What to write to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend: 150 messages or sms to ex

Sometimes relationships end, but love doesn't. One of the most accessible methods of restoring a relationship is correspondence with the former. What to write to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in a message in order to establish contact by trying to return relationships and love?

Relationships are usually destroyed on the initiative of one of the lovers, and much less often by mutual decision. In most cases, it is women who leave men, but sometimes guys leave girls too.

Breaking up is often a stupid mistake, because the relationship had great prospects, and you acted on emotions, became a victim of rumors or misunderstandings. What to do in a situation where you want to restore a relationship, but do not know how? Use messages in social networks or instant messengers, or you can send SMS. This is the most convenient or sometimes the only way to somehow establish contact in order to return love.

What to write to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend after breaking up

Love is beautiful the feeling when we set it up can be a terrifying tragedy. This is sometimes an emotional and psychological disaster. But do not think that everything is lost forever. The former very often converge again, as they sort out their feelings a little and negative emotions subside. About half of the couples return to the former and even live happily ever after.

If you broke up, then you should try to start corresponding with your soul mate, if it is difficult to see each other, or is fraught with a final break. Messages and light texting can sometimes repair bridges of love that have been broken by mistake. A kind of careful word-to-mouth exchange.

You cannot enter the same water twice, but it is possible to love each other a second time. To do this, you should wait for some time, but very short, so that the second half gets a little bored from your parting. But you should not be intrusive in correspondence, but only show some reasonable activity, arousing interest, attraction and love from the opposite sex.

You can send messages on any of the weekdays in the evening so that the person can read the message in a relaxed atmosphere. This will be some emotional hook that will bring up some positive memories, warm emotions, weakened love feelings. The former also think about us, they just often wait for the first step or a hint of reconciliation themselves. Why not try to reconnect with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend if the feelings are still strong?

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What to write to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend

You can try to get your ex back after a long breakup, but if not enough time has passed time, the chances are much higher. It should be remembered that your ex-partner also worries and thinks about you. The main task is to show that the lessons of love and mistakes have been learned, and you are ready to start a happier relationship from a new leaf.

It's time to come up with a message to your ex or ex. You can come up with something long and romantic to message your soul mate. But sometimes short, concise and sincere messages to the former will be more effective, because they concentrate the thought and the love message.

Use emojis and ellipses in your messages, because there are so many things left unsaid. We have compiled options for both sexes so that girls can get their ex-boyfriends back, and men can get their ex-wives and beloved women back. Examples of messages you can send to an ex.

1. We got a good love story. Cheerful, rich and a little sad. It taught me a lot and turned my whole inner world upside down.

2. Out of habit, I think about you before going to bed, thinking about the best way to wish good night.

3. Hello! Decided to be the first to break this protracted silence. Want to talk?

4. I want to try everything again and give our love a second chance.

5. Only thanks to you did I understand what true love is.

6. I don't know if you have forgiven me, but I can't do it myself.

7. I have a bottle of champagne. Come visit. I will be very glad to see you.

8. I am happy (-a) that at least part of the life path was (-la) with you.

9. I wish I could take care of you now. Take care of yourself.

10. Did you find one thing at your place … that I think I left with you?

11. You taught me to truly love and follow my dreams.

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12. Hello! Haven't talked in a long time. How are you doing?

13. Sometimes I think about how good we were together.

14. Breaking up with you unsettled me. Here I sit thumping.

15. For a long time I could not decide to write to you...

16. Can we remain friends and be friends? We have something to talk about and have fun.

17. I would really need your help with... If you can, of course.

18. I saw you online and decided to write to you. How's it going?

19. Can I ask you for one service for old friendship, or rather love?

20. You're a movie buff. Can you suggest an interesting movie to watch?

21. Let's satisfy our passion together until we meet someone else?

22. Never forget me. Never forget me, I will always remember you too.


23. I'm sorry I didn't live up to your expectations. I will develop and grow above myself.

24. Sometimes it seems to me that all this is a bad dream. I wake up and you are next to me.

25. At night I can't control myself. Hey!

26. Saying “I'm sorry” is only the first step towards reconciliation, but I want to tell you this.

27. I miss your beautiful and charming smile.

28. This breakup shook me a lot, but my heart and body still belongs only to you.

29. Life is too short for us to be apart for so long. Let's get together.

30. Do you remember how we were... It was an amazing time.

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31. I ruined everything. How can I ask for forgiveness? I agree to everything.

