What to do if you fell in love with a girl

Love is something that comes to us suddenly. Most likely, you have already felt this incomparable feeling more than once. Love is always good. She makes everything better. You feel alive, you feel that someone needs you and that among billions of people you could find your soul mate. Sometimes she feels the same way, and sometimes she doesn't, and your love goes unanswered. How to achieve reciprocity? Why is it so hard to love someone unrequitedly?

What do you do if you fall in love with a girl? How to behave? And also, today we will think about what to do if she has a boyfriend. Consider how to find an approach to her, how to achieve it and how to deal with an irresistible desire to be together if the love is not mutual or if the girl does not want to leave her boyfriend for you?

How to understand that you fell in love without looking back?

Before thinking about what to do if you fall in love, you first need to determine whether this is true or if the girl is just pretty to you.

Consider the main features:

1. The feeling that you see her in all the girls. This usually happens if you are deeply in love. That is, you absolutely do not notice anyone but her, even if she is not next to you now. This usually happens at the stage of deep love, and in this way you can understand that she is really firmly seated in your heart.

2. You feel that you constantly miss her, you want to talk, and you constantly dream of being next to her, sharing your dreams and plans. You want to look at her and admire her constantly.

3. You created an ideal in your head, and this is it at the moment. It seems to you that it combines everything that you appreciate in girls. She has the perfect body, the perfect personality, she's funny, can hold a conversation and is good at everything. The only bad thing is that it's not yours.

4. You are ready to run, fly on the wings of love and do for her whatever she wants. You also want to be better, and you feel that you are ready for anything for her.

5. You also want to share with everyone your crush, and tell how beautiful your girlfriend is, and you show off to the others that you know such a gorgeous beauty.

6. She attracts you like a magnet, and in your fantasies there is no more room for other girls, you want only her and think only of her.

7. You begin to dream about something with her, about living together, traveling, children and other joys of life. And you do it even if you don't know each other yet.

How to court a girl and win her love

The most important thing you should not do is become her faithful page. If you do not know what to do, if you fell in love, then look at those who are in love with each other. You might think that they are fawning over each other. But this is normal if people do it together, but if only one behaves this way, and the other simply accepts signs of attention, then the situation is complicated and it is unlikely that we are talking about reciprocity.

Of course, you can try to help her if she asks, and also bring her home on a dark evening after work, and so on. But if you become a maniac, then on the contrary, she will avoid you, and not try to communicate.

Obsession is the worst thing you can do to win a girl's heart.

You probably want to spend time with her if you're so in love. But try to turn it to your advantage, namely, make her waste time on you. It is done like this: ask her to help you with something. It is better if it is something interesting so that she does not get bored at all. The more time she spends with you, the better your relationship will be.

If you fell in love, but still unrequited and still do not know the girl well, then first find out if she has a boyfriend. After all, this is very important and can affect your relationship. In the event that she has a boyfriend, and at the same time she is happy, then try with all your might and forget her, because your obsessive courtship will only ruin her life. If she's having boyfriend issues, then you can try courting, but keep in mind that you may end up being a temporary option. Of course, it's better if she's single. But in life, not everything is simple, so you need to consider all the options. And they are different.

At first, do not hint about your feelings and do not say anything. The fact is that if you are in love, but she is not, then you do not need to tell her about love. Let her not be sure how you feel about her. When you realize that she likes you, then it's time to show your feelings, talk about sympathy, and start courting, giving flowers and gifts.

If you fall in love, and the girl is free, and also responds favorably to courtship, but does not rush further, then you must make it clear to her that you will not be just a friend. Start slowly, but don't get too bold. Try to act like you're already her boyfriend. You must be confident, cheerful and strong. But of course, you don’t need to push and put pressure on her, she needs to understand that you are patient. But, if about six months have passed, you have not even kissed, then this can be an alarming bell, and you need to somehow force things. Yes, it's better if you don't pressure her, but try to try to get closer and closer each time. At some point, she will be ready for intimacy, and you should not miss your chance.

Always be polite and gallant. If you behave like a man, never allow yourself to be humiliated and insult a girl, then she will understand that you are exactly the one she needs. Women are very fond of active young people, and you will definitely succeed in becoming her only one. In no case do not be shy and do not hold back, because the girls themselves love the initiative. It has long been customary that men sought women, and not vice versa. And you don't have to change those rules. In addition, you yourself will want to be active during falling in love.

Can NLP help you win a girl's love?

