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What to do if you like a girl

If you experience an inexplicable fear of the sight of a beautiful person and do not know what to do if you like a girl, I will suggest a way out. Rather, look for the answer below and act according to the situation. Don't waste your time, otherwise someone else will seduce her!

Fear of rejection

If your knees are shaking in front of this impregnable beauty, you may at some point lose control and make a fatal mistake. Time passes, and you continue to watch her from afar and are afraid to take the first step.

Don't worry! This happens not only with young guys, but also with experienced seducers. Surely, thoughts crept into your head:

  • And if she refuses?
  • Suddenly make me the subject of ridicule?
  • How would you draw attention to yourself?

If you like a girl but are afraid of being rejected, follow the important rules. Here are three main steps to solve the problem:

  1. Get to know her friends, try to be in the same company with her.
  2. Say hello to her and exchange a few words.
  3. Find out about her hobbies and passions. You will definitely have topics for conversation.
  4. ​​
  5. Don't delay playing the role of a friend. When you stop stuttering at the sight of her gorgeous figure, start flirting. Do not forget about compliments and tactile contact.
  6. When the girl understands the essence of your intentions, start bringing time together with her. Invite to a picnic, a romantic dinner, make a surprise. Only a competent attack will allow you to overcome an impregnable fortress.

If you're having trouble getting to know a hottie, use the following methods:

  1. Offer help. You will definitely arouse sympathy in a girl if you offer to carry a heavy package or suitcase.
  2. Ask a question. If you meet her at a restaurant, ask her what dish she would recommend. If you are in a fitness room, ask a question about a subscription or the nuances of training.
  3. Give me a compliment. Compliment her appearance using original phrases. Compliments like “your lips are like rose petals and your eyes are like the sky” do not fit. Flat jokes about the ideal curvature of the teeth and the thickness of the fingers are also better not to demonstrate.
  4. Find her on social media. Afraid to come up on the street - the Internet to help! Write to a girl on social networks, and acquaintance will start by itself.

If a guy falls in love, he will hide it with all his might. But from the side, oh, as you can see! Therefore, discard your complexes, be confident in yourself and go for it!

What to do?

I would really like to help you. But everyone has their own story, their own situation and their own difficulties. Therefore, look for the answer to the question "What to do if you like a girl?" depending on who is the object of your adoration.

If the girl is older

Do not be surprised, but many men like older women. Often we see examples of such couples on TV. A lady who is older than you attracts the opposite sex for the following reasons:

  • she knows how to use her advantages and disadvantages;
  • she is able to solve problems herself;
  • she knows how to guide her partner and gives good advice;
  • she does not shake her nerves over trifles and does not throw tantrums;
  • it is interesting to spend time with her and talk on any topic;
  • she is often financially self-sufficient;
  • she is not influenced by others;
  • she is experienced in the intimate sphere.;

Of course, there are many questions about such couples. People around are whispering behind their backs, and friends are surprised at "why do you need this old woman."

If you are bored of talking with peers, and you are looking for a mature and educated lady, then don’t even worry about what to do if you like an older girl. An adult woman can become the one you have been looking for all your life.

Of course, if you liked a teacher at the university who is good for a mother, I would think a hundred times whether it makes sense to do something at all. Maybe you just admire her experience, culture and kind attitude. You will definitely meet a younger girl who will conquer you with her erudition and beauty.

If a girl is 5-7 years older, and visually this difference is not very visible, then discard the stereotypes. You have every chance to win her heart.

One day a young man came to me for advice and started dating a 37-year-old woman. At that time, the guy was 26. Both were imbued with feelings for each other, but obstacles stood in the way of happiness:

  1. She did not want to give birth anymore, and he dreamed of a family with two children.
  2. She was afraid of how his relatives would treat her, and constantly avoided meeting with them.
  3. She suspected him of cheating and was afraid that he would turn out to be a gigolo
  4. She was worried that in 5-10 years the age difference could not be hidden.

