What to do on vacation: entertainment for schoolchildren and students

In connection with extraordinary weekends, schoolchildren and students have a lot of free time. What would you spend it on if you don’t really want to study or all the tasks have already been done?

Let's think about where to go, what to do at home, on the street or somewhere else. What to do on an unexpected vacation?

A few general ideas for schoolchildren and students

Let's start with the most popular:


They have a steady income and some video loggers are really interesting to watch. Just keep in mind that you can't just become a blogger. You need to be at least something of yourself, but it’s better to do something interesting that other people might like. It is easier for girls in this sense - if they are very beautiful, then many agree to just look at cute photos and life, but if you are a guy, you will have to lure something. then can you?

2. Find friends through the Internet

There are many sites for finding friends now. You can start with VK, chat roulette and, if you want more, or find, for example, foreign friends, then use other services that can be found on the Internet.

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3. Try streaming

Streamers these days are not only having a great time, but also making good money. Of course, here, too, you need to be able to do something. At the very least, it's good to play video games to review them. Well, either you can be interesting and be able to joke cool, as Alex Lusik, for example, does. There are a lot of cool stimmers, first look who you like best, choose your style, your niche and develop. By the way, it's good if you get a good microphone and camera, otherwise there is a chance that they won't watch you.

4. Drawing

If you draw well, you will have many followers. Your Instagram will be popular, and you can also create a YouTube channel where you will show how you draw. Vacations are not enough to learn this art, but you can at least start. There are many lessons and courses on the Internet. Choose what you like.

5. Music

Very few people can sing well and beautifully. This is talent. But if a bear hasn’t stepped on your ear, then you can at least try to sign up for online courses. If you're good at singing, try singing a duet with others on the Smule app. You may also be interested in recording mixes and tracks.

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- hangouts. Maybe you're a fan of Harry Potter and the wizarding world, or maybe you're interested in The Lord of the Rings. In any case, on the Internet you can find yourself an interesting community in which you will open up, show yourself and meet cool guys and girls who are passionate about the same thing as you.

7. Anime

In the modern world, anime is a real trend. Animated series, movies, games - anime is conquering the world and young people are more and more interested in such things. Try drawing manga or writing stories in this style.

8. Video games

What can I say, you can install Steam and plunge into such a variety of games that you may not have enough time to study. How to properly allocate time is up to you, but playing to relax and unwind is a great idea. The main thing is not to sit down, otherwise it will be difficult to come off later.

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Entertainment for schoolchildren

In terms of quarantine, holidays or weekends, we sometimes do not know what to do, especially, if there is a lockdown in the city and many establishments are closed, but you don’t have a QR code yet, because you haven’t been vaccinated yet, etc.

If you have already tidied up the apartment several times, dealt with pets, washed the dishes and hung a mountain of laundry from the washer to the dryer, then what else to do? Especially if you need to stay at home.

It is very useful to engage in self-education, as well as self-development. This can be quite simple and no special tools are needed for this.

1. Learn some foreign languages ​​

Maybe you like Italian songs, or Rammstein. Now there are a lot of online lessons in order to study the language at home with native speakers, and do it in video format. In a couple of weeks you can already master the basics of the language, and if you have to sit at home for a month, you can learn to explain yourself a little in a new language.

It will also be incredibly helpful to watch films in a foreign language, learn songs and sing along to your favorite bands, and read your favorite books, but in a new language. This is convenient, because you know the plot, and you will understand what it is about. There is also a chat-roulette-type video chat where you can meet new people, find out how teenagers live in another country, and what kind of entertainment there is for schoolchildren there.


2. Playing sports

Sports will always help you to be in good shape. What to do on vacation if you can’t leave the house to go to the gym? You can start with those exercises that do not require additional equipment. This is yoga and calisthenics: squats, various twists, tilts and push-ups. They develop strength and endurance. When you advance in your successes, you can order additional devices via the Internet. For example, a mat, dumbbells, mini barbells, yoga rollers, and other accessories. If you develop your body, it strengthens your character, which will help you overcome difficulties in the future.

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3. Reading

Many resources advise parents to teach their children to read, but this cannot be done by force. If you do not like to read, then you can not force your brain. Although, in fact, reading various encyclopedias can really captivate you. After all, they are not all boring. There are books about space, about airplanes, and about anything, there are action-packed novels that you can’t tear yourself away from, and it’s all very interesting. So you will learn about interesting things without leaving your home.

4. Cooking

If you are sitting at home and thinking about what to do on vacation, then try to learn how to cook. Regardless of whether you are a girl or a guy, learning to cook is always relevant. At least just in order not to depend on anyone and be able to independently serve themselves in everyday life. This skill is very useful, for example, in order not to sit on the neck of your wife, being helpless in terms of cooking. Try to learn how to cook not only scrambled eggs with sausages and Doshirak, but something impressive like borscht or cutlets. In fact, there are recipes on the Internet, and they are so simple that sometimes it is more difficult to cook scrambled eggs.

