What to do in a club: rules and secrets of visiting nightclubs

Let's first understand what a nightclub is and why we need it. In general, a nightclub is such an institution, mainly for young people, which opens its doors after the “Good night, kids” on the first channel ends.

Despite the fact that sometimes it seems that in the club you can only get drunk and twitch under modern tracks and flashes of light in a drunken stupor, there you can do more than that. Although mostly young people go there just for this kind of entertainment.

You can generally do anything, Well, except for learning lessons and reading books. The clubs usually have an interesting atmosphere, their own atmosphere, each of them looks different. Somewhere, by the way, you can relax with calm music, but somewhere, on the contrary, only a powerful swing. In general, the format is different everywhere, as the visitors in each club are different.

Consider how to choose a club just for you, what dress codes are in clubs, how to get through face control and who you can take with you. We will also think about how to have fun in the club, and what to do if for some reason you came to the club alone. Let's try to figure out how to find a companion or companion for a good time in a club, what to drink and how to have fun there in principle.

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How to choose a club?

This is a difficult question, because the clubs are generally similar, but still there are differences between them. A lot of people have a negative attitude towards nightclubs, because, according to educated art historians and other intellectual elites of society, people hang out there who are distinguished by deviant behavior, who drink, use drugs and what they do. Therefore, clubs are a touchy subject and it is very difficult to determine how good a place is in general.

Young people have an opposite point of view, they do not believe that the club is a place of self-expression, they can notice you there, if you have any problems communicating with parents or peers, then in a club, under the influence of alcohol and other substances, you can feel more free and liberated. Of course, it is not necessary to accept all this, but very often people go there not just to dance and spend time culturally.

Guys most often come to the club to pick up girls for the evening, or to get acquainted, but, as a rule, not for a serious relationship. But anything happens.

All clubs are different, there are generally strip clubs, but we will analyze the usual youth clubs where you can hang out, try your hand at the dance floor, and also just relax and chat.

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There are closed clubs that you just can't get into. You can get in there only if you are in this party. But often a person who does not belong to this party can sneak in there. There are a lot of sneaky people, and they can come up with ingenious ways to break into elite establishments.

Before choosing a nightclub, think about how popular it is and very often, the cooler the club, the less quality you can relax and have fun there. You don't need to think in advance that the club is a great place for entertainment, just as you don't need to think that there is a hellish cauldron in which people go crazy and make bacchanalia.

Next, before choosing a club, also ask experienced people how they treat visitors there. The fact is that in many clubs they are treated very badly. That is, even starting from the most primitive - the address. It’s impossible to find the club, because it’s “like a secret”, then you have to stand in a long line, and the weather may not be the best, the guards, or as they are also called bouncers, look at you suspiciously and sometimes with contempt, then, when you get inside, you see a lot of people, tightness, unpleasant smells of sweat, noise and so on. Can you have a good time there? Unlikely. But not all clubs are like that, and therefore you should definitely read the reviews.

Dress codes in clubs

Before thinking about what to do in a club, first dress properly. Not all clubs have a dress code. If you don’t know what to wear, then at least try to maintain a youth style: a T-shirt, preferably with a bright print, will do, but there are rules in a T-shirt too. The fact is that it is better to wear a light and bright T-shirt, even with acid colors, it will look advantageous in the rays of club lighting. Jeans should not be classic, but a little casual, maybe torn, in general, this is a youth style that you are probably familiar with.

When you are no longer young, or you are in your 30s and under 40s, you can choose this style: a light jacket, not official, but something in a casual style, there may be patches on the elbows, the fabric can also be any. Under the jacket, put on a T-shirt, you can also use a trendy tie or go without it. Wear jeans or light trousers on your feet.

As for the girls, it's a good idea to dress stylishly. And if she needs to get acquainted, then she should attract attention and put on some kind of cocktail dress.

In principle, the dress code depends on the club. They let you in somewhere only in theatrical costumes, somewhere you need to dress in a certain style. But if this is a standard club, then it is better if you wear the usual neat youth clothes, you don’t have to be sloppy or dirty and come to the club in a tracksuit. Also, don't dress like your friends, that is, don't look like broilers. If it's hot outside, then wearing a beach suit to the club is not worth it anyway. You are unlikely to be missed.

It would be nice if you look in advance what the visitors are wearing in this club and choose something in this style for yourself.

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How do I pass face control?


Face control in front of the club is not just there. These people are there because it's safe for you to be there. And so they try to weed out drug addicts, psychos, and aggressors. Therefore, you do not need to be negatively disposed towards the guards.

By the way, the usual stupid bouncers with mountains of muscles are not taken to guard good clubs. These are, as a rule, specially trained people, and they look at people like psychologists, usually they have a good memory, they do not forget those who were brawling and rowdy, they also pay attention to your clothes and will definitely not miss you if you are dirty and you will hear a trail of aromas of an indefinite nature.