As a result, tired of the ridicule of acquaintances, the young man and his lady parted ways.

Think about whether your opinion and attitude towards her will change in years? Can you openly show your feelings? Do you really like her, or is it a passing infatuation and craving for something new?

If the girl lives in another city

One of my acquaintances met in a cafe with a beautiful girl who ended up in our city for work. The young lady clearly sunk into his soul, and he began to correspond with her on social networks after she returned home. So now they are married and raising a wonderful baby!

My friend did not even have a question what to do if he likes a girl from another city. He achieved his goal because he competently developed relationships. I share with you important points:

  1. Do not be persistent in communication. Turn on the "hot-cold" method. You can call her three days in a row, and then disappear for a couple of days. The girl will be uncomfortable without the usual communication, and she will begin to write first.
  2. Talk to her about positive things. Don't burden her with your problems. Compliment and joke more often. Do not forget to show your erudition.
  3. Surprise her. You can order flowers, which will be delivered to her by a courier service. Attach a small present to the bouquet. Believe me, the girl will be delighted.
  4. As soon as the opportunity arises, invite her to spend the weekend together.
  5. If the meeting goes well, talk about teaming up. She might want to move in with you.

If the girl you like lives in another city, you may encounter some difficulties:

  • the risk of being disappointed in a person when meeting in reality;
  • lack of intimate life, kisses, hugs;
  • lack of confidence that the girl is not cheating.

There are also pluses: the opportunity to get to know each other well by phone, Skype, an increased desire to meet in reality. Realize that a long-distance romance won't last very long. Sooner or later you will have to lose a person or meet him.

If a girl of a different religion

If you do not know what to do if you like a girl of a different religion, then remember one rule: “there are many religions in the world, but faith is only one.” First, get to know her worldview and attitude. Respect her choice and do not impose your opinion.

If your goal is to spend one night with her, then don't even think about such serious topics. If you want to date her and develop a serious relationship, then you must understand the following things:

  • having a family, you will have children, and then there may be a conflict about what faith they should be;
  • in communication disputes on the topic of religion may arise;
  • Society may blame your relationship.

As practice shows, significantly different religions in one family can cause problems, because each of them leaves an imprint on a person, influencing character, lifestyle and principles.

If you can't find a compromise, it's probably easier to break up. But don't get upset! If the girl you like is of a different religion, she may be willing to accept your faith. In any case, you must respect her opinion, not ridicule or judge. Do not even think of saying: "But we have...".

Eli girl of easy virtue

"I have a difficult character, but easy behavior." It is customary to bypass such girls, but most men do not mind resting their bodies. The fact is that the concept of "easy behavior" is very vague and everyone has their own. For some guys, this is a frank outfit and a flirtatious smile, for others - representatives of an ancient profession who do their job for money. First, decide whether her behavior is actually immoral?

Her social media page is filled with nude photos and she openly hints at guys about sex? Such a young lady is more suitable for a single date in a hotel or sauna. What to do with such a girl? Just take advantage of it. She won't refuse.

If you liked a person about whom others speak unflatteringly, then first check - is this not a rumor? Perhaps her ex just decided to take revenge and said all sorts of nonsense behind his back. It may seem accessible to you, but not be.

It's not fair when a guy changes girls like gloves and he's considered a tough guy. While a woman who has a decent number of partners is a real harlot and a disgrace to the family.

If you really like her, do not dwell on the opinions of others. Even the most fierce whore can become an exemplary mother, an excellent housewife, a faithful companion. The main thing is that the object of your adoration should be a victim of gossip and human rumor. If the lady is walking, then do not run into a bouquet instead of a bud.

If a girl is very rich

If she laughs at the sight of your sweater covered with coils, constantly talks about holidays in the Maldives and shows off expensive jewelry, I don’t know what such a young lady hooked you on. A truly rich woman will never show that she is rich.