5. Order

Also try to learn how to clean the apartment. If you think that when you get married or get married, then your spouse will do everything for you, then you are very mistaken. Yes, if you disappear at work every day, but at the same time provide enough for your family, then maybe your wife will clean up, but only if she does not work. If she also works, then you will share the responsibilities for two, or your marriage will not last long. Always think ahead. In addition, the inability to clean up after yourself indicates a lack of self-esteem. Try to provide for your needs on your own and then you will be a worthy person.

6. Repairs

Schoolchildren can also do repairs together with their families: mom, dad, brothers and sisters — repair will unite everyone. As they say, if you survived the renovation, then nothing can separate you. In any case, your help will be useful. Working together will make you more patient, and also the men in the house can teach you the necessary skills for the future. Thanks to this, you will be more in demand among women (“oh, he is so economic”), and you will also become more independent, which is very important.

7. Board games

Playing board games, preferably chess or checkers (this is much more useful). If you recall the very interesting TV series “The Queen's Move”, you can find out that chess is not just an interesting game, but also an opportunity to earn money and even find a life partner. But it’s too early for schoolchildren to think about it, so you can just learn to play chess and, thanks to this, become smarter and more inventive. In addition, if you get used to playing every day, then you will have more fun in the evenings, because you can entertain yourself on your own.

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This, computer games develop creativity, imagination and thinking. Also, you are with your parents, and you yourself can choose games that will be educational, and you will have nothing to reproach. Although, many adults do not even know what they are talking about when they forbid their children from playing games. After all, take the game "Portal" for example. It requires solving puzzles, sometimes quite difficult, and finding a way out of the situation. So you will become resourceful, and such games will definitely do you good.

Entertainment for students

What to do during the holidays is a simple question when you have hobbies and you are a versatile person in general. If you toil from morning to evening and do not know where to put yourself, then try to offer help to others. After all, being useful to others is an important function of any person and the purpose of our existence.

If you are a student, then you can do more than a student is allowed, since you are already an adult. Instead of learning foreign languages, for example, you can organize a whole party via video call. Or arrange something interesting like this. Consider entertainment options for students during quarantine or vacation.

1. That same video call party

If you are bored at home, and the lack of communication makes itself felt, then try to organize a meeting, ask your friends to join you on Skype, Zoom or any another application. You can pour yourself a glass of sparkling wine, or any other drink, and spend the evening discussing your favorite films, now popular TV shows like The Squid Game, or just gossip.

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at least change the diet, improve sleep and sports, as mentioned above. It will already change your life for the better.

3. Get enough sleep

For the normal and productive functioning of the body, we need to sleep at least 7 hours a day. By the way, you can try to try on the sleep routine of successful people who get up early in the morning. At 5, with dawn. Just do not forget that then you need to go to bed a little earlier than you are used to. Therefore, you will have to convince yourself of the benefits of this mode and give up nightly gatherings at the computer or reading in the dark (which is also harmful, because it spoils the eyes).

Just imagine how much you can do if you get up at 5 in the morning! In the morning, for example, allocate time for sports, wake up the body, hardening can also be relevant, especially now, when you need to take your health as responsibly as possible. Then you can study, develop, everything that you can do on vacation is now freely available on the Internet. Just remember to take breaks and get outside for fresh air.

4. Consider starting to meditate

Not only is it good for the psyche, it opens up the possibility to work with deeper levels of consciousness and motivate yourself to do the important things you can do.

Working on yourself is difficult. And it all depends on willpower, energy and motivation. You can really move mountains if you remember that you are the highest stage of evolution, and not a person who is not interested in anything but hanging out in clubs.

In this way you can instill an interest in a productive lifestyle in your household.

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bothered to visit the Tretyakov Gallery or the Hermitage. Especially cool if you love art. By the way, there is an application where you can travel to almost any major museum in the world. And even that's not all! Not only galleries are now available online. and if your planned vacation to another country fell through, then you still have the opportunity to take a virtual walk around the places dear to your heart that you so wanted to visit.

6. Charity

Yes, for many this is a hackneyed option, and they scroll through such proposals immediately. But the coronavirus can help develop empathy.

When you sit at home, imagine that you spend your whole life like this. Some people just live like that. What can we say about patients with oncology who do not leave hospitals. Perhaps you will think about those who are now much worse off than you.

If you have money that you can allocate without harming yourself, then search the Internet for such charitable foundations that you want to contribute.

7. Take up your favorite hobby

When we work, we have almost no time for needlework, to make something that you really love. Perhaps you have an unfinished scarf on a shelf at home (and what, men also knit), or an unfinished picture.

Here is the answer to the question of what to do on vacation. Perhaps you like making new furniture, or restoring old ones. You can also repair something in the house, and even play board games. Only for this you need to call your friends, but if this is not possible, then even Crocodile can be played online.

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8. Programming

If you have already completed them all, then you can learn programming skills. This will help you decide on your future profession and work remotely, which is very convenient in today's ever-changing world.

The pandemic has changed people's lives, and remote work has become more valued. Try your hand for free by accessing free sites, courses, video lectures and learn programming languages, as well as the duties of front-end developers or dive into the back-end world, figure out what you like best.

In any case, even if this does not become your main source of income, you can become more literate and this will also be an investment in your self-education.