You must not be drunk to pass face control. You will drink in the club, and if you already come there drunk, then you are unlikely to order there. It is unprofitable for the club and you may not be missed. And what to do in the club when you're in the insole?

If you make claims, behave inappropriately and be rude, then you are unlikely to enter the club. When you stand in line, try to be calm and not cause aggression in anyone. Refrain with your company from all sorts of unpleasant remarks towards others, even if they incredibly annoy you.

If you approach a club with a noisy company, then there is only a very small chance that you will be let through. When you scream so that your ears dry, in a sober state, it is not known what you will do in a drunken state.

Do not take children under the age of majority with you. If you look young in your 30s, then you will have to take a passport or other document with you that will show your age.

Try to be smiling and positive. Be at ease.

Be polite, it will please the guards and next time they will let you through without problems.

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With whom can I go to the club and how to party in the company? Ways of entertainment in the club

What to do in the club is a strange question, because usually people go there with a very specific purpose.

1. Well, let's start with the fact that you can "sip" alcohol. Come into the club, take off your outerwear and go to the bar. Try not to spend too much money there.

By the way, there are usually a lot of people crowding around the bar and getting there is quite difficult. But with good experience, as well as flexibility, you will be able to attract the attention of the king of the bar, namely the bartender. Maybe you will buy yourself a drink quickly, but in clubs it happens that you have to wait about half an hour. So try to keep yourself busy during this time. It's good if you come with someone. With friends or with your girlfriend is always more fun.

2. You and your friends can talk a little. After all, you all came here together. But do not forget that it is very difficult to talk calmly in a nightclub, because it is very noisy there. But this is a good option for young people, because the art of communication is not particularly interesting for them.

3. Dancing. Of course, this is the most important activity in any club. And it's cool if you really know how to move beautifully. They come there to relax and tune in to the wave of this place. Come with friends to the very center, closer to the dance floor and tune in to the right wave. First, see how people dance around. After that, when you have already drunk, you can also go dancing. In addition, you don’t have to dance like everyone else, let you have your own special style, Move in a relaxed way, only you should like it. In general, you should not be guided by the reaction of other people. If you watch how others look at you, you will most likely quickly get embarrassed and leave.

4. Very cool if you are a professional dancer of modern styles like hip-hop, break-dance, waking, popping and electro. Here you will make a real sensation and blow up the crowd. Some dancers just go to clubs to show their strength or arrange a battle between dancers or teams.

5. Music. There are whole companies that come to the club in order to listen to club music. This is usually electronic music played by trendy DJs. Most often it is house and other club genres. If you really like this kind of music, then you and your friends will be cool to listen to it in a club atmosphere, with good bass and relaxing drinks. For party-goers who cannot imagine their life without drive and lightness, cheerful idleness, clubs are a great opportunity to spend time cheerfully and pleasantly.

Now there are even people who are called clubbers, and these are such party people who are fond of club music, dancing, catching the rhythm and so on. This is really a club culture that has its own rules, even its own music, its own hangouts and mentality.

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What to do in a club alone?

Come in, order a drink and then act on the situation. If you are alone in the club, then you can sit down, have a drink and observe the situation. Perhaps you will like someone.

Another option for entertainment is standing like a pole. That is, you can stand silently and look at one point. Perhaps someone will think that you are overwhelmed, or that you are thinking about something important, however, what's the difference. After all, you hang out in the club. Everyone thinks about themselves and hangs out as best they can, what else to do in the club.

You can walk around the perimeter of the club with a glass and look at people. This may be one way to get a girl's attention, but it's hardly interesting. Also you can bump into other people and your drink will spill on you. Not a very fun pastime, is it? You can, of course, put a glass on the bar and start a conversation with a neighbor or neighbor. But clubs are usually noisy, so the conversation can be like a deaf person with a blind person.

Talking to the bartender is also a bad idea, because he is busy with work, because customers come to him in a continuous stream for another portion of drinks.

Another good option for spending time in a club alone is to pretend that you are very cool and good. Just try to feel this Vibe, the movement around you and not show that you feel good, but try to really experience this feeling, because if you came here, then perhaps you should not be skeptical about it, but really feel something.

Some people come depressed, wanting to be distracted and entertained. You can often meet a person in a club who cries, because against the background of cheerful people, noise, where no one cares, you can cry imperceptibly or simply express your sadness in a different way. But still, if you come to the club, try to have a good time.

No need to sit at a table if you came alone and broadcast to everyone how you don't like it here. If you feel bad, leave the club and go home. And there is no need to spoil the mood of others.

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How do you meet someone at a club?

