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When you don't have to pay for women

It is customary for us to pay for women, and if you do not do this, then you will not immediately be considered a man. There are at least three situations when it is not only possible, but necessary, not to pay for women.

In our culture, not paying for a woman is like shitting your pants. It seems not illegal, but they will look at you askance. However, I insist that there are at least three situations when it is not only possible, but also necessary not to pay for women...

The first situation. Fucked up woman

It's about when a girl you barely know or don't know at all, suddenly and without any declaration of war, spitting on all the rules of etiquette, demands a chic dinner in a restaurant on the first date. Moreover, “requires” is the key word here.

At his discretion, a man can, of course, rent a restaurant with musicians all night, ride a girlfriend in a rented limousine, give her armfuls of flowers, etc. The question is that this is a voluntary choice of a man who wants to be generous. It doesn't matter why. Maybe he won a million in the lottery, or maybe he just wanted to. Another thing is that any significant expenses are a private matter of a man. A man who feels the slightest pressure on himself as a person has every right to split the account and go into the fog. And he will do it right!

Situation two. Sex blackmail

The girl does not seem to be a prostitute, but directly or indirectly hints that the continuation of the banquet is possible only after the man spends well (transfers money to the phone, sends it by courier, throws it on the card). Some go so far as to directly say: a gift for 2000-3000 rubles, or give money. Adherents of moldy resources, such as the same Mamba, who give way to more modern Tinder and Bud, especially like to put forward such demands. I'm not here to condemn other people's moral values.

As a rule, ladies who trade in this way are not worth these expenses either: the look is worse than that of a real professional, and the range of services is uncompetitive. And it consists of one position - to please her all night.

The third situation. Unhealthy reindeerism

No, you understand me correctly, I'm not for men not to pay anywhere and never. I really like it when men give me a coat, or open the car door, or hold the door. And if my buddy wants to pay for my omelette or buy me a cocktail, I'm all for it. It's a nice tradition, that's all.

However, some guys are brought up in the spirit that they have to pay always and everywhere, and as a result, the ladies literally sit on their necks.

For example, I consider it wrong to take out a wallet if the lady was expected alone, but rowed up on a date with her friends. As for me, then you can strain the gentleman by paying for dinner in this case only in one situation. When a fun orgy is supposed to be for all the members who came. If we are talking about just feeding friends, future mothers-in-law, cats and husbands of your girlfriend, this is somehow too much.

In addition, I would recommend that ladies always remember that paying for dinner is a goodwill gesture of a man, and not his duty. Therefore, it’s better not to screw up, and order only for the amount that you have in your wallet, and which you can spend without any problems. However, shaking sex with such a well-mannered girl like a pear is also not supposed to, right?

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