9. Talk to relatives with whom you have not communicated for a long time

Perhaps you have a cousin or sister, aunt or uncle, grandfather, grandmother, and you have not talked to them on the phone for a long time. We are all busy. Try to find time to call them now and let them tell you what they are up to. Rest assured that they will be happy to hear from you.

10. Schedule of the day or calendar of habits

Very often people do not want to do anything for self-development, especially if they are at home for a very long time. Remember what you wanted to start doing for a long time, but never started? Maybe you wanted to quit smoking, or do her yoga every day, read interesting books, take contrast showers, eat right, learn Spanish and so on. Now is the time to develop new good habits.

Why is it better to make a map rather than keep a diary? The fact is that if you started a diary, then you can put it on the table and forget about it, and when a large sheet with your new habits hangs in front of you, then you must mark every day with a cross and then you will not forget about it.

If you don't like such large posters, then you can download applications to your phone, which are very numerous now. You can also track your progress in them and, by the way, you cannot miss a single day within 66 days. And if you read somewhere that a habit takes 21 days to form, then this is not true. It takes twice as long. This is also written in the cool diary "6 minutes".

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11. Order food delivery

You can place an order at your favorite restaurant or cafe. Choose the dishes that you like the most and order home delivery. Most establishments have connected services or they have organized the possibility of contactless delivery. So everything will be convenient, without violating the current rules.

12. Part-time job on the Internet

Now not only a student, but also a schoolboy can earn money for the same food delivery. Think about what you can do best and look for sites where you can sell your services remotely.

What to do on vacation when you are depressed?

Sometimes during quarantine, people get depressed, as it is almost impossible to go out and have fun, "as you should", that is, as they are used to. Well, that's why we are human beings to change our habits.

If you need to calm down, then in addition to movies, series and funny TV shows, try reading a couple of motivating books. Books are not only a means of calming down, but also an opportunity to become smarter, and also to communicate, albeit in such a silent way. But while reading, there really is a communication between the author and the reader.

You can make a list of books so that you can change your attitude to the situation and get distracted. After all, there is nothing in life that a person could not do.

Even if you are sad and you think there is no way out, listen to "Spleen" and suffer, pick up a good book, or download it to your phone and read. A book is the best cure for depression and longing.

Kinga Cichewicz, Unsplash

1. "Castle of Glass". (Janet Wales)

This book is considered by many to be one of the most popular and touching books in the world. A film has even been made based on it. The author was brought up in a large family, her parents did not use the most common methods of education. the woman hid her past, but at some point she decided to share it and people accepted it with a bang.

It's more of a book about the importance of just loving your children so they don't have to be strong when they're small and in need of care. The book raises such complex and serious topics as indifference and love, indifference and care, as well as a feeling of complete hopelessness. You may be shocked, but still this book will serve as a motivator to be better when you yourself become a parent.

2. "Everyone died, and I got a dog." (Emily Dean)

We can say that this is a kind of continuation of the Castle of glass. It often happens that many people after the loss of loved ones are saved with the help of a pet. When everything is good, you do not think about what could be next. But if you lose your loved ones one by one, and you no longer know what to do, then the best option not to go crazy may be the decision to get a dog.

3. “Choice. On the freedom and inner strength of man. (E. Schwall-Weingard, E. E. Eva)

This is a serious book on military topics, touching on the issue of human will power. When it comes to the famous Auschwitz, you do not expect anything unpredictable from the plot. After reading about the horrors of this death camp, you begin to look at life in the modern world differently. When you understand that there are people who cannot be broken by torture, hunger, or constant threat, you become ashamed of the fact that now you are depressed under such conditions of life and don’t know what to do on vacation.

The book is a story of survival that is hard to forget. This is about the strength of the spirit, the strength of the will, which pass through time. It will show you that you have the right to choose how you feel anytime, anywhere. You choose how to relate to everything that happens around you. This book, despite the fact that the plot is very difficult, will support you, give you the strength to live on and look at the situation differently.

4. Harry Potter. (JK Rowling)

Isn't this the best thing to do during the holidays? Of course, this book is fabulous, but the story of a young wizard is immortal and inspires hope, sending us back to childhood. 7 adaptations of each book will help you spend your evenings enjoying the story of Harry and his friends. This is exactly the book you need when you are sad and the situation seems hopeless. Immerse yourself in the world of magic.

“5. Little Prince". (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Why is this book, so small in volume and so big in its meaning, won the hearts of readers all over the world? The fact is that this is not just a story, it is a real storehouse of wisdom, which is presented in the form of a fairy tale. When you are sad, remember the importance of responsibility and the ability to achieve your goals. How important it is in a pandemic to unite and not forget that we are responsible for those we have tamed, which concerns not only animals.

The book makes you think about many existential questions, which is useful in our time.

Vacation, whatever it may be, is a sea of ​​free time for you and your hobbies. Depending on your priorities, you can spend it however you see fit. If you are counting on your successful future, then perhaps you need to engage in self-education with a bias in the specialty that interests you the most. If you are interested in being versatile, try something new until you decide on what makes your life brighter, what makes your eyes burn. After all, the sooner you realize that burning your own business is the best thing you can think of, the more productive your life will be.