What to do in case of a robbery? Security measures for conflicts on the street

We grew up in a country where the chances of being robbed or simply beaten in a dark alleyway are quite high. What to do if you find yourself in a difficult situation that is fraught with robbery or beating? What to do if you are surrounded by hooligans, robbers or bandits?

Life is long and you will find yourself in such difficult situations. Every grown man has at least once been in a situation where he had to part with cash or receive bruises from dubious personalities in a dark alley. This is a dubious story, which there is no need to brag to friends and girlfriends. The only thing you have saved besides money and pride is your life. Although this is the most important thing, if you be objective and think like an adult.

How to avoid being attacked and robbed?

The best battles, heists and fights are those that don't take place. Standard security measures can prevent possible troubles in advance. If a person is vigilant and has a normal instinct for self-preservation, then the chances of getting into such troubles are reduced. Often drunk people who are careless and easy prey for hooligans get into conflict situations.

Try to walk in populated areas where there are a lot of people and traffic. Hooligans and robbers prefer secluded places where there are no witnesses. Don't take shortcuts with dark courtyards and avoid dimly lit areas. Choose a wider road, well lit by lanterns.

Always be vigilant and do not relax. Do not wear headphones in such places, and even more so do not constantly look at the phone. This will allow you to see or hear the danger in advance. Avoid noisy and large companies, bypassing them or on the other half of the street.

If you are called, then do not stop, but go on, as if you did not hear. When pursued or approached with aggressive intent, run. In most cases, you will be able to escape. Try to run towards places where there are a lot of people and lighting. Try to make noise or shout to attract the attention of others and scare off the bandits. Avoid running into doorways and yards with the intention of hiding. Hooligans know the area better than you and finding a victim will not be a problem. And a dark doorway or a dead end is a good secluded place for attack and reprisal.

What to do in case of robbery or attack?

If you carelessly ignored the last security point and just got unlucky, you could get into a difficult situation. They approached you and asked you to give money? It is only in the movies that the action hero scatters numerous opponents with weapons in his hands. In real life, smart people prefer to solve everything peacefully, without risking their health or life.

Even if the robber is alone, he may be armed with a knife or a pistol, which he will suddenly use. Give everything that the robbers ask for. Dying or becoming crippled for life is stupid. Your life is more precious than a phone, wallet, watch or ring. Give it all and leave quickly. You will still earn money, but there is no new life and body.

Remember carefully the people who robbed you, but do not show it. Remember the main signs of the attackers, according to which you can make an identikit, car numbers, time and place of the robbery. Immediately after the robbery, go to the police and write a statement. It is much easier to catch attackers in hot pursuit.

Hooligans or bandits offer to walk with them to talk to them in another place?

Robbery is not always the only cause of bullies or bandits. Sometimes attackers want not only money, but also physical harm to you. What to do with such a danger?

Do not agree to go with opponents to another place where they can do whatever they want with you. Darker places, courtyards, cul-de-sacs, abandoned buildings, a park or bushes are a good place where anything can be done to a person. Bandits can beat, crack down and even kill, in a secluded place convenient for them.

Bandits may ask you to sit in a car with them, but never agree. By car, the bandits want to take you to an even more secluded place where terrible things and murder can happen. In the movies and in real life, all such trips, in 80% of cases, end in the tragic death of the victim.

Hooligans or bandits offer to walk with them in another place? Never agree. They do it out of criminal thoughts that will end sadly for you. Run away if possible. If you are surrounded, then break out, scream, make noise and call for help. Break the window of the house with a stone, knock on the car to set off the alarm. If you are pulled, grabbed, or start to beat, then fight. It's better to fight in this place than in one where they want to deal with you without witnesses and where no one can help.

A fight during an attack. What to do when life is in danger?

Does the situation leave no chance to run away and have to fight? This is your chance to live or die. Opponents will not stop when you bleed or fall down. This is not a ring, but a merciless street without rules. Bandits can methodically kick the head and jump on the unconscious body until it cools down.

When the situation is critical, strike first. Forget about nobility when your life is at stake. Beat in the balls, gouge out the eye. Use any weapon at hand that gives an advantage: a pen, a bag, a belt, an umbrella, a stone, a stick, a trash can or a bottle from which you can make a "rose". Use the keys to the apartment, holding them in a fist between your fingers.

Fight like a cornered animal for its own life. Shout, growl, look inadequate and crazy to scare the attackers. Look for the moment in a fight where you can quickly run away. Don't try to defeat all the attackers and don't wait for them to get their weapons. Released from the grip, pushed, hit and ran. Run away as soon as the opportunity presents itself and as long as luck is on your side.

Try to avoid such conflicts on the street. But if you encounter bandits or hooligans, then act wisely and quickly, and do not hope for a miracle. Good luck!