32. I miss you and your hot body. So I want everything back at least for a moment. Can we at least sleep with each other for old friendship?

33. Last night I had a strange dream about you, and I want to tell it.

34. Long time no see. I thought for a long time about what happened. Now I see everything differently. Do you want to meet and talk?

35. I even went to a psychologist, but even he did not help me. I can't say goodbye to you. Let's start over.

36. Listen to the radio and hear our favorite song. What are you doing now?

37. I finally tried..., which you talked about so much. It's really cool.

38. Today I was in your area and so I wanted to visit you.

39. Silence destroys my heart. Come visit me, just drink tea or something stronger.

40. I'm taking a bath now and thinking about you. Can you come?

41. Hello! If you're not dating anyone, then I have a cool idea.

42. What to write to an ex-boyfriend (girlfriend) to forgive you? You know very well how much I love you.

43. Remember, you cooked a dish. Can you suggest a recipe?

44. You're like dandruff. I can't get you out of my head.

45. What are you doing now? My body wants you. Let's meet.

46. Today I smelled..., and it reminded me so much of you.

47. Despite everything that happened, I am very grateful to you. I have become a completely different person now.

48. I saw you in the pictures. I like your new style.

49. I hope that at least in a dream we will be together with you.

50. Hello! Didn't expect a message? How are you and what do you do?

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also ideal.

52. You may not trust me, but if you allow me, I will show you how I have changed.

53. I still think about us. I will not Give Up. I will fight for you until victory.

54. Maybe you will think that this is terribly stupid. But I want to have my last wish.

55. I don't even know why I decided to write. I think we have something to talk about and something to do together.

56. Do you still like strawberries and champagne?

57. I am writing to you for the reason that I miss you a lot and cannot live without you.

58. I got drunk and could not resist writing to you. I'm drunk on alcohol and drunk on you.

59. Now I understand how many mistakes I made. Hope you will be happy.

60. Despite the separation, my love for you has not disappeared.

61. You are in my mind, heart and all over my body.

62. I want to buy something in the store. Can you keep me company?

63. How do you feel about an easy love affair with your ex?

64. Let's go on a first date again. It will be awesome.

65. You're pretty good at… Can you give me some advice?

66. I feel bad without you. Forgive me for everything that hurt you.

67. Can you give me at least a small chance to fix everything.

68. You are my whole world and my whole universe. Don't leave.

69. Came to your area on business. Will you invite me for tea?

70. I have never felt so much love as after a breakup.

71. I would like to lie that everything is fine with me, but this is not so.

72. Let's meet at our favorite place.

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73. After breaking up, I learned to live again, but not to love.

74. I tried to find on the Internet what to write to my ex-boyfriend (girlfriend), but everything there is not what I want to tell you. I love you very much and I want everything back.

75. You taught me courage and the ability not to be afraid of the challenge of life. Thank you for everything.

76. Remember how we walked in the park holding hands? Could this ever happen again?

77. I dream of returning to the time when we were together. When the sun shone brighter and the grass was greener.

78. We can look at each other and understand everything without words. We are made for each other.

79. I want to feel that feeling again, when you hug me and it seems like you have gone to heaven.

80. Something reminded me of our first date.

81. I'm sure (s) that we would have succeeded.

82. It will be easier for me if I know that you are happy.

83. I will always have a place for you in my heart.

84. It is a pity that nothing can be returned. I really love you.

85. Find love in your heart and give us another chance.

86. What book would you recommend to read?

87. I don't want to pretend that my life is better without you. She lost her meaning and everything else.

88. You won't wish on your enemy what I feel when I part with you.

89. What clothes would you recommend for a present for my brother (sister)?

90. A lonely life is not for me, but I can’t love anyone except you.

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91. I don't regret anything so much as breaking up.

