What to do to be happy?

You can find happiness by doing things that are uncomfortable for you, risky, and sometimes even dangerous. A happy life should be an active journey with drifts and clouds of dust.

If you are one of those who wonder: “What to do to become happy?” Then you are far from alone. This is the most popular, but not easily attainable desire in the world. People from all over the world consider the search for happiness to be more important than finding meaning in life, achieving a dream, becoming financially rich, or going to heaven. Happiness lies in simple and complex things at the same time.

What can I do to be happy?

1. Happiness outside the comfort zone on the way to dreams

Happiness is the satisfaction of one's curiosity. For example, you are not sitting at home, but are going to ride a bike with friends, go to the theater, fly in a hot air balloon, go on a picnic, visit a neighboring city or go on a trip.

From a physical point of view, it is more pleasant and peaceful to stay at home, but we will feel unsatisfied that we did not take the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone. We did not satisfy our curiosity and did not give the opportunity to enjoy the discovery of new sensations.

For example, leaving an unloved high-paying job for a more pleasant and interesting one makes us happy. We move out of our comfort zone towards adventure, but we become happy.

Moving to another city is also not easy and fraught with many difficulties, but it makes us happier.

We feel happy when we satisfy our curiosity and do things that interest us. Happiness is getting out of the comfort zone for new sensations and moving towards a dream.

2. Happiness and communication with other people

The happiest people are those who have good friends and relatives. Connecting with other people makes us happier. When we are in a difficult life situation, or vice versa, we are very good, we are looking for loved ones to share our experiences and feelings with them. Happiness lies in friendship and good relationships with people close to you. When we communicate together in the kitchen, share experiences, help each other. Communication with like-minded people makes us happy. Therefore, look for love, friends and build relationships with loved ones.

3. Happiness and difficulties

Do you want to become happy? Don't avoid problems, learn from them. When problems pile up, you don’t need to pretend that everything is fine. Don't hide from negative emotions. Recognize the problems, difficulties and injustices of the world. But this should not drive into a corner and deprive of strength. Let difficulties be a motivation, a challenge, a desire to become better and stronger. Gradually, the ability to resist troubles and negative emotions will become stronger. Happiness lies in the ability to overcome difficulties and enjoy success.

4. Happiness and goals

We are pleased with successes, victories, and the achievement of the desired goal makes us happy. Learn to enjoy the little things and thank fate for what you have, and not complain about the lack of something. It is the road to the dream that makes us happy. When we walk along it, and do not sit on the ass. Set goals, make plans and achieve your dreams. Only then will you be happy.

5. Happiness and constant movement at maximum speed

American writer and founder of gonzo journalism Hunter Stockton Thompson wrote:

“Life should be a journey to the grave not with the intent to arrive safe and in a beautiful, well-preserved body, but rather to skid, in a puff of smoke, completely exhausted and worn out, loudly proclaiming - "This is a trip!" "

The more you move the more happy. The more often you succumb to passions, emotions, adventures and travel, the greater the satisfaction from life. Happiness is in constant motion, and not in vegetating aside from real life. When life is in full swing. When you move at maximum speed towards goals, dreams, interests, sensations, craziness, travel, friendship and love.

Will you continue to be unhappy or ready to take a step towards happiness? Maybe it's time to be happy?