There is an opinion that you can force a person to do what you want. When it comes to love, there are many different points of view. But there are still certain techniques with which you can captivate a girl very much, and then falling in love will only be a matter of time. To begin with, you must pretend that you are just playing a game. At the same time, it is better if you believe that this is really a game. After all, the more seriously you take the process of winning a woman's heart, the more difficult it will be for you.

You must understand that if something didn’t work out for you, then there’s nothing to worry about, and if it worked out, then it’s very good. In this way, you can behave more naturally and relaxed. If you go crazy and think that your life depends on your every action, then be ready to lose right away.

NLP will help if you use it correctly and don't go too far. For example, in order to win over a girl to the maximum, you must do what she does. That is, here we are talking about body language, when you mirror a person during a conversation. It is also better if you use her words and her way of speaking. At the same time, try not to parrot and not make it seem that you are grimacing. Look for everything that unites you. Try to figure out what the girl wants.

NLP can really be the answer to the question: “What to do if you fall in love?” Think about how you can influence her, namely, how you can satisfy her desires. If you are in love unrequited, then NLP can also help here. Here you need to use a method called "anchor". First, you must, under any pretext, provoke her to tell you about her chosen one. And when she starts to share with you, look at her face, how she speaks, how she moves at that moment, and just when she is in euphoria (be sure to pay attention so that she does not feel sad or sad), in general, At this moment, try to touch her gently and gently. In this way, you will create an association between something good, and your touch, and not just good, but with love.


Try to be as accurate as possible and touch at the right moments. That is, if she is now positive, and her heart is filled with love, although not for you, try to touch her. Do this constantly, repeating your first touch. Slowly, her love can cross in your direction, but at the same time, of course, you need to communicate actively and show signs of attention.

Methodology “Give in order to receive in return”. If you are thinking about what to do if you fell in love, then try this method. If you have not yet waited for reciprocity, then you can attract a girl by showing interest in her, and you do not need to wait for any answer from her.

Yes, you're head over heels in love, but she probably isn't yet. Do something nice for her, but without demanding anything in return, as if it should be so. Just show signs of attention and step aside. This will surprise her.

Try to really get high from your love and enjoy being in love. After all, it's really nice. Enjoy and do whatever you want.

Change yourself for the sake of your beloved. If you change yourself, it means that for you it is only a plus. Try to convince yourself that it doesn't matter if they reciprocate or not. Just rejoice in this feeling that has washed over you, without suffering from experiences.

The essence of this method is that when you voluntarily give up something that you madly want to receive, then in the end you get it. Check it out and see for yourself.

Of course, this is not a guarantee that you will definitely succeed, but you must understand that by acting according to this technique, you will seem less intrusive and you still have more chances.

The languages ​​that love speaks to us

You may have read a book called The Five Love Languages, but if not, you can briefly describe main love languages:

1. Compliments. This is also called approval. That is, everything pleasant that you say to a girl is one of the languages ​​of love. It includes not only compliments, but also any kind words.

2. Pleasing. You can also call it service, if you like it. It can be a dinner in a restaurant, it can be help with repairing equipment and any other manifestation of attention, tenderness and care towards a girl.

3. The attention you show to her hobby. This is also called quality time. At this point, you should invite her to do what she loves to do more than anything else. At the same time, try to show what you are interested in. If you're not interested, then don't offer it. Let the girl explain to you what she likes, and maybe you will be interested in it.

4. Receiving gifts from a girl. Of course, at the initial stage, you will be giving gifts, and she will receive them, but at some point, when you get close, she will also begin to give you gifts, and this is the language of love. Therefore, take this into account and be sure to try to make sure that when your loved one gives you a gift, she will not regret it. Learn to accept her gifts with gratitude.

5. Touch. It is one of the most important love languages, and without it, love practically does not exist. Your touch is very important, because with it you can also express love to the maximum.

Do not think that if you love a person, but do not touch him, then he will be sure of your love. Touch is something not to be reminded of in the beginning stages of love, but it is also something to remember when love fails. Everything starts with them and everything ends with them. Therefore, pay attention to touch, and try to bring it into your daily communication as soon as possible.

How to find out if a girl has a boyfriend

It is not always clear if a girl has a boyfriend, especially if she does not post photos with him on social media. networks. What to do if you fell in love, but do not know if she is free or not? These signs will help you know that she does not have a boyfriend.

By the way, it is worth noting that these signs can deceive you.

She flirts/flirts with everyone. From the outside, you might think that she is lonely, but in fact, maybe she has a boyfriend, but she is just a coquette.

If you have never seen her with another, then she may not have anyone, but this can also be a false sign, because her boyfriend is probably in the army, or work in another city, or just together. don't come out.

