When a woman is stupid

Ideal women are few. Life is short to spend it on ugly girls, so take a stupid one, we'll tell you what to do with it! When a woman is a fool

Men almost always want to see a beautiful, educated girl next to them, that is, one that would combine the qualities of both a top model and a research assistant. But every day it becomes more and more difficult to do this. If smart - then not beautiful and unkempt, if beautiful - then "stupid, like a Siberian felt boot." But there are exceptions, of course. As Wikipedia says - "a fool is not a smart woman of any age." One way or another, even a woman who has good brains in her beautiful little head, doing stupid things, will also be considered a fool. There are many of them, and even such a person may be present in your environment personally. What are they, women fools?

1. Fool-beauty.

The most hated and saddest character of all types of fools. There are so many falsehoods, lies, foolishness in him that sometimes you want to hit them properly, but you can’t beat girls.

Case history: it all started when glamor came into the world, plastic surgery, fashion as an icon to be prayed for, the appearance of those fifas that filled the beauty of the world with their unnaturalness and ugliness.

Diagnosis: undeniably to the point of madness believing in her body and face, a pretty fool. In addition to the outer shell, having nothing. Believes that she will save the world. Haha, I wonder what kind of place she will do it?!

Treatment: exclusion of fashionable parties from her life, initiation to fiction, the right (ie serious and knowing the real value of life) husband or lover.

As the song says: “Combineers, tractor drivers, watermelon truck loaders - these guys are not the dream of glamorous fools”

2. Naive fool.

Young girls, even mature women, for whom the world is a population of exceptionally good people. Men deceive girls, use them as they want, fool around and use their trust.

Case history: faith and putting on rose-colored glasses. Creating in your head (in your imagination) ideal people, the world and that everything in this world is “kind and fluffy”.

Diagnosis: loving everyone and who believes in a good life - like in a fairy tale, a fool with a naive perception.

Treatment: introducing her to bad people, i.e. with you.

As they say: “He said that he had been looking for someone like me all his life!! And he, as soon as they slept, threw it the next morning! - Well, that's right! I went to look for the next one just like you - a naive fool!

3. Fool-"saw".

Usually, this expression is applied to wives, to those who infuriate everyone with their discontent.

Case history: Begins with the invention of the first Friendship saw. But seriously, most likely, women of this type appeared with the emergence of when the weaker sex was allowed to power.

Diagnosis: a woman who has no idea that she has already frankly annoyed her partner with stupid nitpicking.

Treatment: a stern, strict male hand, a serious and frank conversation about a sore point, a threat of divorce or leaving her. You can also start sawing her for any convenient reason, sooner or later it will get her. For fun: buy her a real saw and tell her to go sawing the boards, not you.

The aphorism says: “If a wife saws her husband, it means that she wants to make a beautiful half out of him.”

4. Fool by coincidence.

Case history: it all started with a situation where your decision did not coincide with the decision of others. Characteristic phrases: "Well, the fool that went...". "Stupid for believing." You didn't tell him you were pregnant, you're a fool!" And everything like that.

Diagnosis: a fool who knows in advance that makes the wrong decisions... but, nevertheless, still does just that.

Treatment: "Measure seven times - cut once." Listening to friends and family. Try to live not with your heart, but with your head. And it is advisable not to get into such situations.

Aphorism: “Only a really good woman can do a really stupid thing”

5. Just a fool.

Medical history: it is difficult to say how and when they appeared. They are cutely called "fools", but they twist a finger at the temple behind their backs. No, they are not crazy, and everything is in order with their psyche, they just behave like that in life - like fools, as if on purpose. It's probably easier for them to live that way.

Diagnosis: living on "its own wave". Very calmly or with humor related to life and everything that happens, just a fool.

Treatment: She needs to be shown a different life - how to live to the fullest. Talk about the fact that life should not be afraid and play the fool. The main goal is seriousness, teach it to be so.

Aphorism: “If you call a woman a “complete fool”, she will be more offended by an adjective”

You are lucky if from the above characteristics you did not recognize your acquaintances in them women. Well, and if nevertheless such are present, then treat. On the other hand, life is too short to waste it on ugly girls…