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What to do in case of defeat?

We will not console with the words: “the main thing is not victory, but participation”, “live and learn”, “at least you tried”. When a person tried, but nothing came of it, he has the right to anger, irritation and sadness. What to do in case of defeat and how to emerge victorious?

Defeats to career, love and other life affairs. The taste of failure is very unpleasant and bitter in taste. After a defeat, sadness and thoughts always roll over that he knew it. Everything turned out the way I feared the most.

Failing is difficult because failure forces you to rethink your vision of life. Defeat is a blow to pride, the collapse of plans and self-confidence.

We knew less than we thought. We were less prepared than expected. We are more imperfect and weak than we hoped. We could not foresee the future correctly, but hovered in our dreams.

What to do in case of failure?

“Failure only gives you an excuse to start again and smarter. Honest failure is not shameful. Fear of failure is disgraceful.” Henry Ford

1. Give yourself time to recover from the blow

Be sad one day and stop feeling sorry for yourself the next. Maximum a week, but never more. It is very easy to smear snot and tears, feeling sorry for yourself unfortunate. But the more you feel so sad, the bitterer the defeat and the more difficult it is to correct the situation. Let off steam, banish disappointment and self-pity. You have 24 hours or 7 days to do it. Depending on the strength of failure. Not a second more. Get yourself an alarm clock.

2. Analyze your defeat in detail

Defeat suggests that the previously chosen path was erroneous. Ask yourself questions and analyze the situation.

  • Why didn't everything go as planned?
  • Was he well prepared for this?
  • Did the situation depend on me or only on other people?
  • What did you learn from this situation?
  • What would you do or not do next time?
  • What lesson did you learn?

3. Reflect on the results of the lesson learned

You gain and endure life experience when you make a mistake. Now you understand people, problems, situations and life in general much better. He became more experienced, seasoned and grated roll. For one beaten they give two unbeaten.

The defeat of the past lays the foundation for the success of future endeavors. You will never make past mistakes again. For example, failure with an ex-girlfriend gives experience in relationships with the opposite sex. You will apply it in a relationship with a new girlfriend.

When you give your best, defeat is not a failure. You did everything that depended on you, but nothing came of it.

4. Prepare for new challenges

“Failure rarely stops you. What's stopping you is the fear of failure." Jack Lemmon

Having suffered a love defeat at the age of 18, many do not dare to have a new second half for many years. When faced with a failed interview for a new job, they stop trying and stay at their old job until retirement.

When defeat is received, the willingness to risk again is important. There is always an opportunity to try again, albeit in a slightly different situation. Don't let defeats and misfires knock you out of the saddle.

Hit examples of famous people

Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan was kicked out of his high school basketball team for having a weak physique. Michael Jordan!

  • Former James Bond actor Pier Brosnan dropped out of high school due to ridicule of his Irish heritage.
  • The artist Salvador Dali was twice expelled from the Academy of Fine Arts, and his works were smashed to smithereens by venerable professors. After being expelled, Salvador Dali grew a mustache and began to create himself.
  • TV presenter Oprah Winfrey was fired from her newscaster position for being too emotional about the show. This did not stop her from becoming one of the most famous presenters.
  • Actor Tom Cruise suffered from dyslexia, which forced him to change 15 schools.
  • KFC founder Harland Sanders, at age 65, was faced with the fact that due to the new highway, the flow of motel customers dried up. He decided to sell his culinary franchise to restaurants. Sanders received more than a thousand rejections of his signature recipe until he succeeded.
  • Writer Arianna Huffington wrote a book at the age of 20. She was rejected by 36 publishing houses until luck smiled at her.
  • The most famous cartoonist in the world, Walt Disney, was kicked out of the newspaper for his lack of creativity and lack of imagination.

What to do in case of defeat? Recognize the experience and try again. And so as many times as it takes to achieve the goal. Examples of defeats of famous people, as well as their victories, you already know. After what attempt do you give up? 95% of people give up very, very quickly.