If you like a wealthy girl, do not rush to wonder if you can provide her or not. Don't plan for the future. You haven't seen her yet. Of course, despite the wealth, she can be sincerely loving, modest and decent. If a girl does not require expensive gifts and supports your undertakings in every possible way, then it is worth fighting for such a lady.

If she truly loves you, then no treasure will make her turn her back on you. You have to study, get out into people and engage in self-development. Then her parents will appreciate the choice of their daughter.

Be yourself! Don't make up stories about a rich uncle from Germany, about a red convertible in the garage. Show her sincere intentions. Let me know that I chose her for her beauty, tenderness, subtle mind, kind character, and not for the account on a bank card.

If the girl is a freak

I have nothing against informal girls, individual style and self-expression. I myself have several tattoos. True, they faded 15 years ago and are now considered an outright partak.

If you like a girl of non-standard appearance, then you should not immediately classify her as unhealthy freaks. Behind this bright shell, both a cute quiet girl and an explosive bitch can be hidden. Informal appearance is the result of the influence of subculture, peers, idols.

What should I do if I like a girl who often experiments with her appearance? Definitely don't worry about your feelings. Even a freakish young lady likes to walk around the city in the evening with her beloved boyfriend, look at the stars and talk about various topics. The main obstacles on the way to her conquest:

  • arrogance or complexes of the girl;
  • informal friends;
  • non-standard orientation.

An informal girl can attract you and interest you with her mystery. There is nothing strange or scary about this. But most likely, she will choose a guy with a guitar,

in dirty sneakers and a black hoodie. If you're not like that, then your chances are less. Everyone loves in their own way, but everyone knows how to love. If interests are in the first place for her, it’s better not to get involved.

If a girl has a child

You don't know what to do if you like a girl who has a child? Read on.

Your relationship will have a lot of pluses:

  1. She will be a good housewife. Women who have learned to take care of a child are able to create comfort and a warm atmosphere in the family. They know how to wash, cook, iron. This girl has already matured and is ready for the difficulties of family life.
  2. She needs a serious relationship. The girl with the child is set for the further development of the novel. She does not need fleeting connections. If you like a girl who has a child, keep in mind that you will have to tune in to a serious relationship.
  3. You can feel like a father. If the child does not have a dad, then you can replace him. If you are confident in your feelings, then take on the role of head of the family. The main thing is not to play with the feelings of children.

Now imagine your relationship and get ready for the cons:

  1. The child may take your appearance negatively. He will be jealous of his mother for a stranger. I went through this myself. Every time my stepfather touched my parent, I threw tantrums.
  2. The girl will devote most of her time to the child. On this basis, quarrels and omissions can arise. Are you ready for the fact that in the foreground she will always have her child?
  3. It is impossible not to say about the money issue. You may have to help the girl financially. Modern dads are in no hurry to pay child support and evade their duties. The money issue is up to you.
  4. Wouldn't the constant presence of the child's biological father in your relationship scare you? The girl will have to communicate and see her ex-lover. It will be unpleasant for you.

You no longer have to think about what to do if you like a girl who has a child. You must be prepared for difficulties, be patient. The main thing - do not compete with the child for her attention. You will become a good friend to the baby, or an enemy. You choose.

If a girl is unavailable

The more unavailable we are, the more desirable for others. Yes, men idolize women who refuse them. If you like a girl who says no, it's most likely just a manifestation of her senseless bitchiness. So she forces you to reckon with her opinion.

Falling in love with an inaccessible person is very easy. You will want to conquer an impregnable mountain. Such a lady belongs only to herself.

Play a game with her. Let her start to doubt your feelings. Once she thinks you're on her hook, drop out of sight. So the girl will begin to think that she is not good enough.

Give the opportunity to a beautiful person to open up. Ask questions, take an interest in her life. Become a good friend and a pleasant conversationalist to begin with. After the psychological and emotional connection between you is established, the chances will be much greater!

