What to talk about with a girl on a date?

The first date is a very exciting thing for both girls and guys. In addition to worries about their appearance, they also care about what are you talking about?

I will say right away that there are no universal topics for conversation. Everything is very individual and depends on many factors that are determined by the initial data. Much depends on the status, experience and nature of your relationship, on age, manners and upbringing.

It's one thing if you and your chosen one are adults, serious people, aged 30+, who recently met in the theater or at an exhibition, it's another thing if both of you are young students - classmates of the first year of the university, in fact, yesterday's schoolchildren, and even living in neighboring dorm rooms!

The slang of communication and topics of conversation in both cases are very different from each other. Let's just look at different examples for clarity.

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". This, of course, includes not only students who are classmates, but also young people who are in the same company, or who have known each other for a long time. Age is considered predominantly young - up to 23 years.

Of course, if you have common acquaintances or mutual friends, you have a lot of topics for conversation. If you are a member of the same company or study group of an educational institution, then you do not have to come up with topics for conversation.

Most likely, you both have a lot of situations experienced together and similar impressions and feelings from them.

In the cozy atmosphere of a cafe or on a walk, topics will be found by themselves, and the conversation will be easy and relaxed. You don’t have to tritely discuss the weather and the political situation in the world (which, by the way, you shouldn’t do).

Discussing common acquaintances and past joint pastimes, everyone will express their feelings, supplement their opinions, give examples from life, so you will get to know each other closer and closer.

With each date, topics for conversation will appear by themselves, and dates will be more relaxed. Very soon, when going on another date, none of you will think of bothering with a topic for conversation.

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2. Recent acquaintance

The situation is quite different if you met recently, there are no common topics for conversation yet.

When going on a date, not only are you scrolling through your head the phrases that you will say today, be sure, she, too, is most likely rehearsing a speech. An awkward situation of silence, when both of you have nothing to say, scares both of you equally.

What to talk about in these cases?

To begin with, you just need to relax and try to catch the partner's mood. It is not necessary that both of you will frantically select topics for conversation. Often one of the partners (usually a representative of the strong half of humanity) takes on this mission, the girl in this case should only skillfully keep up the conversation.

What can be discussed on a date with a girl, and what topics should not be raised, now we will figure it out.

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Topics for conversation

  • Discuss preferences for a date place (share impressions of cozy cafes and restaurants, squares, parks, exhibitions and theaters). This way you can choose the location of your next date.
  • If you meet in a cafe or restaurant, you can discuss your taste preferences.
  • Hobbies, hobbies - a great topic for conversation.
  • Holidays and beautiful places where you rested.
  • If the topics are not closed or unpleasant, you can talk about your family, parents, recall funny stories from childhood or adulthood. Humor is the main assistant on a date, laughter relieves tension and stiffness, promotes emancipation, brings people together.
  • If the date is not the first one, and you are close enough with each other, you can tell each other how you were afraid of the first date, and what embarrassment happened to you - this also brings the hell together and amuses both.
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Forbidden topics

1. Do not tell your chosen one about your former passions. Remember, no woman will be delighted that a man, inviting her on a date, talked about other women! It doesn’t matter what status these girls occupied in your life - they gave one-time sex, cohabited with you, or were legal “spouses”, you don’t need to tell your new lady of the heart about them. It will be equally unpleasant for her to hear how wonderful they were, and you loved them, or how bitches they turned out to be, and now you hate them! Never tell one woman about another on a date. This is a losing topic for conversation, and apart from an unpleasant sediment in the soul, it will leave nothing.

2. A woman will not be pleased if you start telling her about what a sexy body she has and what you dream of doing with her in bed. It's vulgar, rude and vulgar. No normal woman with self-respect would tolerate such a blatant disgrace! Of course, if you have been in an intimate relationship for a long time, and then a burning desire suddenly flooded in, you can certainly discuss this. But if this is one of the first dates, then this topic of conversation should not be actively developed.

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that you have a small salary. After listening to your complaints, she may conclude that you are a whiner and a pessimist, and you need to stay away from you.

4. Do not hint to her that this restaurant is expensive and your lunch (dinner) will cost him a pretty penny. Otherwise, she will conclude that you are a greedy bore, and save on her from the first days of your acquaintance. This will most likely offend her, and push her away from you.

5. You should not discuss politics, the state and power because a girl can have diametrically opposed views on all of the above, and you will not see eye to eye from the very first minutes of communication. Why create such difficulties?

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Similar topics can be discussed later. After all, she may not be interested in politics at all and not really understand economics. In this case, she will be bored and uninteresting. Therefore, when discussing a new topic, always analyze the partner's reaction.

Given that you are a representative of the strong half of humanity, male, the lady expects that it is you who will set the direction for the date!

Be natural, relaxed and calm. Ask unobtrusive questions to the girl, let her tell about herself, about her hobbies.

Equally important is the look! After all, the eyes, as you remember, are the mirror of the soul! Look into her eyes and try to guess what she doesn't want to tell you yet...

A lot depends on how the first date goes. Try to make sure that it is not the last, and the girl wants to meet you again.

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Often, a first date serves as an indicator, thanks to which young people draw certain conclusions about whether they should continue a nascent relationship or not.

Being as natural and real as possible is the best model of behavior on a date, because by putting on masks and painting ourselves as a completely different person, we deceive our partner, thereby deceiving ourselves in the ghostly prospects of building an initially toxic and deceitful relationship!