You may not have heard that she has a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean she has one either. Perhaps she is just embarrassed and does not want to share information about her loved one with everyone.

You can try to find her boyfriend on social media. It's pretty easy if you pay attention. First, take a look at the photos. If a girl has a happy relationship, then she usually posts photos with information about what is happening to her. It is clear that she has a relationship if in the photographs she hugs someone, or cuddles with someone. If there are photographs where hands are clenched in the frame, or her leg is on someone else's leg, and so on. In general, everything that hints at a relationship can be useful to you and you will understand that she has a boyfriend, just the same if she has a photo of a guy with the caption “my beloved” and other diminutive words on her page.

Yes, if there is no such thing, but you see that the girl has a photo with some man, and you are not sure if this is a guy or a brother, then also look at the comments under the photos, maybe her friends will write that they are a perfect couple or something like that.

You should also pay attention to possible hashtags. If they are, then read them carefully. There may be information about her boyfriend. For example, in the photo there is a table in a restaurant, a cozy atmosphere, and the hashtags say: “a wonderful dinner with your loved one.”

Also look at the number of photos that show that she is not alone. If the opposite is true, and she asks for a lot of her selfies, photos where there are no hints of a guy, then she wants to attract attention to herself and she has no one.

If there are few photos in her account, and she very rarely uploads them, then most likely she is not currently looking for, or she has a boyfriend. But it can also mean that she is not interested in Instagram and she has it just for show. In general, it is not necessary to focus on this.

What to do if you fell in love, but you cannot analyze the information from her social networks and suffer from a lack of information?

It's good if you have mutual friends, because with their help you can find out if she has someone. Talk about it directly, do not be shy, and perhaps very soon you will be able to get to know her and get closer.

Just keep in mind that mutual friends can tell her that you are interested. And if that doesn't bother you, then keep going. And if you are worried about this, then it is better to try to find out everything yourself.

What else can show you that she is free

If a girl works with you or studies, then try to pay as much attention to her as possible. If you notice that she does not touch her phone all the time, then most likely she does not have anyone.

Usually, if a girl has a boyfriend, they text each other quite often. Also, if you notice that a girl is constantly with her friends, and her company always consists of girls, then most likely she does not have a boyfriend. The fact is that if a girl has a boyfriend, then she spends a lot of time with him, and if she constantly hangs out with her girlfriends, then most likely she is alone.

Perhaps, if she is in search, then she is eyeing other men, and maybe even you. This can be determined by the fact that she looks into your eyes and smiles.

By the way, about the smile, it is worth saying that if a girl smiles back at you, this does not mean that she is free. Maybe she's just kind.

If a girl is ready to talk to you for a long time, then this is also a sign that she has no one. Also, if she moves from mundane topics to something more personal, then this is another sign that she is interested in you.

What to do if you fell in love, but you are afraid to invite a girl to a cafe?

Here the answer is obvious. Afraid - do not invite. But if you find the strength in yourself to overcome your modesty, then perhaps you will succeed. Also, by the way, if a girl agreed to sit with you in a cafe in a crowded place, then this means that she definitely does not have a boyfriend and she is not afraid to be noticed.

Pay attention to what she says when you ask her how she spent her weekend or vacation. Pay attention to the pronouns she uses, if she constantly sounds “I”, then she is more likely to have no one. If she most often says “we”, then there is already a hint of a guy, or someone else, and you have to find out who this person is.

The question “What to do if you fall in love?” pretty complex. Because everyone is different and everyone needs a different approach. Capturing the girl you like can be an almost impossible task for you. And it may happen that you do not need to strain at all. Therefore, rejoice in life and soul with this air filled with love, with pleasure and joy. After all, our life is so short. No need to spend it on endless experiences and everything that only prevents you from enjoying the moments.

Thousands of guys in love every day wonder: what to do if you fall in love?

But in fact the answer lies on the surface. You just need to love. This is the only meaning. Why use any tricks, jump out of your pants and think how else to go crazy to find out who she is with and why she is not paying attention to you. What's the difference? If you love, love. And let him think what he wants. Yes, you can’t impose yourself, just as you can’t hide your love. The most important thing is to show her what you need, and if she does not reciprocate, do not suffer, but live this feeling, and then let it go. Then your heart will be open to a new feeling, and you will be able to love again. And our ability to love is the most important thing in life. It makes us alive and shows us how important it is to be able to feel all emotions and translate them into the world around us. After all, nothing is eternal and the moments of tenderness that appear in our heart from time to time require increased attention.