Where are we heading?

Once upon a time, the word "bitch" was considered an insult, and for "whore" without hesitation they gave in the face. Dedicated to modern secular chickens and depraved youngsters...

“Where are we heading?”, “Shameless!”, “But in our time...” - everyone heard such revelations from a familiar pensioner grandmother. But here's the thing - I'm not offended by them, because at 24 I already want to creak: “But I remember how once...”

Once, as a child, I first saw station prostitutes. So, the then “butterflies” behaved more dignified and looked more decent (even more expensive!), Than modern secular chickens and depraved youngsters.

Once upon a time, the word "bitch" was considered an insult, and for a "whore" without thinking they gave in the face and stopped saying hello. It freaks me out when two blondes kiss and yell merrily when they meet with a kiss: “Gee-s, my favorite bitch!” I cringe when a rough guy yells: "Oh, you're a whore!", And his companion only lazily mutters: "Ka-azel...". I will never get used to newlywed women eight months pregnant. And to how a freshly baked husband during the dance holds his young wife by the buttocks, leaving sweaty prints on the snow-white dress, and she looks at her husband with tenderness.

I used to love leafing through my mom's fashion magazines. Women in colorful clothes looked at me from the pages - smiling, serious, dreamy, foolish, proud.

Now I see in the magazines the same roughly made-up face, the same languid bl. sky look, the same pose with a bent back and a protruding ass. Same thing on TV. And on the Internet. And in life.

What is this, a modern ideal - a brainless, accessible female cattle? And this redneck has already ceased to pretend that, in addition to sexual intercourse, he knows how to do something else.

I didn't get sick. I'm scared.