If this is a friend's girlfriend

What should I do if I like a friend's girlfriend? A strange woman will remain a stranger. It's important not to lose yours. I know firsthand about such situations when a guy chose a girl, not friendship. Of course, such actions are condemned.

You communicate well with your friend's girlfriend, you know her strengths and weaknesses. She is attractive and smart. The desire to recapture it is growing every day. The instinct of the male does not care if she meets your friend or not.

I believe that self-control, respect and restraint will be the best solution to the problem. There aren't many real friends. You can lose years of friendship because of a fleeting attraction. And is it worth it?

If you succeed in trying to please a girl, you will lose a friend. If not, you will still be alone. You can openly tell a girl about your intentions. She can keep your proposal a secret, and her prudence will keep your friendship. But most likely the truth will come out.

If he cheats on her or raises his hand, I understand your intentions perfectly. You want to protect her and shield her from an unfaithful boyfriend. She certainly deserves better. But be honest, you just want to own it.

If she feels happy with him and doesn't complain, then don't even try to separate them. In any case, the choice is yours: to be decent and unhappy or happy and selfish.

If a girl is your friend

You are friends with a girl and suddenly you realize that you like her as a woman. The plot is standard. It's normal that you look at her as a sex object.

If you dream of intimacy with a girl friend, then you can take a chance. Perhaps she also has tender feelings for you. Your rapprochement can be the beginning of a strong relationship. There is another way to develop relations. Sex will end the friendship. You may not be physically right for each other.

If a girl has a boyfriend, then stay out of their union. Cherish her as a friend. You have to resist bodily attraction. I think you can do it!

If a girl communicates with an ex

If an ex is constantly present in her environment, this is a serious threat to the emergence of a new relationship. I understand why guys don't let go of partners they broke up with. I feel sorry for the abandoned girls. She communicates with the former, because in her soul there is a glimmer of hope to return everything. It's hard for her to let him go.

Psychologists know what to do if they like a girl who communicates with an ex. Act on the points:

  1. Have a frank conversation with her heart to heart. Don't blame or humiliate her. You need to understand her motives.
  2. Try to understand who is dearer to her - you or an ex-boyfriend.
  3. Sometimes the only way out is to talk to an annoying boyfriend. Talk to him like a man.
  4. Give her attention and affection. Perhaps she communicates with the former, because she receives all this from him.

If her time is always occupied by an ex-boyfriend, then your relationship is doomed. Why do you need a hurricane of negative emotions? Let the girl go. Let her step on the rake a second, third and fourth time.

If a girl likes another


It happens that a girl in a company likes you, but she is carried away by another. You have two options:

  1. Pursue her. Prove you're better than that guy. Be her best friend.
  2. Let her be happy with another. Enjoy just the fact that you like it.

If you chose the first item, well done! Now the main thing is not to be too persistent. Compete for her attention. Let her appreciate your broad soul and positive qualities of character. You need to stun her with your care. Give her an unusual gift, amaze with your mind and sense of humor.

You need to understand how she feels about you and the other guy. If the girl is not pecking on your hook, maybe she is not yours. Then do not torture yourself and look for another object of adoration.

Bad advice

In conclusion, I'll tell you about the typical mistakes of guys who don't know what to do if they like a girl. If you want to be left alone, then listen to the advice:

  1. Be as self-confident as possible. Attribute to yourself traits that are not characteristic of you. Put yourself above the girl.
  2. Be pushy as a fly. Annoy the girl with calls and messages.
  3. Bombard her with questions, try to find out all her secrets and unpleasant moments from life.
  4. Be cold to her. Don't show emotion. Keep your distance and be closed.
  5. Tell us about your successes in bed. Do not forget to add about yourself "sex machine", "I can 12 times a night."
  6. Show her that you are out of control. Talk only about yourself. Let him know who's in charge here!

If you use your charm wisely, then there will be no problems with winning the girl. Don't be afraid it won't work. Be afraid you won't try.