92. This world has become better and only thanks to you has realized this. Don't leave.

93. It's a pity that I spoke so little about feelings with you.

94. I often miss the times when we kissed and planned the future.

95. You were the one I was most afraid of losing.

96. I don't want our love to end like this. Let's fix it.

97. We have been without each other for too long. Let's stop this.

98. I plan to start a rearrangement of the house. Can you give me some advice.

99. I'm so tormented that I just don't know how to forget you.

100. Do you think we still have a chance with you? I am ready to do everything.

101. Absolutely everything reminds me of you, even the most innocent things.

102. I don't even know why we broke up. I think this is my biggest mistake.

103. You were the one I wanted to spend my life with.

104. I know for sure that we were in a hurry, destroying what was so dear to us.

105. I finally tried that restaurant you once recommended.

106. For a long time I could not find the words to write. I'm very sorry that this happened.

107. I ruined everything. Forgive me?

108. I've been thinking a lot lately. Now I see everything differently. I just want you to know that I'm really sorry.

109. I'm in our favorite place now. But it's just that you're not there.

110. I tried to find words to write to my ex-boyfriend (girlfriend), but how can I describe what is going on in my soul?

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111. I dream that I dream about you.

112. Just tried (-s)... if you saw (s), you would be proud of me.

113. Would you like to go to a cafe, eat or drink something? If there is a desire?

114. You were always in my thoughts. You are always the only one in my heart.

115. Hopefully in time we will both realize that this was a terrible mistake.

116. I can't get rid of the thought of you. Everything about you, from thoughts to love.

117. I always smile when I think of you. Let's find a way to make up and find the courage to mend the relationship.

118. I don't need help to move on. I need help to get everything back.

119. I was kissing a pillow last night when I had a dream.

120. I understand that I can't get you back. But I just want to know how are you doing and is everything okay?

121. Let's finish past mistakes and misunderstandings. Let's start from scratch.

122. What to write to an ex-boyfriend (girlfriend)? Our relationship taught me a lot. Thanks for the experience, so warm and happy.

123. The sun rises and a new day begins. But my world has stopped.

124. I think I saw you today. Directly got excited.

125. I can move on, but I want to take everything back.

126. Even the rides in the park don't seem so funny without you.

127. Being far from you is my most terrible punishment and retribution.

128. Either I will be with you, or I will become the best philosopher in the world.

129. You are like my polar star, and without you I cannot find my way.

130. Let's get our relationship back, because you want it too.

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131. Heard you're good. Can we meet and celebrate?

132. I know for sure that the time spent with you was the best.

133. Hello! I dreamed of you. Did you want something)?

134. Do you remember those times when we were together against the whole world? Was this my best time?

135. It may be stupid and ridiculous, but I want to see you.

136. Hello! Can we chat? I have a couple of interesting stories.

137. Love makes our life difficult and confusing, but it's worth it. Shall we go for a walk or sit at your place?

138. For the last N hours, N minutes and N seconds I have missed you.

139. I don't know if you will feel better and better, but everything came back to me like a boomerang.


140. If I could turn back time, I would just hug you.

141. I look at your photos and see that you are getting prettier and sweeter every day.

142. Remember that adventure that happened to us? It reminded me of something recently.

143. I'm sorry I didn't make you feel good enough. Here the fault lies solely with me.

144. Every day I am reminded that I failed to make you happier.

145. While we are together, we are stronger. Let's get together again.

146. You made my heart beat faster. I miss you and every inch of your body.

147. I can't sleep, eat or think about anything but you. Only you make me happy.

148. Lessons learned, bumps filled, but I don't want to move on. I want everything back.

149. I miss the nights we spent together. When we gazed at the stars and made wishes.

150. I love you. Maybe it's so few words, but so sincerely. Lets be together.

It is very difficult to find words for a person with whom you had a relationship and a future, and then collapsed. What to write to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? Pick something that works best for the two of you and your situation. It should be remembered that you need to put pressure not on pity, but try to show how much you have changed for the better. Sometimes you can send a photo of a beautiful sunrise or yourself in beautiful clothes, or maybe without it, to wake up feelings.

I hope you can get your exes back. But if not, then that's fate. She will cook someone better for you, but a little later. Don't leave your loved ones! Love to all!