Where and how to have sex in public places?

In their youth, many young people have difficulty finding a place for solitude, so they often indulge in surging passion right in a public place. Other love couples get out of a cozy bed into the street in search of thrills and unforgettable sex.

The reasons that push lovers to have sex all apartments are varied, but most agree that this is a great erotic adventure. Where to have sex, so as not to disturb passers-by, not to get into the police and get great sex? These extreme experiences will keep your personal and sex life in top shape.

Where to have sex in public places?

Sex in the car

This is the most compromise option, but no less amazing. Stop the car on the side of the road, on the banks of the river or in the parking lot, and then indulge in love pleasures. Sex in the car has its own specifics in positions, but it's great. Life has been wasted if you haven't tried obscenities with a cute chick in a car.

Sex in the park or forest

This sex is chosen by many lovers of public sex. Climb into a secluded place and surrender to the surging passion. This may be a sparsely populated corner of the park, a bench forgotten by everyone, or another secluded place. Lift her dress, put her on her knees and more.

Sex on the roof, in the entrance, elevator or balcony

Houses are good for lovemaking if done late at night or in secluded places. Sex in the elevator and the entrance should be very fast. Sex on the roof is good, when only stars are above you, and all the tenants are sleeping. You can have sex on the balcony even in your own apartment, the main thing is to wait for the dark time of the day.

Sex on the train

It is best to choose for this lesson not a reserved seat, but a compartment. To do this, you should first buy all the places so that no one will prevent you from surrendering to unbridled passion. It will be private sex, but almost in a public place. Tapping the wheels and rocking the wagon will give your sex an extra drive. Have you ever wanted to do "it" on the train?

Sex in a building

Sex in an office, closet, utility room, or random room. This sex is good in places where there are no cameras. You will like this sex, the main thing in this matter is not to sleep. Maximum conspiracy and speed of sex.

Sex on the beach

Such sex is talked about so much that they even invented an alcoholic cocktail. Sex on the banks of a river, lake or sea. It can be on vacation or during normal weekdays. Take a blanket and a bottle of wine. This romantic night on the coast or the beach will haunt your mind for a long time to come. You will dream of repeating this again and again.

How to have sex in public places. Tips for lovers

  • Always look for the most secluded place.
  • Try not to make noise, laugh or moan loudly.
  • Do not forget tissues and condoms.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Girls wear dresses and skirts.
  • Do not scatter clothes, but lift them up. Put her panties in your pocket.
  • Fuck as fast and active as possible.
  • Quickly leave the scene of the "crime", or rather the orgasm.

If you haven't engaged in obscenities in a public place, then what can you know about real extreme and unforgettable sex?