see each other. Often, many acquaintances say goodbye when they say goodbye. And in your case it is extremely wrong. The sex that you got was a one-time pleasure, and therefore giving false hope again is, at the very least, improvident. Better just say goodbye, thank you for a wonderful night and leave. The only exceptions are those options in which you feel that you would not mind seeing your partner again and you feel that she is also disposed towards you.

4. Don't leave her without sweets. If you leave, satisfied yourself, but not satisfying the lady, then your reputation will sooner or later fall below nowhere. A grateful woman will say goodbye to you much more calmly and will not complicate the situation by dragging in sudden grievances or feelings.

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Where to find a girl for one night and how to persuade him to have sex? Everything is much simpler than it might seem at first glance. There is no need to look through a bunch of options, go around dozens of establishments and “reject” those who definitely won’t fit. To summarize all of the above, then a temperamental man must follow a few simple rules:

  • Take your time. You have enough time to find a suitable partner. If you are in a hurry, then the woman will think that you are completely desperate, and will not want to make an acquaintance.
  • Keep it simple. Complex speech constructions, overly pretentious images and colorful clothes - there is no need for everything to be “too much”. It will be enough if you are yourself, but show a little more attentiveness and charm.
  • Don't be concerned. Hot temperament - this does not mean that you have to lash out with hot kisses. Just know how to make well-aimed and beautiful compliments, and she will not be able to resist your charm.
  • Be mutual. You want to have fun, but don't forget that your companion also craves it. Sex is a story about two people, so turn off your selfishness and pay attention to her erogenous zones.
  • Know how to say "bye". Intimacy at a time is just a single episode in your life. If you are sure that you do not want a serious relationship, do not give hope and say goodbye politely.
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Changing partners frequently is acceptable to many men in today's world. If you choose the right companion for yourself, arrange a date and learn not only to receive, but also to give pleasure, then you will not have any problems finding another mistress. In addition, such an experiment can be a great way for you to unwind or even find your soul mate, because feelings are not subject to logic or cold calculation.