The idea of ​​dating in a nightclub is a bad idea, Because if you care what kind of person it is, then the club will not help you recognize the girl and appreciate her appearance. Usually in clubs the lighting is subdued, the lamps are constantly flashing there, and it will be very difficult for you to see a person.

In order to get to know someone, you need to go through a real quest in the club, that is, try to shout something into the ear of the girl you like, but it will be difficult. It will be much better if you approach her silently, hold out a cocktail or some other drink, and at first exchange glances and smiles. Despite the fact that there are other establishments, girls who are single come to the club in order to meet someone, because it seems to them that it is embarrassing to get acquainted on the street, and adequate guys do not go to the library. If you manage to find such a girl, then it will be a real discovery and your luck. Despite the oppressive atmosphere of the club, you have a chance to get to know each other, but after a cocktail and smiles, it’s better to leave the club anyway and continue talking on the street or, more acceptable, even in a restaurant.

By the way, usually, but not always, the bartender is the most sober person in the club, on whom the light is directed and clearly visible. If this girl, you can try to get acquainted, but it's quite difficult. You may have to stay at the bar and splurge on new cocktails while tipping her generously. And while trying to talk. If the easy life is not for you, and you are used to complicating everything you see and touch, then try to get to know her.

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What to drink, how to have fun?

When it comes to drinking, it's a matter of taste. Usually you can drink at the bar, where the bartender runs everything. As for the bartender, try not to think of him as a "crank" and not be offended if your order is not taken for a long time. The fact is that he can have a lot of these orders and he will simply forget something if he accepts yours now. Learn to be patient, because in the club everyone wants a drink.

If you're itching to order, then try to give more money to be served faster, this may be one way to get your drink before others. By the way, if you often go to this club and leave a good tip, the bartender will know you and when you come, he will serve you first.

Try to be as polite as possible while waiting for your order. This is a human approach, and it is perceived best. Pay the bartender in cash, because it's indecent not to tip the bartender.

When we answer the question of what to do in a club and, above all, what to drink, then here you need to keep in mind that you don’t need to ask the bartender for complex cocktails that take a very long time to prepare, because this is a club, and there queue for drinks. Many men believe that complex cocktails are for women. Also, do not mix your alcohol with water, drink it with water, and so on.

The most popular drink in clubs is beer. Try to drink it, just don't ask the bartender to tell you about all the types of beer drink that the bar has, just choose what comes to mind first. Or say, pointing to a neighbor on the counter: “I like him.”

There is no need to pester the bartender, as in the famous films where a drunken man begins to talk about his life and failed relationships to a tired bartender who wipes glasses. He will do just fine without your story of failed love or a happy family. Also, please don't beg the bartender to charge your phone.

In order not to piss off the bartender, try to be polite, as mentioned earlier.

One more thing about drinking, order yourself a large glass so you don't have to run to the bar a few times.

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What exactly is not necessary to do in a club if you don't want to get kicked out and generally don't want to annoy people?

Even on the approach to the club there is a certain rule that it is undesirable to quarrel with the control. And that is dangerous. If you are not allowed in, then it is not your problem, and you should not take it as an insult. Perhaps this is just not your day at this club, you just need to calmly move away, call yourself a taxi and go to another club. There you will most likely be lucky.

If you do not like the atmosphere of the club, or someone insulted you, then you do not need to ask the leader to come to you, complain and point the nix. Turn around and leave. There are clubs in the city besides this.

No need to occupy places where it is difficult for people to pass, all the narrow passages and flights of stairs are a place for the flow of people, if you stand there, you will cause irritation. Why do you need it?

Do not create conflict situations, it is better not to run into trouble if you are insulted, it is not necessary to answer with a fist in the face. Also, if you hurt someone, not wanting to cause discomfort, then try to apologize. After all, the club is not a bunch of garbage, exactly the same people hang out there, just like you, perhaps someone has gone too far, or you have gone too far, it happens. Either way, stay human.

What to drink? Everything you like - from whiskey to beer. Choose exactly what you like, and do not focus on others.

If you can't drink, don't drink. Because if you turn into an uncontrollable something by knocking over a couple of glasses of whiskey, then other people do not have to endure it.

Whether or not you go to a nightclub is up to you. According to many people, there are more disadvantages to visiting nightclubs than advantages. But here it is difficult to advise something and everyone makes their own decision. Do it the way you like it. And do not forget that if the situation in the club is heated up, someone is fighting or some kind of lawlessness is happening, leave the room. Also, if you feel sick, feel sick, and so on, then try to go outside, because hardly anyone will help you in the club. Think about what to do with your free time if you want to go to a club, and it’s better not to go there alone, but take someone with you. So you will follow each other and in case of a difficult situation you can help each other. But it is not exactly.